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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Should We Stop Shaking Hands Amid Swine Flu Outbreak?

As the swine flu continues to spread, asked yesterday (April 29th), "Is it time to stop the handshake?" In light of the epidemic, Costa Rica's health minister has urged citizens to temporarily stop greeting each other with the traditional kiss on the cheek, and some in Europe are also considering a break in using the traditional three-kisses-on-the-cheeks greeting. So what about the handshake? Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow, who's a Fox News contributor, says no, explaining, "Stopping the handshake could have a negative effect. We need human touch and genuine communication more than ever right now." Dr. Michael Anderson, the interim chief medical officer of Cleveland's University Medical Hospital, agrees, telling Fox News, "There are other ways to protect yourself, like using an alcohol-based sanitizer, which I use two or three times an hour. I've probably shaken the hands of 10 colleagues today. I think it's a wonderful social greeting."


Cool your headphones: If you want to be social, you have to look social, and while tunes might keep you grooving through your workout, ear buds scream "Don't bother me." So if you want to give the gal on the next weight machine an opening to say hi, leave your mp3 player at home or work out with just one ear bud in place.

Don't go overboard:
There's nothing wrong with a woman wearing a hot outfit for a workout, but coming to the gym with just-done hair, perfectly powered face and all of your best jewelry? Not a good idea. The same goes for guys, too. Full-on gelled-up hair fit for a nightclub? Not such a great idea, either. Keep it cute, but keep it real, too. Remember, you're supposed to sweat

Mix and mingle: This isn't a middle-school dance, so ladies, go where the boys are. Learn how to use dumbbells and go to the men's free-weight section. This mix and mingle rule goes for you, too, guys -- don't count out your gym's yoga, body-sculpting or even dance classes. Not only are they good for your physique, but the man-to-woman ratio can't be beat.

Time it right
: To minimize your chances of getting a brush-off, pick the right moment to make your move -- as in not while she's maxing out on cardio or in the middle of a rep set. Instead, make your move at the drinking fountain. If your gym has post-workout relaxation areas, use them, or you can stretch your stiff muscles by exploring the halls; it takes you out of the workout element and gives someone an opportunity to say hello.

Use exercise as your alibi
: Since everyone at the gym has a common goal -- to get in shape -- there are plenty of segues into conversation. Ask for advice on how to use a certain weight machine you've never tried before, or, if you've got decent knowledge under your belt, share it by correcting someone's lift technique. Offer to spot each other.

Are you suffering from a "bad boss"?

In The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Work, authors Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht describe some of these bosses and how to deal with them.

  • The Control Freak micromanages every move you make. How to Deal: Bombard this person with emails, reports and meetings. This might overwhelm him and throw off his controlling behavior.
  • The Buddy tries to solicit personal information and seeks inclusion as though you are best of friends. How to Deal: Include this person but keep your distance. Invent a fictional hobby, extend invitations you know she can't accept, and avoid hugs.
  • The Workaholic has sacrificed his life for his job and expects the same from you. How to Deal: Let this person know there is life outside of work. Discuss family, friends and hobbies at every opportunity.
  • The Teller of Bad Jokes always has one for you and it's always bad. How to Deal: Be prepared for the painful punchline and feign amusement. Then change the subject.
  • The Supreme Delegator takes all of the credit and none of the blame and essentially is setting up others to take the fall. How to Deal: In writing, advise on all key decisions and plans, but be prepared for a denial of knowledge if anything goes wrong.
  • The Yes/No Manager could care less about useful information or discussions and simply wants every decision boiled down to "yes" or "no." How to Deal: Present summaries with several alternatives for action. If asked for a recommendation, give it orally.
  • The Passive-Aggressive Boss procrastinates, complains about not enough time, and then blames others for the bad job. How to Deal: Involve others in projects as much as necessary so that you have witnesses.
  • The Indecision Maker needs info from many different sources before making any sort of "independent" decision. How to Deal: Present any question as if you've taken an informational survey of any key employees who might have a stake in the problem.
  • The All-Business-is-Personal Manager can't separate business and personal life. How to Deal: Make your work time enjoyable, one bad incident could ruin your work relationship. In the long run, though, your nightmare could turn into a sweet dream. That toxic supervisor could be the motivating factor for you to make a change for the better.


Computer scientists have built schools of robot fish that seek out pollution without any human guidance. The mechanical swimmers are 20 inches long, 6 inches tall and nearly 5 inches wide, just large enough to contain electric motors, a satellite navigation system, chemical sensors and a tiny computer capable of running programs that gives the school "swarm intelligence." Once released into a river or lake, the fish stay in wireless contact with each other. "Each school will contain five fish, and they will constantly monitor for pollutants," explains research leader Dr. Dongbing Gu, of the University of Essex in England. "When they find something, they will send a message to the rest of the school, who will then converge on the area to take readings. They expect to release the first robo-fish into the Thames River within 18 months. (Sun) South

Korean scientists have engineered four beagles that glow red using cloning
techniques that could one day be used to develop cures for human diseases. The four dogs have all been named "Ruppy," a combination of the words "ruby" and "puppy." They look like just normal beagles in regular light, but when they are placed under ultraviolet light, they glow red. Even the nails and abdomens look red. Lead researcher Lee Byeong-chunm a professor at Seoul National University, claims these are the first transgenic dogs with fluorescent genes. While scientists in other countries, including the U.S., have previously cloned fluorescent mice and pigs, this is the first time dogs with modified genes have been cloned successfully.

Film goers can soon feel a real thrill when watching a suspenseful scene or their heart race during a passionate romance thanks to electronic clothes that turn movies into feelies. Engineers at Philips Electronics have already built test models of the haptics jacket, a comfy zip-up top that's studded with sensors and 64 strategically placed actuators, devices that convert electronic signals into motions. By subtly vibrating at specific points on a viewer's body, the actuators can send a chill up someone's spine, make arms and legs feel tense and even simulate a rape heartbeat by creating a thumping sensation on the chest. The signals are so slight, it only takes two AA batteries to power the whole jacket. But the effects can be dramatic. "People don't realize how sensitive we are to touch, although it's the first sense that fetuses develop in the womb," explains Philips senior scientist Paul Lemmens. (Sun)


  • Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania has switched parties... from Republican to Democrat.
  • With everything that's been happening on Wall Street, it only seems right for a sequel of the 80's movie... so Oliver Stone and Michael Douglas are going to do it.
  • Mel Gibson showed up at the Hollywood premiere of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" with his girlfriend, 39-year-old Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva.
  • Seems like we were just reading all kinds of doom and gloom about the marriage between Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, but now we're told that they're expecting twin girls via a surrogate late this summer.
  • Broadway dimmed it's lights last night for one minute at 8 o'clock, to mark the passing of Bea Arthur.
  • Former "Prison Break" actor Lane Garrison was paroled and released from a California facility early Wednesday morning. Garrison had been sentenced in 2007 to serve three years and four months after pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter and misdemeanor counts of drunken driving.
  • A New York woman is suing her bank after they informed her husband that she had $800,000 in secret account under her own name.
  • Eva Longoria Parker says when her husband's NBA career is over, they're moving to France.


Joe Nichols will venture into new waters when he moves to New York City later this year to play the lead role in the Broadway adaptation of the 1992 movie Pure Country. Nichols will play Dusty, George Strait's character in the film.

This will be a big undertaking for Nichols, who tells us that he has limited acting experience and has never even seen a Broadway show."I think acting in general is something I've always wanted to get into if the right opportunity came along. If I had to audition for the lead role in Cats or Les Miserables or something like that I probably wouldn't get it. I'm pretty safe saying I wouldn't get it, cause I don't have any acting experience. I don't go to Broadway shows a whole lot. I have never been to one, so not having a drama background or acting skills or anything like that, it would probably be far-fetched to ask for me to go up and land a lead role in anything other than Pure Country, which is about a country singer."

Nichols adds that playing Dusty will hardly be a stretch for him. "I'm very familiar with that character, very familiar with the part, very familiar with the story. (I'm) a huge fan of the movie and always have been a George Strait fan, so it's an honor to go up and fill those shoes in a Broadway musical, but to ask anything other than this part would stretch further than my capabilities, but I'm glad that this opportunity came along. It gives me a chance to go do Broadway. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing."

  • The Broadway production of Pure Country will open in early 2010.
Kenny Chesney will try a new approach to releasing his latest video, "Out Last Night." For the first time in his career, he will unveil the clip on on Friday (May 1st). The video was filmed on location in Miami and characterizes the real-life events that led to the writing of "Out Last Night."
  • Chesney tells us that he unexpectedly wrote the song with Brett James the day after Christmas after spending several hours in his favorite bar at his second home in St. John. "We didn't really know we were writin' a song at the time, but I even said this in the liner notes on my album -- somewhere between a lot of friends and bartenders and boatees and a tropical depression and some grilled shark bites and pasta salad and a bunch of Coronas a song kind of evolved throughout the night. We didn't really have to write much of the song because the next day we were just kind of describing and bringing back to life everything that happened the night before."
  • He adds the song is perfect for this time of year."I felt like when I wrote this with Brett James that it was gonna be a fun summer record for me. From the looks of things -- knock on wood -- it looks like it's gonna do well for us. It's as real of a song that I've had."
  • "Out Last Night" is the only new song on Chesney's Greatest Hits II CD, which will be released on May 19th.
Julianne Hough and Taylor Swift are among this year's "100 Most Beautiful People" list in this week's issue of People magazine. This is the second year in a row for Swift, who opted to be photographed last year without any makeup. Other stars who made the cut include Christina Applegate, Halle Berry, Zac Efron, Christina Aguilera and Angelina Jolie.


  • Beauty was not enough to keep Hough and her boyfriend, fellow singer Chuck Wicks, on Dancing With The Stars. The couple were voted off during Tuesday's (April 28th) results show.
Jason Aldean will host his annual Concert For The Cure on June 12th at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville to benefit Susan G. Komen For The Cure. The event falls during this year's CMA Music Festival. Following his performance that night at LP Field, Aldean will invite a few special guests to join him for the late night concert and silent auction. So far, Aldean will be joined by fellow Georgia native Luke Bryan.
  • Aldean was personally touched by breast cancer when a close family friend passed away from the disease at only 26 years old. He said, "I know a lot of fans heard my friend Melissa's story in the album special that GAC did. That two minute clip barely touch on how passionate I feel about this. I promise to make it the most rocking late night gig in downtown Nashville that night, and I hope people will come out to support this cause and help me remember Melissa."
  • Tickets range from $25 to $100 and are available to fan club members this week. Tickets to the public go on sale on Saturday (May 2nd) via and Ticketmaster. A limited number of VIP Packages, including tickets in the exclusive VIP lounge and meet & greet passes, will also be available.


  • Aldean's latest single, "She's Country," tops the Mediabase chart this week. This is Aldean's second Number One hit of his career. His first, "Why," topped the charts in 2006.
  • Aldean and rocker Bryan Adams will tape CMT Crossroads early next month in
Gretchen Wilson will head to Capitol Hill on May 5th to hand-deliver nearly 10,000 letters to both Tennessee congressmen and senators urging them to increase funding for adult education programs. Wilson, a high school dropout, went back to school and got her diploma just last year.
  • While in Washington, Wilson will testify in a hearing before the Subcommittee on Higher Education about her experiences in earning her G.E.D. She will encourage Tennessee legislators to support adult education on the state and national level.
  • She said, "I truly believe that we can be better parents and better Americans if we make adult education more accessible."


  • The current federal education appropriations provide services to just 2.5% of those in need.
  • Because adult education is so underfunded, 80,000 adults were wait-listed for federally funded programs last year.

Family, friends and fans alike are mourning the death of Vern Gosdin, who died late Tuesday (April 28th) in Nashville at the age of 74. He reportedly suffered a stroke several weeks ago and was under the care of hospice.

Gosdin was best known for his hits in the 1980s, including "Set 'Em Up Joe," "Chiseled in Stone," and "I Can Tell By the Way You Dance (You're Gonna Love Me Tonight).

  • Gosdin co-wrote "Today My World Slipped Away," which was a Top 10 hit for himself in 1982 and George Strait in 1997.
  • Upon hearing of Gosdin's death, Strait issued a statement saying, "We will all miss Vern. He was one hell of a country singer and helped me out a lot on my very first tour. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."
  • A public visitation is planned for Gosdin on Saturday (May 2nd) at Nashville's Mount Olivet Funeral Home.


LIVE WITH REGIS & KELLY/SYN (check local listings)
Chuck Wicks, Julianne Hough

Shania Twain, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley, Faith Hill

Joe Nichols, Charley Pride, Dwight Yoakam



Celebrity Gossip

SEAN PENN FILES FOR SEPARATION FROM WIFE: Sean Penn filed for "legal separation with minor children" from his wife, Robin Wright Penn last Friday (April 24th). Both parties filed paperwork for divorce in 2007 but by April of the following year, the divorce petition was dismissed at their own request. Although Wright Penn attended the Oscars on her husband's arm this year, the Milk star did not thank her when accepting his award for best actor. The couple has two children; 18-year-old Dylan and 15-year-old Hopper Jack.

LIEV SCHREIBER AND NAOMI WATTS' SON BRIEFLY HOSPITALIZED: Liev Schreiber missed the Tuesday (April 28th) night premiere of his movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine because his 21-month-old son Sasha with Naomi Watts was briefly hospitalized. The actor's rep told People magazine that he immediately flew from Los Angeles to New York to be with his family, and Sasha is now doing much better. In a statement the rep said, "Sasha got home today and is feeling much better after being hospitalized on Tuesday night with respiratory problems."

AMY ADAMS WAS A HOOTERS GIRL: Before she became a two-time Oscar-nominee, Amy Adams made a living working at Hooters. The actress told Parade magazine, "I'd spent a lot of time doing theater and hanging around in tights and leotards. I wasn't overly shy so I didn't think there'd be much difference -- a little pair of shorts, a little top." As she discovered, "Uh, there was a big difference!" Adams revealed that 2002's Catch Me If You Can was supposed to be her big breakout film, but when it didn't make her a big star, she shrugged it off under the general belief that "everything happens for a reason."

LANE GARRISON RELEASED FROM JAIL: Lane Garrison was released from the California Correctional Institute in Tehachapi, California on Wednesday (April 29th) after serving less than half of his 40-month sentence. The former Prison Break actor pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving after a December 2006 car accident that killed a 17-year-old boy. reports that Garrison plans to check himself into an in-patient rehabilitation center in order to shorten his probation period.

TRAVOLTA EXTORTION SUSPECTS PLEAD NOT GUILTY: The two suspects accused of trying to extort $25 million form John Travolta and his family in the wake of his son's death earlier this year, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday (April 28th) in the Bahamas. Former Sen. Pleasant Bridgewater and ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne both remain free of $50,000 bail ahead of their September 21st trial. The two allegedly demanded money to keep quiet about a document related to the treatment of the celebrity's son.

FARRAH FAWCETT'S CONDITION UNCHANGED: Farrah Fawcett's condition remains unchanged since leaving the hospital earlier this month. A spokesperson for the 62-year-old informed the public of her status in the wake of her 24-year-old son Redmond being granted a brief leave from jail to visit with her. Fawcett's hospitalization was reportedly intended to treat internal bleeding and was not directly related to her anal and liver cancer.

TYRA BANKS TESTIFIES AGAINST STALKER: Tyra Banks appeared in a New York City courtroom on Wednesday (April 29th) to testify against her accused stalker, who is charged with stalking, harassment and criminal trespass. The talk show host said that threats from 38-year-old Brady Green made her "feel extremely vulnerable. I fear the safety of my staff. My family. The people in my vicinity." Banks explained the intensity of the situation with Green, saying, "I was at work one day about to leave and a bunch of people on my staff said, 'No! You can't go.' [Green] got past security and you need to be here. Never in my career had staff reacted like this. I had to stay in my dressing room for a while." Green faces a maximum of 30 days in jail if convicted.


The Arizona Diamondbacks had a great day yesterday, routing the Chicago Cubs 10-0. Doug Davis allowed two hits over seven innings while Chad Tracy and Justin Upton each drove in three runs. The Cubs walked 10, eight in the last two innings, including three with the bases loaded.

In other National League action yesterday....

Milwaukee 1, Pittsburgh 0
Florida 4, N.Y. Mets 3
Colorado 7, San Diego 5
Washington 4, Philadelphia 1
St. Louis 5, Atlanta 3
Cincinnati 3, Houston 0
San Francisco 9, L.A. Dodgers 4

In the American League...

L.A. Angels 3, Baltimore 2
Chicago White Sox 6, Seattle 3
Boston 6, Cleveland 5, 10 innings
N.Y. Yankees 8, Detroit 6
Oakland at Texas, ppd., rain
Kansas City 11, Toronto 3
Minnesota 8, Tampa Bay 3

The Denver Nuggets have won an NBA playoff series for the first time in 15 years, knocking off the New Orleans Hornets 107-86 last night. Carmelo Anthony poured in 34 points for the Nuggets who were tied at 62 before ending the third quarter on an 18-4 run. J.R. Smith finished with 20 points for the Nuggets, who will take on the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference semifinals.

Joe Johnson scored 25 points and the Atlanta Hawks built a 63-40 halftime lead before completing a 106-91 win over the Miami Heat last night. Flip Murray finished with 23 points and Josh Smith added 20 as the Hawks grabbed a three-games-to-two lead in the NBA first-round series. Dwyane Wade had a game-high 29 points for the Heat, who host Game 6 tomorrow night.

Tonights NBA Playoff action...

Boston at Chicago,
Orlando at Philadelphia,
Portland at Houston,

And in the NHL Playoffs tonight, Chicago at Vancouver.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Imagine yourself strolling along a path at your local zoo. Which of the animals is the first to attract your attention? Psychologist Dr. Marilyn Provost, of Charles Darwin University, says there's a primal connection between your personality and your favorite zoo animal. "We've all encountered people who resemble bears, baboons or others in the animal kingdom," Provost explains. "Research shows that your favorite zoo animal reflects your personality." Here's what the beasties reveal about the real you:

  • Monkeys and Apes -- Like our primate cousins, you're quick-witted, socially exuberant and full of enthusiasm. Whether on the job, at home or on vacation, you attract others like bees to honey.You possess a contemplative side when it's time for important decisions or analysis of complex situations. No matter the obstacles, your self confidence keeps you cool in a crisis.
  • Gators and Reptiles -- The beauty of these critters isn't apparent at first glance, but you're the kind of person who searches beyond the superficial. Your imagination is an endless source of creative ideas, and you usually have more than one ingenious project in progress at a time. You handle problems intuitively, surprising family and friends with clever solutions.
  • Walruses and Seals -- You share an infectious charm with these talented creatures, and you're able to win others to your way of thinking when it counts. With a passion for everything from pro football to Broadway musicals, you're a well rounded person who fits into any group with ease. You're also an engaging conversationalist who's often the life of the party.
  • Elephants and Giraffes -- The size of these animals relates directly to your need to experience all that life has to offer. You're up for any new adventure, and you have little problem getting others to follow your lead. You're rarely shy about your desires and unafraid to make demands. Your determination to overcome any challenges usually ends in triumph.
  • Tigers and Lions -- The strength and might of these creatures is a source of wonder to a soft hearted person like you. Gentle and ethereal, you bring out a protective instinct in lovers and strangers. But you also possess a regal quality that puts the haughtiest lioness in the jungle to shame. People find this duality of spirit intriguing as they discover your still waters do run deep.
  • Grizzlies and Polar Bears -- You're as fiercely loyal as any mama bear, reveling in your role as the chief nurturer of your clan. You're in your element when you're dispensing homemade soup along with shrewd advice. Your generous spirit and compassion for others also makes you an important figure in your community as you strive to make life better for everyone.


So how can you can cut down on the number of time-wasting e-mails you get at work? There are six basic rules for avoiding unnecessary chatter in your inbox, according to Kaitlin Sherwood, author of "Overcome E-mail Overload."

  • Sign off your messages with "No reply needed" to avoid annoying "Great" and "Wow" responses.
  • When making a request, finish with "Thanks in advance" to prevent the "Thanks/You're welcome" loop.
  • When completing a response to a request, end with a conclusive statement like, "Hope this helped."
  • Use "FYI" in the subject line to specify that the message is solely informative.
  • Don't write statements phrased like questions, like "Peter and Laura did a great job, didn't they?" Your coworkers will answer them, and you'll have more pointless exchanges.
  • When you receive a CC message and you must reply, send your response only to the sender instead of everybody. Use BCC instead of CC as often as possible.

Here are 10 things that men look for in the pursuit of happiness and Ms. Perfect. says why should we be the only ones trying to make women happy? Men want to be happy too, and boys just want to have fun, so here are 10 things that men look for in the pursuit of happiness and Ms. Perfect.

  1. Charm
  2. A statuesque body
  3. A beautiful face
  4. Honesty and trust
  5. R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  6. Sense of humor
  7. Intelligence and confidence
  8. Ambition and drive
  9. Heart of gold
  10. Love


A husband creates seven additional hours of housework each week for women -- but when men get married, it saves them an hour a week when it comes to household chores, according to new study by the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research. In general, married women do far more housework than they would if they were single, while men do less. And the situation gets worse for women when they have children. Married women with kids do about 28 hours of housework a week, compared with their husband's 10 hours.


The color you wrap yourself in every day makes a stronger statement than you know. Neurologists say the colors you wear have a direct effect on the people around you, altering their state of mind and brain chemistry. "You can use fashion to your advantage, equipping yourself with the proper colors to ace a job interview, win an argument or influence whoever you see and whoever sees you," explains Dr. Gene Channerry. Here's how to harness the power of pigment for success and happiness:

  • Purple Power -- The ancient color of emperors has long been associated with spiritual wisdom, giving those who wear it a quality of mystery and depth. Purple also stimulates the pituitary gland, adding a sense of imagination and allure.
  • Indigo Trust -- Studies find that women who wear dark blue are seen as more competent and intelligent. It's no mistake that policemen, military officers, pilots and business leaders wear navy blue. The color increases a feeling of loyalty and supreme confidence.
  • Blue Cool -- The hue of the open sky has been found to increase the brain's production of melatonin, the chemical that regulates sleep and relaxation. Viewing shades of blue immediately creates a sense of calm reassurance, lowering the pulse rate and cooling off anger and stress.
  • Green Fortune -- The color of fresh leaves is also the color of money and scientific surveys find it's associated with luck, success and self confidence, making this the best color to wear when applying for a loan or interviewing for a job.
  • Orange Cheer -- Warm colors boost the moods of everyone who sees them, creating a feeling of friendliness. A University of Georgia study found 94 percent of people who looked at orange or yellow felt happier within seconds.
  • Red Passion -- Well known as the color of desire and high emotions, red has a pronounced physical effect on those who see it. This hue triggers the release of adrenaline and epinephrine, two stimulating chemicals that boost heart rate and raise body temperatures.
  • Pink Persuasion -- This feminine color reduces hostile feelings and leaves those who see it relaxed and cheerful for 30 minutes or more. Pink has a stimulating effect on the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that regulates mood and feelings of friendliness.


  • Fox told the president "Thanks, but no thanks" about airing his Wednesday night press conference. ABC, NBC and CBS will all show it, but FOX is sticking with their original plan of a new episode of "Lie to me." It's the first time a network has ever told a president "no."
  • A judge allowed 24-year-old Redmond O'Neal out of jail long enough to visit his mom, Farrah Fawcett, last Saturday.
  • CBS is pulling "Harper's Island" from Thursday night and moving the murder-mystery reality series to Saturday nights at 9.
  • They canceled tonight's scheduled premiere of "Wolverine" in Mexico City, because of the swine flu outbreak.
  • Shirley Jones is planning a concert tour with Florence Henderson, to see how many will turn out for the 60s TV icons.
  • The woman engaged to the alleged "Craigslist Killer" says she still plans to marry him this summer. Okay...
  • A woman who claims she was sexually harassed then fired from the TV show "Lost" is suing ABC and actor Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond Hume on the show. She claims he fondled the woman's buttocks and breasts and kissed her on the lips in October, 2007.
  • Patton Oswalt, who is the voice of Remy in 2007's animated hit Ratatouille, and his wife Michelle have welcomed their first child into the world, a daughter.
  • Monster Cable has announced they're lowering prices during the current recession.


Reba McEntire is set to perform on the Grand Ole Opry on May 9th. This is McEntire's first Opry appearance since 2001. She will sing four songs during an extra 30-minute segment added to the end of the 7 p.m. CT show. Tickets to the show are available at and by calling 615-871-OPRY.

  • McEntire said, "The Opry holds a special place in my heart -- from family vacations when I was a kid, to the first time I got to play, to the night I was asked to joined. I can't wait to take the stage and see all of my Opry family and friends!"
  • Her new single, "Strange," continues to make its way up the country charts.
  • The song is the debut release from her new album, which is scheduled to come out later this summer.

Miranda Lambert takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Prior to hitting the road with Kenny Chesney for the first of his Sun City Carnival shows, Lambert decided to do some hunting and wound up injuring herself, according to the Las Vegas Weekly. As she bled through her jeans while on stage at The Joint in Las Vegas on Saturday night (April 25th), she told the audience, "Last weekend I was hog hunting and I cut my leg. Really, it was no big deal. I was drinkin' beer and I fell in the creek bed and cut my leg."

Always up for a challenge, Lambert has also decided to tackle the sport of barrel racing, as she tells us:"Well, I'm tryin'. I never grew up with horses or anything. I grew up on a farm but we didn't have horses, so I just have always been fascinated. I've sang at a million rodeos, so I've always loved barrel racing. I just thought it was so cool, and I don't know, I've been talking about it for two years and finally about six months ago I just went and bought a horse and started learning to ride."

Since she can't exactly take her horse on the road to practice, Lambert uses other learning techniques while on tour. "It's a slow process but I know how to ride and I love riding now. It's just learning the barrels and learning all that stuff is . . . I got some instructional barrel racing videos on the bus that I can watch (laughs). I just figure I'm 25 and if I want to try new things I might as well do it now or I'm never gonna do it."

  • Lambert's next Sun City Carnival show with Chesney will be on Friday (May 1st) in San Antonio.
The video for Keith Urban's new single, "Kiss A Girl," will debut on Wednesday (April 29th) on The animated clip was shot in Nashville with Urban and his band members performing in front of a green screen.

Members of Urban's Monkeyville fan club got an exclusive peek at the video on Tuesday (April 28th) at his official website.

  • Urban and his band entered a rehearsal space in Nashville last week to begin getting ready for his Escape Together World tour, which kicks off at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut on May 7th. The tour will play in 58 North American cities with rotating opening acts Sugarland, Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, Glen Campbell, Little Big Town and The Zac Brown Band.


  • Urban's acoustic performance of two songs on his Defying Gravity album -- "Kiss A Girl" and "Sweet Thing" -- are available for viewing online at Exclusive photographs and interview footage can also be seen as part of the programming on the Yahoo! Pepsi Smash program.

Kenny Chesney will be the subject of a one-hour Austin City Limits taping on May 12th. The
appearance is to promote his upcoming Greatest Hits II album, which is due out on May 19th.
  • Chesney said, "With everything I've been able to do in my career, it's still an incredible honor to be asked to do Austin City Limits. That's a whole other kind of music show..."When you go in there and you think about all the people who've come before you, you really want to stand and play and sing and let the songs have their moment."
  • Greatest Hits II includes 15 songs spanning back over the last eight years.
  • It also includes Chesney's new hit, "Out Last Night," which is a Top 15 hit on the country charts.
  • Chesney will mark the album's release on May 19th with a visit to The Late Show With David Letterman.
Jason Aldean and rocker Bryan Adams will share the stage for the next installment of CMT
Crossroads. The show will be taped before an invitation-only audience in Nashville early next month. The episode will premiere on June 26th at 9 p.m. ET.
  • Aldean's latest single, "She's Country," tops the Mediabase chart this week.
  • Previous episodes of Crossroads have included Lindsey Buckingham and Little Big Town; Bon Jovi and Sugarland; John Fogerty and Keith Urban; Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire; Joss Stone and LeAnn Rimes; Robert Plant and Alison Krauss; and Def Leppard and Taylor Swift.

Kellie Pickler says that the title of her latest single, "Best Days Of Your Life," can be quite
misleading. She tells us that people who sum up the song based on its title will quickly learn that it's not what they think. "It's funny, cause when people first read the title track, 'Best Days Of Your Life,' you know you think I'm probably singing about my life and how I'm having the best time, and these are the best days, and it's far from that."

In fact, Pickler co-wrote the song with Taylor Swift about a former boyfriend and how he had the best days of his life when he was dating her.

  • Pickler is currently on tour with Swift. The Fearless tour plays in Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday (April 30th).


MIKE & JULIET/SYN (check local listings)
Collin Raye

Jason Michael Carroll

John Rich, Danny Bonaduce, Mark Martin

CMT CRIBS/CMT 1:00PM, 10:00PM (ET)
Trisha Yearwood at Graceland

Jason Aldean, Paula Deen, Jamie O'Neal


Dwight Yoakam, Joe Nichols, Charley Pride

Celebrity Gossip

NEW MAN FOR LINDSAY LOHAN? Lindsay Lohan may have found a new man while vacationing in Hawaii. has photographed the starlet frolicking around the beaches with a man who has been identified as internet cafe-owner Ben Holz. A source told the website, "Lindsay met Ben at her hotel and they connected right away. The day they met, he invited her to dinner and they got along really well. It was his idea to take Linds to the tidepool to swim, and even though she was a bit out of her element, she seemed to love being in the water and being in nature."

JULIA ROBERTS SWEARS WHILE HONORING TOM HANKS: Julia Robert's title as America's sweetheart may have taken a beating after she dropped a few f-bombs at a Monday (April 27th) night event where Tom Hanks was honored. Taking the stage at the 36th annual Film Society of Lincoln Center Gala Tribute, Roberts announced, "It's late, and I'm paying my babysitter overtime, and I have to pee," before turning her attention to Hanks and saying, "So, everybody f---ing likes you." Hanks later admitted that the Oscar-winner has "the biggest potty mouth you have ever heard." To see the clip of Roberts's speech, go to:

BRANGELINA IMPRESSING NEW YORK TOWN: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are stunning the town of Oyster Bay, NY -- where they are temporarily residing -- with their casual, down-to-earth behavior. Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto told People magazine, "When you talk to someone who has met them they're kind of glowing. People love saying they saw them. They feel something very special happened to them." The manager of a local grocery store told the magazine that while in the shop, "They looked out of place because they were so beautiful. They looked like they were airbrushed when they were walking. I went up to Brad and asked if he needed help and he said, 'No thanks.' I was looking at him but I don't really remember it -- it was like a dream."

MIA FARROW TALKS ABOUT HUNGER STRIKE: Mia Farrow told Fox News on Monday (April 27th) that she is nervous about her three-week hunger strike to raise awareness for the Darfur humanitarian crisis. The 64-year-old said on the first day she stopped eating, "I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. I feel good. But yes, I am a little nervous." She explained her method of protest, saying, "I thought if I go on a hunger strike, this is a time-honored way of drawing focus to the issue and shame to the perpetrators. I realize it is an extreme thing to do, but worse things are happening to the people of Darfur. I felt compelled, I cannot just watch."

JESSICA ALBA CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY WITH CELEB PALS: Jessica Alba celebrated her 28th birthday over the weekend with an '80s themed soiree. People magazine reports that Sarah Silverman, NBA star Baron Davis and Rosario Dawson were among the 50 guests who dressed in decade-appropriate clothing and danced to Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson.


The Arizona Cardinals and running back Edgerrin James have parted ways with one year remaining on his contract. The team also announced Tuesday that it released cornerback Rod Hood and defensive end Travis LaBoy.

Carlos Zambrano pitched seven innings and came within a triple of the cycle while leading the Chicago Cubs' 11-3 pounding of Arizona. Zambrano singled and added an RBI double before belting his 17th career home run.

Elswhere in the National League on Tuesday...

Philadelphia 7, Washington 1
Houston 8, Cincinnati 3
Atlanta 2, St. Louis 1
Florida 7, N.Y. Mets 4
Milwaukee 6, Pittsburgh 5
San Diego 4, Colorado 3
L.A. Dodgers 5, San Francisco 3

And in the American League...

Chicago White Sox 2, Seattle 1, 1st game
Seattle 9, Chicago White Sox 1, 2nd game
L.A. Angels 7, Baltimore 5
N.Y. Yankees 11, Detroit 0
Cleveland 9, Boston 8
Texas 5, Oakland 4
Minnesota 4, Tampa Bay 3
Toronto 8, Kansas City 1

The Dallas Mavericks have advanced to the NBA's Western Conference semifinals for the first time in three years by downing San Antonio 106-93. Boston knocked off Chicago 106-104 in overtime while Orlando was beating Philadelphia 91-78, giving the Celtics and Magic 3-2 leads in their first-round series. And Portland topped Houston 88-77 to force a Game 6 in that series.

The Washington Capitals beat the New York Rangers 2-1 last night to become the 21st team in Stanley Cup history to win a series after trailing three games to one. Sergei Fedorov provided the game-winner with 4:59 left. The Carolina Hurricanes also reached the Eastern Conference finals, beating New Jersey 4-3 on goals by Jussi Jokinen and Eric Staal in the final 80 seconds.

The National Hockey League has written a check for an unknown amount of money to the Phoenix Coyotes for payroll and rent payments. The Arizona Republic reports if the team fails to pay its debt, the league can take it over, according to terms of the loan. The NHL team has struggled for years losing an estimated $30 million a year.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't forget that TODAY is the day that every Arizona Chili's will donate proceeds to St. Jude.

Go to this link to print out the flyer at Even if you can't attend, please forward the information on to your family, friends and co-workers in the state. We need your help to spread the word and make this day a great success for the children of St. Jude.

What are your two or three favorite TV shows of all time?"

A Harris Poll asked, "What are your two or three favorite TV shows of all time?" Here's the top 15 favorite TV shows of all time according to the poll:

  1. "CSI"
  2. "M*A*S*H"
  3. "House"
  4. "NCIS"
  5. "24"
  6. "Seinfeld"
  7. "Friends"
  8. "Two and a Half Men"
  9. "Lost"
  10. "ER"
  11. "Family Guy"
  12. "Law and Order"
  13. "Star Trek"
  14. "The Simpsons"
  15. "Grey's Anatomy"
My 2 favorite's ALL TIME of course DID NOT make the list.


Mike Tyson says his girlfriend is encouraging him to go on "Dancing with the Stars," as if someone has offered him the chance.

Salma Hayek got married over the weekend to the father of her 1-year-old daughter in Venice, Italy.

If you drink one 8-ounce glass of low-sodium vegetable juice very day, it could help you to lose weight. How much weight? About four pounds in 12 weeks, according to researchers from the University of California, Davis.

Oprah's threatening to sue Mutual of Omaha if they don't pull their new TV commercials that refer to "Aha moments."

Simon Cowell's doing well. Between his jobs here and on the other side of the pond, his personal wealth is estimated to have gone up 7% over last year, making him now worth around $175.2 million.

45% of guys admit they flirt with other girls when out with their friends.

Yes, that was Brad Pitt taking flying lessons in New York last week.

So you know, Verizon and Apple are in talks to bring out a Verizon version of the iPhone by next year.

Eating dark chocolate may cut your risk for heart disease by 33%, a study in The Journal of Nutrition reports. You need only 1.7 ounces which is equal to 10 dark Hershey's Kisses per week to reap rewards.

Nothing official yet, but GM is said to be planning to say goodbye to its Pontiac brand.

T.G.I. Fridays is trying to spur you into coming in for a meal by offering all salads and sandwiches for $5 in the month of May.

Kiss Your Mate Day --

A day set aside to kiss your mate when they're least expecting it. So what are you waiting for??

Certain men kiss the way dogs say hello: by slobbering all over you. Some scientists now think this is because male saliva contains libido-increasing testosterone, so guys instinctively try to transmit their spit to get you in the sack. Who says dudes aren't romantic? (Cosmopolitan)


Kenny Chesney will play his first stadium show of the summer on Saturday (May 2nd) at Pizza Hit Park in Dallas. The Sun City Carnival tour lineup that night will include openers Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum along with special guests Sugarland and Montgomery Gentry.

Chesney has increasingly added stadium dates to his last few tours. He tells us the setting provides the ultimate rush for any entertainer. "It's the fact of seeing that many people in a shared moment in a couple hours time during the summer experience the music that you created and having them sing those songs back to you and to hear 50 to 60,000 people at once do that . . . It's the biggest high in the world, and it's the most thing to do for me and the guys. It's awesome!"

Chesney adds that he is proud to have grown his career to the point that he and his band are filling up stadiums. "Everything that's happened to us in the past several years has just been a building block, and to go out there on that big a stage in front of that many people . . . It's the most amazing thing that you could ever feel as an entertainer."

  • The Dallas show will also be the first of the Corona Party Zones as part of the all-day festivities. New act Kate & Kacey will host and perform at the Tailgate Experience in 11 markets.
Jason Michael Carroll's sophomore album, Growing Up Is Getting Old, drops on Tuesday (April 28th). Carroll's busy tour schedule didn't allow him much time to write for the new album, but he tells us he took extra time to make sure the songs he recorded were still a reflection of himself."As an artist you have several responsibilities to your fans, and one of 'em is to always represent who you are as an artist, and the only ways that you really have to do that is, one, through your live shows, but the truth of the matter is some people won't get to see you live, so, more importantly, on your CDs. Always record songs that mean something to you and say to the listener who you are, and to me, I've always tried to do that, and that's where I really stuck to my guns and really kept my head at while we were doing this."
  • Carroll's debut album, Waitin' in the Country, was released in 2006. The disc produced two Top Five hits -- "Alyssa Lies" and "Livin' Our Love Song."

The CMT Music Awards have upped the show's star value with newly announced performers Keith Urban, Sugarland and Def Leppard. Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift are already confirmed to take the stage during the live broadcast on June 16th at the Sommet Center in Nashville. Tickets to the eighth annual fan-voted awards show go on-sale Saturday (May 2nd) at the Sommet Center Box Office and all Ticketmaster outlets.


  • Fan voting for the top nominees in each of the categories at the 2009 CMT Music Awards continues through May 11th online at
  • On May 19th, CMT will announce the four finalists in each of the categories, except Video of the Year. Fans can then vote online at through June 15th to determine the show's winners.
  • The final nominees for Video of the Year will be announced at the beginning of the live show and fans can vote at throughout the broadcast (ET/CT only) to determine the night's big winner.

Jason Aldean tops the Mediabase country singles chart this week with his latest single, "She's Country." This marks Aldean's second career chart-topper.
  • He said, "Man, it's hard work to get up to that Number One spot, and I don't take it for granted. I've got a small, but mighty team...from the guys at the label to my crew out on the road. Thanks to them and all my friends at country radio, we'll be celebrating extra hard this week."
  • "She's Country" is the lead single from Aldean's new album, Wide Open, which debuted at Number Two on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart earlier this month.
  • "She's Country" is the fastest-rising single of Aldean's career to date.
  • Aldean is currently headlining his Wide Open arena tour. In the coming months he will open a handful of dates on Keith Urban's Escape Together World tour.


  • Aldean's first Number One was "Why" in 2006.
  • Wide Open is his third album. His previous two releases, Jason Aldean and Relentless, have been certified platinum and gold, respectively.

Jewel and FTD are teaming up to offer the Jewel Lullaby Bouquet this Mother's Day (May 10th). The floral arrangement combines pastel pink European Tulips, Peruvian Lilies, deep pink petite spray roses and traditional white and lavender daisies. Each bouquet arrives with an autographed copy of Jewel's new Fisher-Price music series CD called Lullaby, a collection of original and traditional lullaby songs for both parents and children.
  • Lullaby was produced by Jewel and recorded at her home studio in Stephenville, Texas.
  • The 15-track release features 10 self-penned songs and a few standards, including "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."


  • Jewel will host the Mother's Day Lullaby Memories Sweepstakes on her official website, Fans can nominate a special mom to receive one of two grand prizes, which includes the deluxe Jewel Lullaby Bouquet, an autographed CD, and a personal phone call from Jewel on Mother's Day. Ten runners-up will also receive a Jewel Lullaby Bouquet along with the autographed Lullaby album.

Tracy Lawrence will release his first inspirational album, called The Rock, on June 9th. The 10-song CD is the result of a promise he made to his parents years ago. Lawrence said, "My mom and dad have been coaxing me for years to record an inspirational country CD. I promised them I would, but kept pushing it off because it just didn't 'feel' like the right time. I had to grow personally and artistically to get here. The Rock is where I am today."
  • Lawrence recorded The Rock with his road band for the first time.
  • The lead single from The Rock is called "Up To Him." Lawrence's new video will debut on GAC and CMT in the coming weeks.


  • The Rock is Lawrence's second album release on his own Nashville-based indie label, Rocky Comfort Records.
  • His first album, For The Love, produced a Number One single with "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" featuring Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney.


THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW/SYN (check local listings)
Dierks Bentley

Jason Michael Carroll

Dolly Parton

Celebrity Gossip

CASEY ALDRIDGE DOING 'WELL': Casey Aldridge is "doing well" in the wake of his weekend car accident, according to his uncle. Odus Jackson told, "There was just a little swelling, but he's alert. They're keeping him under precaution for a couple of days to make sure that no bleeding starts, but at the moment he's still resting well and doing well." Aldridge, the father of Jamie Lynn Spears's daughter, was thrown from his pickup truck when it rolled over on Sunday (April 26th) morning. Jackson added "I think they're going to keep him under observation for about three days. Doctors are telling him that he should recover to full normalcy. It'll just take some time for it to all heal up -- the brain. As I told somebody, he stepped over a snake, thankfully."

REDMOND O'NEAL VISITS MOM, FARRAH FAWCETT: Redmond O'Neal was allowed to leave jail on Saturday (April 25th) with a police escort to visit his mother, Farrah Fawcett. Entertainment Tonight reports that a judge signed a court order allowing the 24-year-old a three-hour window for the visit, which police said is occasionally allowed for inmates who have gravely ill family members. Fawcett, who has been battling anal cancer for a number of years, was recently released from the hospital.

CARMEN ELECTRA PREGNANT? Carmen Electra is sparking rumors that she's pregnant. reports that the 37-year-old bikini-loving celebrity fueled rumors that she is expecting a child with fiance Rob Patterson after refusing to take off her sun dress during a bikini dance-off last week.

KIM KARDASHIAN LIES ABOUT DYED LOCKS: Kim Kardashian sent waves through the internet community over the weekend after announcing that she'd dyed her trademark dark locks blonde -- but later revealed that the new 'do was nothing more than a wig.

TYRA BANKS EXPECTED TO TESTIFY IN COURT: Tyra Banks is reportedly scheduled to appear in a New York courtroom this week where she is expected to testify against an alleged stalker. The Associated Press reports that Brady Green of Georgia is accused of following the television host and was arrested after trying to visit her in Manhattan. The 38-year-old pleaded not guilty to stalking, harassment and criminal trespass and rejected several non-jail plea deals offered by the prosecution. The AP reports that if he had accepted the plea offers, Banks' testimony would not have been necessary and he would not have seen her in court.

KATE WALSH DIVORCE GETTING UGLIER: Kate Walsh's estranged husband is fighting a protective order against him requested by the actress's accounting firm. reports that Alex Young does not believe he's been given all the financial information on Walsh and claims that the accounting firm is acting like a P.R. firm for Walsh and said that the protective order reads like a "press release to benefit one client, Ms. Walsh."

PATTON OSWALT IS A DAD: Actor Patton Oswalt and his wife Michelle welcomed their first child on April 15th. The United States of Tara actor told People magazine "I'm blissfully exhausted and exhausted-ly blissful," after the birth of daughter Alice.


Dan Haren twirled a three-hitter and broke open the game with a two-run double as the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the Chicago Cubs 7-2. It's the same two teams tonight with Chicago sending out Carlos Zambrano against Yusmeiro Petit.

In other National League action yesterday...

Philadelphia 13, Washington 11
N.Y. Mets 7, Florida 1
Houston 4, Cincinnati 1
St. Louis 3, Atlanta 2
Milwaukee 10, Pittsburgh 5
Colorado 12, San Diego 7
San Francisco 5, L.A. Dodgers 4

In the American League...

Texas 6, Baltimore 4
Boston 3, Cleveland 1
Detroit 4, N.Y. Yankees 2
Tampa Bay 7, Minnesota 1
Kansas City 7, Toronto 1
Seattle at Chicago, ppd., rain

The Los Angeles Lakers have cruised into the second round of the NBA playoffs with a 107-96 win that eliminated Utah in five games. Kobe Bryant scored 31 for the Lakers, who have won 26 of their last 30 home playoff games and will now play the winner of the Houston-Portland series that the Rockets lead 3-1 heading into tonight's game in Portland.

The Denver Nuggets made quite a statement in taking a 3-1 series lead over New Orleans last night. The Nuggets tied the NBA record for the most lopsided playoff victory ever, 121-63 over the Hornets, whose All-Star guard Chris Paul was held to four points and six assists in one of the worst games of his career.

The Atlanta Hawks have their first road playoff victory in nearly 12 years, beating the Miami Heat 81-71 to tie the first-round Eastern Conference playoff series at two games apiece. The Hawks defense frustrated Miami star Dwyane Wade, who scored 22 points on 9-for-26 shooting.

In the NHL playoffs, Anaheim and Chicago have advanced with first-round victories in six games. The eighth-seeded Ducks eliminated Western top-seed San Jose 4-1 while the Blackhawks beat Calgary 4-1.

Washington Capitals defenseman and enforcer Donald Brashear is suspended for five games, beginning with tonight's decisive Game 7 of their first-round playoff series against the New York Rangers. The NHL suspended Brashear for incidents before and during Game 6 on Sunday, including breaking the eye socket of the Rangers' Blair Betts.

The Arizona Cardinals have agreed to contracts with nine rookie free agents. The team did not release terms of the deals.

Monday, April 27, 2009


  • Wants & Needs -- She: The delicate balance of emotional, physical and psychological longing one seeks to have a fulfilled relationship. He: Food, sex and beer.
  • Thingy -- She: Any part under a car's hood. He: The strap fastener on a woman's bra.
  • Vulnerable -- She: Fully opening up one's self emotionally to another. He: Playing baseball without a cup.
  • Commitment -- She: A desire to get married and raise a family. He: Not trying to pick up other women while on a date with one's girlfriend.
  • Entertainment -- She: A good movie, concert, play or book. He: Anything with one ball, two folds or three stooges.
  • Flatulence -- She: An embarrassing byproduct of digestion. He: An endless source of entertainment, self-expression and male bonding.
  • Remote control -- She: A device for changing from one TV channel to another. He: A device for scanning through all 300 channels every 2 minutes.


This Men's Health quiz separates the social butterflies from the information vultures:

Do you IM chat at work?

  1. Just on a slow day (2)
  2. I'm addicted (3)
  3. Not since college (1)

What kind of gossip excites you the most?

  1. Dirt - the bad stuff (3)
  2. Intel that helps at work (2)
  3. Only good news (1)

Where are you in the office hierarchy?

  1. I'm a rookie (1)
  2. I'm a vet with little say (3)
  3. I'm the man in charge (2)

How often do you regret dishing something?

  1. A few times a week (2)
  2. Only during a scandal (1)
  3. Only when I'm caught (3)


  • 4-6 You're a hermit; a bit more scuttlebutt could benefit your career.
  • 7-9 You strike the perfect balance you're social, but discreet.
  • 10-12 You're a chatterbox. Censor yourself or risk ruining your reputation.

Weekend Movie WRAP-UP

Obsessed, starring singer and actress Beyonce Knowles as a woman who takes on a psychotic office temp after she begins stalking her husband, opened at the top of the weekend box office. Idris Elba portrays the husband who becomes the object of obsession of the temp, played by Ali Larter. Last week's top movie, 17 Again, fell to second place.

Debuting in third place was Fighting, starring Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard in the film set in New York City's underground bare-knuckle fight world. Opening at Number Four was The Soloist, starring Jamie Foxx as a schizophrenic music prodigy living on the streets of Los Angeles and Robert Downey Jr. as a reporter who befriends him.

Disney's nature documentary, Earth, premiered in fifth place, following families of polar bears, elephants and humpback whales over the course of a year. Disney pledged to plant a tree for every viewer who sees the movie in the first week after its opening last Wednesday on Earth Day.


  1. Obsessed, $28.5 million
  2. 17 Again, $11.7 million
  3. Fighting, $11.4 million
  4. The Soloist, $9.7 million
  5. Earth, $8.6 million
  6. Monsters vs. Aliens, $8.5 million
  7. State of Play, $6.9 million
  8. Hannah Montana: The Movie, $6.4 million
  9. Fast & Furious, $6.1 million
  10. Crank: High Voltage, $2.4 million

Questions And Answers About Swine Flu (Washington Post)

Q: What is swine flu?

A: It is an influenza virus, like the strains that cause such misery to people during the winter months. Flu viruses also infect many other species of mammals, as well as birds, and this strain causes a respiratory disease in pigs. It is related to human viruses, but influenza tends to stay in its own "host" species.

How does it pass from pigs to people?

The most common method is through farming, with humans handling infected pigs. The flu can then move on to other people through coughing, sneezing, or touching infected people or surfaces and then touching your mouth or nose.

Such infections are rare because swine flu viruses do not easily attach to human cells of the throat and lungs. However, recent studies have shown human infections may be more common than once believed.

Can you catch swine flu by eating pork from an infected animal?

The Mexican government and the World Health Organization have ruled out any risk of infection from eating pork.

What are the symptoms?

The Mexican government reports seeing these symptoms:

-- Sudden fever above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

-- Dry cough and/or sore throat.

-- Headache.

-- Joint pain.

-- Nasal congestion.

-- General fatigue.

Those sound like seasonal flu symptoms. How is this flu different?

Swine flu may cause more severe vomiting and diarrhea. In rare cases, flu virus attacks the lungs, a complication that can be fatal. This strain also differs because it is so new. As a result, no one has natural immunity to it, unlike with seasonal flu.

The numbers of infected people are rising quickly. Is this a very infectious disease?

The CDC says it does not yet know. Occasionally a swine flu virus in a person mutates in a way that makes it more easily transmitted from person to person.

People are usually contagious for as long as they are symptomatic -- typically four to five days for adults and longer for children.

I got a flu shot last fall. Will that protect me?

CDC officials say they are "very pessimistic." Tests of last fall's seasonal vaccine and the new virus show no cross-reaction, suggesting that people who got the shot have no added protection against this flu strain.

How should I protect myself and my family?

If you have no symptoms, be preventive: Wash your hands often with soap and water. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze, and discard used tissues immediately. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

If you feel sick, stay home from work and school. Go to the hospital if you experience severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing.

If you know you have been exposed to swine flu, get lots of rest, and talk to your doctor about the antiviral drugs oseltamivir (trade name Tamiflu) or zanamivir (Relenza). These drugs may make the illness milder and work best if started within two days of getting sick.

I see people in Mexico wearing masks. Should I get one?

Mexico's government is recommending surgical masks for its citizens, but the CDC says the general U.S. public does not need them.

This report includes information from staff writer David Brown, the Associated Press, Reuters, the Los Angeles Times, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


  • Beatrice Arthur, the star of TV shows "Maude" and "The Golden Girls," died Saturday of cancer. She was 86.
  • Jay Leno missed last Thursday night's show, the first one he's missed in 17 years of hosting "The Tonight Show," because he went to a hospital. They say he checked himself in and the rumor was food poisoning.
  • Former "American Idol" contestant Anoop Desai said Thursday he was leaving behind his graduate school studies to pursue a career in the music industry.
  • Barbra Streisand says she's been able to relax these past few months, knowing that Barack Obama is our president.
  • Rev. Timothy Wright, the Grammy-nominated gospel singer and composer known for his up-tempo praise songs and powerful mass choir sound, has died. He was 61.
  • Debra Messing is getting close to signing a deal with NBC to return in a sitcom next season.
  • The Grammy survived, the fire at Jimmy Dean's home, as well as the pictures autographed by Elvis Presley and several presidents. Even Jimmy Dean's gold record for "Big Bad John," was saved.But the singer's signature boots and cowboy hats were all lost in the fire last week.
  • ABC has announced these shows will be back next season: "America's Funniest Home Videos," "The Bachelor," "Brothers & Sisters," "Dancing with the Stars," "Desperate Housewives," "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," "Grey's Anatomy," "Lost," "Private Practice," "Supernanny," "Ugly Betty" and "Wife Swap."
  • First there was a ban on trans-fats, then calories needed to be posted on all menus. Now, New York City is thinking about making sure the sodium content in all foods is posted in restaurants.
  • April isn't the cruelest month at least when it comes to romance. According to a Yahoo! Personals poll, couples are most likely to break up in January, often because of conflicts over where the relationship is headed.
  • Matthew McConaughey says that his current partner Camila Alves has no problem socializing with the women he used to date.
  • Both Paul McCartney and Elton John's investments have gone down around $87 million over the past year.


Keith Urban co-wrote his latest hit, "Kiss A Girl," with a frequent collaborator. Urban tells us the two have carved out a niche of sorts for themselves. "It's a fun song. I'm looking forward to playing it live. I wrote it with Monty Powell. We write a lot of songs together. We've written 'Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me' and 'Tonight I Wanna Cry,' and 'Days Go By' and so on, but we write a lot from that sort of first romance place -- the courtship if you will -- cause there's a real vibrancy about that part of love that is, for me, really conducive to up-tempo songs particularly."

Urban agrees that the early part of a romance is the most exciting, but he says that keeping that spark alive is essential to a successful relationship. "That's the other thing, too, is to rekindle that. I mean, my grandparents were married for well over 50 years to each other and never lost that sort of exciting thing between them, and that sense of chivalry never went away, and that really stuck with me, and I thought that's a beautiful thing, to never take it for granted and always work at it and keep it in bloom."

  • "Kiss A Girl" is a Top 10 hit on the Billboard charts.
  • Urban kicks off his Escape Together World tour on May 7th in Uncasville, Connecticut.
Kenny Chesney will mark the release of his new album, Greatest Hits II, with a performance on The Late Show with David Letterman on May 19th. He will sing his latest release, "Out Last Night," during the show. The song is already at Number 11 on the country charts.
  • Chesney said, "I've heard it coming out of a few car radios and it makes me feel like summer. You know, some songs just make you smile when you hear it.... And this one, maybe because I remember all the fun my buddies and I got in that night. Nothing too major, just the stuff guys do when they're out... But if it can make other people smile the way it does me when I hear it on the radio, then I think we've got something."
  • Chesney wrapped up the weekend with the headlining slot at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California on Sunday (April 26th) night.


  • Chesney kicked off his Sun City Carnival tour last week with a string of sold out shows.
  • He was recently named the Number One moneymaker in country music. According to Forbes magazine, Chesney made $65 million last year.

Dierks Bentley made a spur-of-the-moment trip into the recording studio with the African Children's Choir in Nashville last week. The Choir was in town to participate in the Nashville4Africa benefit on Wednesday (April 22nd), along with Bentley, Faith Hill, Keith Urban and Big & Rich's Big Kenny.
  • Bentley told, "We did a song that I've been holding onto for awhile, waiting for the right time to record it. I'm not really working on my next album yet but I'm thinking about it, and I had to get these kids in the studio while they were here."
  • While Bentley won't reveal the name of the song, he says the children recorded harmonies and background vocals with him.
  • The African Children's Choir ranges in age from seven to 11.


  • Bentley will head to Australia to do a mini-tour down under with Brooks & Dunn. Their first show is on May 1st in Perth.
  • He begins the American Saturday Night tour with headliner Brad Paisley on June 5th in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Broadway musical 9 To 5 opened late last week at the Marquis Theater in New York City. Dolly Parton wrote all the music and lyrics for the show, some 20 songs, at the request of the producer.

Parton tells us that hearing those songs come to life was a career highlight: "It's amazing cause it just thrilled me to death the first time I heard my songs done in that big fashion with the orchestra and everything. I thought my heart was gonna stop with all those voices. I thought, 'Is that mine? Did I write that?' So, of course they've made them better than what they are by doing what all they can do when you get a great arranger and conductor and wonderful singers, so it's a big thrill and it was a challenge, but I loved it!"

  • Parton played Dora Lee in the movie version of 9 To 5, which was released in 1980.
  • The Broadway musical includes Parton's original "9 To 5" theme, as well as the title track of her latest album, Backwoods Barbie.
ABC-TV will air its annual CMA Music Festival special, called Country's Night To Rock, on August 31st at 8 p.m. ET. For the first time, the special will expand from two hours to three.
  • The CMA Music Festival takes place from June 11th-14th in downtown Nashville.
  • Artists scheduled to perform at the Festival include Reba McEntire, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Brooks & Dunn, Dierks Bentley, Trace Adkins, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker and Wynonna, with a special performance by The Judds.


  • This is the sixth time ABC will broadcast CMA Music Festival: Country's Night To Rock.
  • Last year's CMA Music Festival drew more than 191,000 fans.



Sarah Darling

Jamie O'Neal, Paula Deen, Jason Aldean

Trisha Yearwood at Graceland

Mark Martin, Danny Bonaduce, John Rich


Conor Jackson provided a walk-off single in the bottom of the 12th to give Arizona a 5-4 triumph over San Francisco Sunday. The Diamondbacks extended the game with a three-run ninth, capped by Justin Upton's two-run homer. Next up, the Chicago Cubs at home.

In the National League yesterday....

Philadelphia 13, Florida 2
Cincinnati 8, Atlanta 2
Washington 8, N.Y. Mets 1
Houston 3, Milwaukee 2
Chicago Cubs 10, St. Louis 3
Colorado 10, L.A. Dodgers 4
Pittsburgh 8, San Diego 3

In the American League on Sunday....

Cleveland 4, Minnesota 2
Baltimore 8, Texas 5
Toronto 4, Chicago White Sox 3
Detroit 3, Kansas City 2
L.A. Angels 8, Seattle 0
Oakland 7, Tampa Bay 1
Boston 4, N.Y. Yankees 1

LeBron James delivered 36 points, 13 rebounds and eight assists as the Cleveland Cavaliers ripped Detroit 99-78 yesterday to cap a four-game sweep and become the first team to reach the second round of the NBA playoffs. Chicago knocked off Boston 121-118 in double-overtime before Orlando nipped Philadelphia 84-81, knotting each series at two games apiece. And Houston topped Portland 89-88 to grab a 3-1 lead in that series.

Tonight's Schedule in the NBA...

Atlanta at Miami,
Denver at New Orleans,
Utah at L.A. Lakers,

The Washington Capitals and Carolina Hurricanes both forced a seventh game in their respective Stanley Cup first-round series. Tom Poti had a goal and two assists as the Capitals downed the New York Rangers 5-3. Eric Staal scored twice and Cam Ward handled 28 shots in the Hurricanes' 4-0 shutout of New Jersey.

In the NHL playoffs tonight...

Chicago at Calgary,
San Jose at Anaheim,

The Arizona Cardinals looked for depth in the secondary and some serious size on the offensive line on the second day of the NFL draft. The NFC champions chose safety Rashad Johnson of Alabama in the third round Sunday, then cornerback Greg Toler of NCAA Division II St. Paul's College in Virginia in the fourth. Saturday, the Cards took Ohio State's Beanie Wells in the first round.

There was a dramatic finish to the NASCAR race at Talladega Superspeedway. On the last lap, Brad Keselowski moved to the front when the car Carl Edwards was driving went airborne and sailed into the fence near the finish line. Keselowski earned his first victory in just his fifth Sprint Cup start. Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished second.

Celebrity Gossip

BEA ARTHUR DIES: Golden Girls star Bea Arthur died on Saturday (April 25th) after a battle with an unspecified type of cancer. A spokesman for the Emmy-winner's family said that the 86-year-old died peacefully at her Los Angeles home with family by her side. Arthur was best known for her role on Golden Girls and as TV's Maude. Former co-star Rue McClanahan told, ""Thirty-seven years ago she showed me how to be very brave in playing comedy. I'll miss that courage and I'll miss that voice."

PETER SARSGAARD AND MAGGIE GYLENHAAL TO WED? Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal are reportedly ready to tie the knot. The New York Post reports that the couple, who have a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter named Ramona, are planning to wed in Italy during the second weekend in May.

NEW TEEN COUPLE IN HOLLYWOOD? The newest rumored couple in young Hollywood is 17-year-old Twilight star Taylor Lautner and 16-year-old Disney sweetheart Selena Gomez. E! Online reports that the teenagers recently enjoyed a dinner together in Toronto, where they are both currently working, as well as a coffee date where witnesses said, "They were very low-key and kept to themselves. Nobody bothered them." Lautner is filming New Moon while Gomez is shooting Ramona and Beezus, an adaptation from Beverly Cleary's popular children's book series.

KELLY MONACO REPORTEDLY BURGLARIZED: Kelly Monaco reportedly escaped injury as her Las Vegas penthouse was burglarized while she was inside. reports that the former Dancing With the Stars champ woke up to "banging" in the living room of her penthouse last Thursday (April 23rd), but hid behind her bed as the intruder ransacking the other areas of the home. Las Vegas police confirmed that a burglary report was filed but would not say what was stolen. Monaco has reportedly since hired a personal security team.

CAMPBELL SCOTT ENGAGED: Actor Campbell Scott revealed his engagement over the weekend. At the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of his movie, Handsome Harry, the actor told People magazine that he and stage actress Kathleen McElfresh will tie the knot in June. The 47-year-old and his bride-to-be have been dating for two years.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kflag Country Music Update

Kenny Chesney has ousted Toby Keith from the top of Forbes magazine's list of country music moneymakers. Chesney claims the Number One spot for 2008 with an estimated income of $65 million. Rascal Flatts takes the Number Two spot with $60 million, followed by Toby Keith with $52 million and Taylor Swift at Number Four with $18 million. Brooks & Dunn and Tim McGraw are tied at Number Five and Six with $16 million. Rounding out the Top 10 are Brad Paisley with $15 million, Sugarland and Carrie Underwood tied with $14 million and Alan Jackson with $12 million.

  • Despite his big paychecks, Chesney has said that his only major purchases have been real estate, which includes homes in Franklin, Tennessee and the U.S Virgin Islands. While his income has grown substantially over the past several years, Chesney says he still doesn't feel comfortable blowing money the way some celebrities do: "I don't spend a lot of money, but what I do spend money on, I spend it in ways that I feel like I can get it back. I don't love cars. I don't love motorcycles. I don't go and buy all my crew guys a Harley Davidson. I don't buy my whole band a $120,000 Mercedes. I don't do that stuff. I do give gifts to family here and there."
  • Chesney is in the midst of his Sun City Carnival tour with special guests Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum. They play in Las Vegas on Saturday (April 25th).
Dierks Bentley is getting ready for his first tour down under. Bentley will join Brooks & Dunn for a four-date run in Australia beginning on May 1st in Perth. The tour will wrap up on May 9th in Brisbane after shows in Melbourne and Sydney.
  • Bentley says, "We got a taste of international touring last summer when we played all over Europe, and I'm hooked. I've heard that Australia has some hard-core country music fans, so I am looking forward to getting down there and playing for them. You can't go to Australia without exploring the local culture in the pubs, so I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't equally as excited about that."
  • Before leaving the States, Bentley will perform his new single, "Sideways," on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (April 28th). He will also pay a visit to The Bonnie Hunt Show on May 14th.


  • "Sideways" is the second single from Bentley's latest album, Feel That Fire.
  • The singer will rejoin Brad Paisley for his American Saturday Night tour beginning on June 5th in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Garth Brooks is turning his hit song, "Unanswered Prayers," into a made-for-TV movie. Brooks will reportedly serve as executive producer on film, which is currently in pre-production. According to Nashville Gab, the movie will air on Lifetime Television. There is no word yet on who will star in the movie.


  • Brooks previously served as co-producer of the 2001 made-for-TV movie, Call Me Claus, which starred Whoopi Goldberg.
  • "Unanswered Prayers" was included on Brooks' 1990 album, No Fences, and climbed to Number One on the country charts.
Billy Currington will reward runners in the Country Music Marathon and 1/2 Marathon on Saturday (April 25th) with a concert at the Sommet Center in Nashville. An avid runner himself, Currington will sit this one out in order to entertain the thousands of tired participants after the race.

For Currington, getting to perform at the Sommet Center is a full-circle moment, as he tells us: "What's cool is, like, we're playing it at the arena downtown, and I poured the concrete to that arena, and I've never played in that place since, so it's gonna be a cool experience, like, playing in the place that you helped build. That's gonna be fun!"

At that time in his life, Currington says he could only imagine what it would be like to play a place like the Sommet Center. "I was dreaming of this, and dreaming and dreaming, and it's just starting to come true, and it's really cool!"

  • Currington is currently on the road with Sugarland. Their next show is in Austin, Texas on April 30th.

The list of stars appearing at the CMA Music Festival continues to grow with the additions of Rascal Flatts, Darius Rucker, and Wynonna, with a special appearance by The Judds. They will all be performing on the main stage at LP Field in Nashville. This year's CMA Music Festival runs from June 11th-14th.
  • So far, the nightly lineup is as follows:
  • Thursday, June 11th -- Dierks Bentley, Brooks & Dunn, Julianne Hough, Reba McEntire, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, and Darius Rucker
  • Friday, June 12th -- Jason Aldean, Rodney Atkins, Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, Jake Owen, and Zac Brown Band
  • Saturday, June 13th -- Trace Adkins, Jamey Johnson, Martina McBride, Lee Ann Womack, and Wynonna (with a special appearance by The Judds)
  • Sunday, June 14th -- Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry, John Rich, and Taylor Swift
  • Additional artists will be announced in the coming weeks.
  • For more information or to order tickets, log onto will launch its new Uncovered featured with Jamey Johnson. Uncovered showcases artists performing covers of iconic songs in some of the world's most legendary music bars. Johnson will kick things off with his acoustic rendition of Waylon Jennings' "Dreaming My Dreams With You." The clip of Johnson singing was recorded in Nashville bar Loser's. Johnson recorded the song on his latest album, That Lonesome Song.

In other Johnson news, he, Randy Houser and fellow songwriter Jerrod Niemann will host "The Traler Park Revival Show" at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on May 28th. All proceeds from the show will benefit the Opry Trust Fund, which provides financial assistance to members of the country music industry in times of need. Years ago, the three artists and a few others got together and played as "The Traler Park Show." They've added "Revival" to the show name for this benefit since it's a return to the stage for all three.

  • Houser said, "The name 'Traler Park' originated years ago when myself and several guys, including Jamey, shared a writer's room in Nashville. We named the room Trailer Park, so a sign went up above the door, TRALER PARK, and it stuck -- misspelling and all."
  • Tickets are $20 and will be available at,, 1-800-SEE-OPRY, and the Ryman and Opry House Box Offices beginning on Friday (April 24th).

Spielberg Gives Okay For School Kid's Version of Indiana Jones!

School boys Chris Strompolos, Jayson Lamb and Eric Zala became Indiana Jones obsessed when they first saw "Raiders of the Lost Arc." So they decided to remake the film themselves. Aged just 11 when they started, they had only their pocket money for a budget and did their filming during school holidays. They built props out of cardboard boxes and duct tape including the giant boulder which chases Indiana through a booby-trapped cave. So over the next seven years, the production unfolded in their parent's backyards in Mississippi and the boys managed to faithfully recreate every shot of the blockbuster film! Their version came to the attention of Steven Spielberg, the original movie's director, in 2003 when he congratulated them on their "loving and detailed tribute". And now their work is due to receive its official British premiere at the View cinema in London's Leicester Square on April 28. Strompolos, who plays the archaeologist hero Dr. Jones, said he has been "astounded" by the film's success. (Ananova)


  • Bo, America's first dog, is being added the presidential pup to the Topps Barack Obama commemorative trading card series that came out earlier this year.
  • Patti Scialfa wasn't at Bruce Springsteen's Boston concert this week, but the Boss says it's because she fell off her horse and wouldn't be back with the band for a couple of weeks.
  • ABC will air a 10th-anniversary edition of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" this summer with Regis Philbin back as its host. The prime-time version of the game show,will be presented as a special event running over the course of 11 nights from August 9-23.
  • Carlos Santana received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2009 Billboard Latin Music Awards.
  • Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's third wedding will happen tomorrow in Los Angeles.
  • The rumor was that Jennifer Hudson was pregnant. She's denying it.
  • Duane "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" Chapman was shot at in Colorado Springs this week while trying to apprehend a man wanted for second-degree murder. He'll be fine.
  • Hot than hot Ashley Judd is urging Congress to fight global warming.
  • Russian extreme sport star Valery Rozov took on Mother Nature in a one-on-one battle on April 18 by jumping out of a helicopter and into a live volcano in Russia. Rozov landed on a sheet of ice in the middle of the simmering crater of the Mutnovsky volcano on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger might return to the Terminator franchise, despite his day job as California governor. Schwarzenegger confirmed in a webcast interview that his image (from other films) might appear in next month's "Terminator: Salvation," the fourth movie.
  • That went fast. Elton John played his final concert in Las Vegas on Wednesday night after five years and 241 shows at Caesars Palace.
  • During Octo-mom Nadya Suleman's brief stint as an erotic dancer, she


Rodney Carrington

Sarah Darling

Jason Aldean, Jamie O'Neal, Paula Deen

Brad Paisley

Celebrity Gossip

JAY LENO HOSPITALIZED: Jay Leno canceled Thursday's (April 23rd) taping of the Tonight Show after falling ill. The late night host's spokesperson said that Leno left his office around midday and checked himself into a hospital for observation, but described his ailment as "mild." Ryan Reynolds, Jules Sylvester and swing band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy were expected on the program but instead, NBC will air a rerun.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE'S HOME BURGLARIZED: The home of Heroes star Hayden Panettiere was recently burglarized. reports that approximately $15,000 worth of jewelry was taken from her Los Angeles residence. The Los Angeles Police Department claims that a theft report was filed on April 10th, but TMZ reports that the actress discovered the missing jewels on the 15th. Sources told TMZ that there were no signs of forced entry and mentioned that several people had access to the home while Panettiere was away.

MICHELLE WILLIAMS GETTING MARRIED? Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger never made it to the altar, but the actress is reportedly ready to take the plunge with director Spike Jonze. Star magazine claims the couple is "in love and absolutely thrilled with each other," adding, "They don't see why they should wait much longer." Their source adds that the 39-year-old Jonze treats Matilda, Williams' three-year-old daughter with Ledger, like his own, saying, "He never makes Michelle feel like taking care of her is a burden, because he truly thinks of them all as a family."

LANE GARRISON ABOUT TO BREAK FROM PRISON: Lane Garrison is being released from prison on April 29th. In Touch Weekly reports that the actor's childhood friend Jessica Simpson is coordinating a limo for his ride out of lock up since she can't be at the San Diego correctional facility herself. The Prison Break star was put behind bars for a 2006 DUI accident that killed a 17-year-old passenger in his car.

MICHAEL PHELPS SAYS HE'S SINGLE: Michael Phelps is denying reports that he's romantically involved with Miss California Carrie Prejean. The Olympian told on Wednesday (April 22nd), "I'm not dating anybody. I'm single. My private life stays private." As for Prejean's controversial gay marriage comment during last weekend's Miss USA pageant, Phelps said, "I'm not saying I support her. I'm not saying I don't support her."


The Arizona Diamondbacks open a three-game series tonight at Chase Field against the San Francisco Giants, who are riding a three-game winning streak. The Giants have dropped 15 of their last 20 at Arizona, getting swept in four games during their last visit to Phoenix on Sept. 15-18.

Yesterday in the National League...

Milwaukee 6, Philadelphia 1
St. Louis 12, N.Y. Mets 8
Cincinnati 7, Chicago Cubs 1
L.A. Dodgers 2, Houston 0

And in the American League

Cleveland 5, Kansas City 2
Seattle 1, Tampa Bay 0
Baltimore 6, Chicago White Sox 2
Toronto 5, Texas 2
L.A. Angels 10, Detroit 5

In the NBA Playoffs...

Deron Williams canned a fallaway jumper with 2.2 seconds left and the Utah Jazz nipped the L.A. Lakers 88-86 to cut the Lakers' lead to 2-1 in their first-round NBA playoff series. Carlos Boozer led the way with 23 points and 22 rebounds. The Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks have taken 2-1 series leads following lopsided victories last night. The Celtics mauled Chicago 107-86 behind Paul Pierce's 24 points while the Mavericks held the San Antonio Spurs to their lowest point total ever in a playoff game, 88-67.

In the NHL Playoffs...

The Anaheim Ducks are one victory away from eliminating the San Jose Sharks, top overall seed in the NHL playoffs, in the first round. The Ducks blanked the Sharks 4-0 to take a 3-1 series lead as Jonas Hiller recorded his second shutout of the series with 31 saves.

Also last night in the NHL...

Philadelphia 3, Pittsburgh 0, Pittsburgh leads series 3-2
Detroit 6, Columbus 5, Detroit wins series 4-0
New Jersey 1, Carolina 0, New Jersey leads series 3-2


Nascar Sprint Cup Series & Nationwide Series in Talledega, AL
Nascar Camping World Truck Series in Kansas
Indy Racing League in Kansas
Havasu 95 Speedway, 6pm Saturday night. Modifieds/Street Stocks/Factory Stocks/ Bandoleros.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Dating can be a drag in fact, it can be downright dangerous. And while those of the female persuasion want to get a guy, attracting wrong men can be risky business. Sandra L. Brown, author of the book "How To Spot A Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved" defines the eight types of dangerous men:

  • The Emotional Predator -- He zeros in on lonely, bored and vulnerable women and flatters them like crazy, but his ulterior motive is personal gain - either financial or emotional.
  • The Clinger -- A needy guy who demands complete attention and isolates his partner from her friends and family.
  • The Hidden Lifer -- These slick Willies lead double lives that include wives, kids, addictions or criminal pasts.
  • The Violent -- He starts out attentive, but quickly blames, shames, and hits to keep control.
  • The Mentally Ill -- He may appear normal, but it's soon apparent something is wrong.
  • The Addict -- He may appear fun-loving, but his need for sex, porn, drugs, booze, gambling, food or unhealthy relationships is pathological.
  • The Parental Seeker -- He needs a lot of attention and takes more than he gives.
  • The Emotionally Unavailable -- He may be married or dating someone else. Either way, he's not available to you.


(National Examiner) Guys, if you really want to be a he-man, you have to live in a macho town. And now you can, because Combos, the cheese filled pretzel snack, has come up with a list of America's Manliest Cities. They determined that the most macho major city in the U.S. is Nashville. "Nashville, know as 'Music City USA,' is a Mecca of manliness, with its high number of NASCAR enthusiasts, popularity of hunting and fishing, and concentration of BBQ restaurants," according to a Combos

spokesman. Some cities made the list "for having the highest concentration of sports bars in the country." Burgs where tools are popular and there are a lot of professional sports teams, down home eateries and monster truck rallies racked up high macho marks. Naturally, points were taken off in cities that have emasculating characteristics like a large number of home furnishing stores and high minivan sales. Here's the top 20 America's Manliest Cities:

  1. Nashville, TN
  2. Charlotte, NC
  3. Oklahoma City, OK
  4. Cincinnati, OH
  5. Denver, CO
  6. St. Louis, MO
  7. Columbus, OH
  8. Kansas City, MO
  9. Indianapolis, IN
  10. Toledo, OH
  11. Memphis, TN
  12. Richmond, VA
  13. Columbia, SC
  14. Orlando, FL
  15. Dayton, OH
  16. Salt Lake City, UT
  17. Milwaukee, WI
  18. Minneapolis, MN
  19. Cleveland, OH
  20. Detroit, MI


Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough are still floating on air after scoring 27 out of a possible 30 on Tuesday (April 21st) night's Dancing With The Stars results show. America's votes have narrowed the field from 13 couples to a mere six, advancing Wicks and Hough into next week.

Wicks is trying to keep up with a tour schedule in addition to Dancing With The Stars each week. Having his attention divided made him very nervous about messing up this week's Samba, as he explains: "This was one of the toughest weeks for us, and it seems like I say that every week because, it gets tougher each week. We stayed up for 22 hours, I think, on Sunday 'cause we were flyin' from the East Coast to the West Coast. And Sunday night, I did not even know the entire routine. I literally...I thought, I was like, 'There's no way. I'm never gonna get this.'"

Wicks says he was happy that Dancing finally shared a behind-the-scenes look at just how busy he and Hough really are. "We were, you know, in that little package before you do the dance, they showed us, they finally showed us -- what we've been doin', you know, every week, and we're doin' shows and fairs and festivals and stuff like that. And that part was great. I'm like, 'Oh, great, they're gonna show that I actually still stay on tour and do shows, and then I'm gonna totally screw up the dance.' But we pulled it off, man. We somehow got three nines!"

  • The next episode of Dancing With The Stars airs live on ABC on Monday (April 27th) at 8 p.m. ET.
Two different poses of Faith Hill will grace the cover of the May issue of Redbook magazine, which hits newsstands on April 28th. Hill poses as herself and three other iconic blondes -- Grace Kelly, Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot -- in the publication, in which she talks about what makes her feel beautiful, the beauty wisdom she's sharing with her daughters, her new Coty fragrance coming out this fall, and her upcoming album.
  • Hill was photographed by famed fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon. The cover of the newsstand edition of Redbook will feature Hill as herself. Half of the magazine's subscribers will also get that cover, while the other half will get an issue with Hill styled as Grace Kelly.
  • Hill said, "Grace is probably the one that I relate to the most in my life and the one that I have most in common with. I have this seemingly high-profile life, like Grace did, and we were both the mother of three children. She epitomizes the all-American girl with a quiet class and inner strength. She was like everybody's girl -- seemingly comfortable and accessible -- yet untouchable."


  • Hill's last studio album was 2005's Fireflies, featuring the Number One hit, "Mississippi Girl."
  • Her very first Christmas album, Joy To The World, was released last year.

Martina McBride was the sole country artist honored by US Weekly magazine last night (Wednesday, April 22nd) in Hollywood for being among the celebs with "Hot Hollywood Style." Other musicians, actresses and entertainers on the list who were expected to attend included Fergie, Estelle, Jordana Brewster, Kelly Osbourne, American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, and Lil Kim, among others.
  • About her "hot Hollywood style," McBride said, "I like to have stuff that has a little bit of an edge to it. I feel comfortable in clothes that are a little tougher."
She has 33 years in the business, but "Strange," is Reba McEntire's fastest-rising solo single of her career. The song catapulted into the Top 30 this week, jumping 11 positions from Number 39 to Number 28 after only it's second week at country radio.
  • "Strange" is the lead single from McEntire's upcoming untitled album, set for release later this summer. The album is McEntire's first for Nashville indie label Valory Music Company.
  • In other McEntire news, the singer was also thrilled to meet comedian and creator Will Ferrell for the first time while in Los Angeles over the weekend to tape the TV Land Awards. Ferrell jokingly transformed his website into on April Fool's Day. The site showcased photos and video clips throughout the McEntire's career. After watching the clips, she joked, "I was the original 'wardrobe malfunction!!!!'"
  • The 7th annual TV Land Awards will air on Sunday (April 26th) at 8 p.m. ET.
Montgomery Gentry have recorded a brand new theme song and music video to cheer on the Atlanta Braves this season. Called "The Braves Play Here," the song and accompanying video will promote Peachtree TV's coverage of all 45 of the Braves' regular season games. "The Braves Play Here" will also be heard during each game at Turner Field. The music video, which was shot in Atlanta, shows highlights of the Braves and features Montgomery Gentry performing on the city's skyline. The clip can be seen online at


  • Montgomery Gentry are climbing the country singles charts with their latest Top 15 hit, "One In Every Crowd."
  • Their current album, Back When I Knew It All, has already yielded two Number One hits -- "Roll With Me" and "Back When I Knew It All."
  • It was ten years ago this year that the duo released their debut album, Tattoos & Scars.

Trace Adkins will sing "Til The Last Shot's Fired" as the closing performance of the National Memorial Day Concert on May 24th in Washington, D.C. He will be accompanied by his band and the National Symphony Orchestra, along with the U.S. Army Chorus, The Soldiers' Chorus of the U.S. Army Field Band, and the U.S. Navy Sea Chanters. The National Memorial Day Concert will be broadcast live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol at 8 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings). The tribute will also be broadcast to troops serving around the world on the American Forces Radio and Television Network.

Adkins performed "Til The Last Shot's Fired" backed by the West Point Glee Club on the Academy of Country Music Awards earlier this month. He tells us the poignant song is also very thought-provoking: "That song, to me, it begs the question what if there is some purgatory or some limbo that soldiers are stuck in until there is finally absolute peace and until the last shot's fired, and if that were true and we knew that, would we be so quick to commit them to combat?"

Adkins adds that "Til The Last Shot's Fired" tends to draw a lot of emotion from his audiences. "So I think that that song moves people regardless of political ilk because it asks that question, and it moves me, and I'm pretty crusty."

  • Other celebrities taking part in the Concert event include Gary Sinise, Joe Mantegna Colin L. Powell, Katie Holmes, Laurence Fishburne, Dianne Wiest, Katharine McPhee and Brian Stokes Mitchell.
  • "Til The Last Shot's Fired" is featured on Adkins' current album, X (TEN).

Handbags and skyscraper high heels could be killing you

Ladies, those high-fashion oversized handbags and skyscraper high heels could be killing you -- slowly, but surely. London's Daily Express reports that women's handbags are so heavy because (duh!) there is so much in them. These are the 10 items found in a typical woman's purse, which add up to a weight of about 7 pounds or even more:

  1. Make-up bag
  2. Camera phone
  3. Diary
  4. Book or magazine
  5. Fold-up umbrella
  6. iPod
  7. Hairbrush
  8. Keys
  9. Wallet
  10. Hand cream

While 20% admitted they worry about causing potential long-term damage from lugging around a heavy purse or wearing killer heels, they would never stop doing either one. High heels, in particular, give women confidence. More than half of working women wear heels at least three times a week, which creates much pressure on the toes, backs and shoulders.


  • Paula Abdul says her "American Idol" contract is up after this season and that no one can replace her. We'll see if she's right about both.
  • Lisa Rinna, 45, who is a former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant and co-host of the TV Guide Channel's Grammy red carpet show in February, is naked as a jaybird in April's Playboy.
  • Walnuts provide a woman's body with the essential omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and phytosterols that reduce the risk of breast cancer, according to researchers from Marshall University School of Medicine in Huntington, WV.
  • Country singer and sausage legend Jimmy Dean and his wife escaped a fire at their Virginia home that caused a lot of damage.
  • Indian police said on Wednesday they had no evidence to suggest that the father of a child star in the Oscar-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire" tried to sell his daughter.
  • Of the remaining American Idol contestants, interesting to note that Adam and Kris have been roommates. And each keep doing better and better each week... like they're feeding off each other's drive.
  • The Jonas Brothers will host this year's Teen Choice awards, August 10th on Fox.
  • Bob Seger and a band member have been named in a negligence lawsuit filed by a man who says he suffered injuries in a crash involving a car registered to Seger, a 2004 Lexus driven by Christopher Campbell.
  • Actress Mia Farrow, who is also a UN Goodwill Ambassador, will begin a hunger strike next week to show solidarity with the people of Sudan's conflict-torn Darfur region.
  • Miss California may have ticked off one of the judges at the USA pageant and may have come in second, but she has been dating Michael Phelps for several months. That's gotta count for something.
  • Hugh Jackman put his hands and feet in cement at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood for you to see next time you're there.
  • Yep, Julie Chen is pregnant. She's 39, her husband, the president of CBS, is 60.


Forty-one percent of workers who were laid off from full-time jobs in the last three months reported they found a new full-time, permanent position while another eight percent found part-time work, according to a survey from CareerBuilder that included 807 workers who were laid off from full-time jobs within the last 12 months. The survey was conducted between February 20 and March 11, 2009.

Here are some other key findings from the survey:

Gender vs. age

  • 59 percent of men compared to 49 percent of women who were laid off in the last 12 months were able to find full-time employment.
  • Workers ages 35 to 44 were the most likely to find full-time jobs after a layoff at 68 percent.
  • Workers ages 18 to 24 were the least likely at 41 percent, followed by 46 percent of workers age 55 and older.

Severance and long-term savings

  • Only 32 percent of workers who were laid off in the last 12 months received a severance package from their employers.
  • 69 percent reported the severance sustained them for two months or less
  • One-in-four said it sustained them for less than one month.
  • Forty-five percent of workers who were laid off in the last year had to tap into long-term savings as a result of losing their jobs.


The Arizona Diamondbacks have today off before opening a three-game series at home against the San Francisco Giants. The D-backs beat the Colorado Rockies 2-0 yesterday to notch their first series win this season. Dan Haren also got his first win after losing his first three pitching decisions this season.

In the National League yesterday....

Pittsburgh 7, Florida 4
San Francisco 1, San Diego 0, 10 innings
Atlanta 1, Washington 0
Milwaukee 3, Philadelphia 1
Houston 6, L.A. Dodgers 5
Cincinnati 3, Chicago Cubs 0
St. Louis 5, N.Y. Mets 2

And in the American League...

Boston 10, Minnesota 1, 7 innings, 1st game
Boston 7, Minnesota 3, 2nd game
N.Y. Yankees 9, Oakland 7, 14 innings
Kansas City 2, Cleveland 0
Chicago White Sox 8, Baltimore 2
Toronto 8, Texas 7, 11 innings
Detroit 12, L.A. Angels 10
Tampa Bay 9, Seattle 3

Orlando and Miami both won last night to even their respective playoff series at one game apiece. Chauncey Billups scored 31 and the Denver Nuggets beat New Orleans 108-93 victory last night to take a 2-0 playoff lead for the first time since 1985.

The Boston Bruins have won a playoff series for the first time in 10 years. Former Montreal forward Michael Ryder scored twice and assisted on David Krejci's goal to help the Bruins complete a four-game sweep of the Canadiens with a 4-1 victory on the Habs home ice.

Henrik Lundqvist made 38 saves, half of them in the second period, and the seventh-seeded New York Rangers put the Washington Capitals on the brink of elimination with a 2-1victory that gives the Rangers a 3-1 series lead. In the Western Conference, the Calgary Flames evened their series with Chicago at two games apiece by beating the Blackhawks 6-4.

Two of the Arizona Cardinals biggest needs entering the NFL draft this weekend are at outside linebacker and tight end. Since 1988, the team has drafted 13 tight ends, but the last Cardinals tight end to make a Pro Bowl was Jackie Smith in 1970. The last drafted Cardinals linebacker to make the Pro Bowl was E.J. Junior in 1985.

Celebrity Gossip

KARA DIOGUARDI ADMITS HAVING STRUGGLED WITH EATING DISORDER: Kara DioGuardi once spent time in a treatment center to deal with an eating disorder. The American Idol judge revealed to Extra, " I had kind of a binge eating disorder where, instead of dealing with my emotions, I would stuff them down with food." She specified that it was not anorexia or bulimia, explaining, "I never threw up or starved myself. I would get up and eat in the middle of the night." DioGuardi said that her involvement in music helped her get better. She admitted, "The moment I started doing music, the moment I did what I loved to do in my life and committed to it, I didn't have those problems anymore."

BILLY BOB THORTON TALKS ABOUT CANADIAN INTERVIEW: Billy Bob Thorton attempted to explain his controversial Canadian radio interview on Tuesday (April 21st) night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Thorton previously lashed out after being asked about his Hollywood career during a radio interview relating to his music. He told Kimmel, "The fact that that was news was astounding to me, but it gave hump back geeks all over the world something to do for a couple days days... I do that all the time! It's not the first time...." He added, "This woman said something she wasn't supposed to say, and I said I received signals from Venus through a metal plate in my head...I told a DJ to kiss my ass, that's all that happened."

JOHN TRAVOLTA TAKES SOLO TRIP TO TAHITI: John Travolta took a solo trip to Tahiti four days after what would have been his son Jett's 17th birthday. Sources at the hotel told People magazine that the actor is still in mourning, adding, "He told the hotel manager, 'I don't want to see anyone. I only want to rest,' " The insider added that the actor was not spotted outside of his room at the resort until he left on Sunday (April 19th). A friend of the family told People, "He is still in mourning about his son. This is not easy and everyone has their own process. He's always there for his family but he is still healing."

FATHER OF 'SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE' STAR CLEARED OF SALE ACCUSATION: The father of one of Slumdog Millionaire's child stars has been cleared of accusations that he tried to sell her. A police officer in Mumbai told Reuters on Wednesday (April 22nd), "So far there is no evidence of any offense, hence there is no registration of complaint and no arrest." 36-year-old Rafiq Qureshi previously told People magazine that a British newspaper story claiming he wanted to sell nine-year-old Rubina Ali was a "lie made up by foreign journalists playing games with me."

VANESSA MINNILLO SEEN WITH NEW GUY: Rumors of trouble between Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo intensified after the former MTV star was seen in a Los Angeles hotel with 90210 actor Matt Lanter. A source told the New York Post, "Vanessa definitely wasn't with Nick. She sat on Matt's lap and really close to him for two hours at the party." Minnillo's rep said only that the two were friendly, having worked together on Disaster Movie.

MISS CALIFORNIA DATING MICHAEL PHELPS? Miss California Carrie Prejean reportedly has an on-off relationship with Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. When asked about the swimmer by Access Hollywood's Billy Bush, Prejean responded, "He is a great man. Wouldn't you like to know, Billy? We can talk about that a different day." Prejean's grandmother confirmed that the two spend time together, admitting, "Carrie and Michael have been out to baseball games and lunch. He always calls her when he is in town and they go out."

MIA FARROW ON HUNGER STRIKE: Mia Farrow began a hunger strike on Monday (April 20th) to protest the Sudanese government's decision to ban all international organizations from aiding the people of Darfur. The actress and activist said that her fast is "a personal expression of outrage at a world that is somehow able to stand by and watch innocent men, women and children needlessly die of starvation, thirst and disease."

SALMA HAYEK PLANNING SECOND WEDDING: Salma Hayek and her husband Francois-Henri Pinault are reportedly holding a wedding celebration this weekend in Italy. Sources told E! News on Wednesday (April 22nd) that Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are among the guests who will celebrate the newlyweds' elopement. Hayek and Pinault, who have a young daughter together, tied the knot in Paris on Valentine's Day this year.

LANE GARRISON SETTLES WITH CRASH VICTIMS: Lane Garrison has reached settlements with the parents of the 17-year-old boy he killed in a 2006 car crash. reported on Wednesday (April 22nd) that the actor, who is currently serving a 40-month sentence for the alcohol and cocaine-fueled crash, agreed to pay a confidential sum of money to the parents of Vahagn Setian and to one of the survivors of the crash, Michelle Ohana.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All work and no play makes you loose your mind.......

Putting in overtime to get ahead will eventually mess up your head, says a study published in the American Journal Of Epidemiology. Too much work can make you forgetful, less clever and doomed to suffer dementia, according to tests given to 2,200 civil servants. "The study shows that long working hours have a negative effect on cognitive performance in middle age," says lead researcher Dr. Marianna Virtanen. "The link between cognitive impairment and dementia later in life is clearly established." On average each week, 8 percent of the bureaucrats studied worked more than 55 hours, 53 percent put in from 41 to 55 hours and 39 percent clocked fewer than 40 hours. In their early 50s, the workers were given brain function tests. And the scores revealed that both reasoning power and vocabulary had declined the most in people who worked the most overtime. (National Examiner)

Happy Earth Day to you... Happy Earth Day to you...

Earth Day is a name used for two different observances, both held annually during spring in the northern hemisphere, and autumn in the southern hemisphere. These are intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment. The United Nations celebrates Earth Day, which was founded by John McConnell in 1969, each year on the March equinox, while a global observance originated by Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in, and since January 1970 also called Earth Day, is celebrated in many countries each year on April 22, including the U.S.

(Woman's Day) A few simple changes over a year can make every day Earth Day:

  • If you recycle your Sunday newspaper every week, you'll keep four trees alive per year and increase the earth's oxygen
  • If you cut one 20-mile car trip each week by completing errands at once rather than making separate trips, you'll prevent more than 1,200 pounds of greenhouse gas from being emitted and adding to global warming
  • If you recycle a six-pack of aluminum cans every week, you'll save enough energy to power a television for 936 hours
  • If you cut 5 minutes from your daily shower, you'll save up to 9,000 gallons of water

Way to go Disney!!!!!!!!!!

I commend Disney for their Earth conscious promotion with their new movie hitting theaters today, "Earth." I'm sure you've seen or heard the promotion, as every ticket sold in the first week of the films run will effectively also buy a tree to be planted by the studio. This promotion has won me over and has the response of over 500,000 people who have already purchased tickets in advance for the movie. I can only hope that Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group will live up to their deal, and I believe they will.

If you are interested in joining the cause, how much simpler could it be than going to the movies, and taking in amazing footage of our beautiful planet and its creatures. You have a week from today to support the cause, so get on it. To entice you just a bit more, James Earl Jones is performing the narration, and could there be a better voice and actor to speak over the Earth? It is as if we are all little Simbas, listening to Mufasa giving us our commission. I'm excited, and the direction by Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield, the partners behind "Planet Earth" is sure to be as captivating and story telling as the "Planet Earth" series was.

Written by elguapo

Here is a little taste for you...


  • Pamela Anderson announced on her blog that she wants to host a vegan cooking show -- wearing a bikini and cooking veggies on the beach.
  • Dan Brown's first new novel since "The Da Vinci Code," "The Lost Symbol," will come out September 15th.
  • The cover of the May issue of The Washingtonian magazine features a shirtless Obama. It's a paparazzi photo taken during their family vacation in Hawaii two years ago.
  • A good night's sleep now may help your child stay trim as an adult. Kids ages 5 to 11 who clock less than 11 hours nightly are more likely to be obese adults than kids who get more shut eye, say New Zealand researchers.
  • Ellen Pompeo, 39, who plays Dr. Meredith Grey, the future bride of Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd on "Grey's Anatomy" -- and her real-life love, Chris Ivery, are expecting their first child together.
  • Mathematician and physicist Stephen Hawking has been hospitalized for a chest infection in Cambridge, northeast of London.
  • Former child star Marty York was arrested, booked and released on bail after allegedly beating up his girlfriend on Easter Sunday. The "Sandlot" star lashed out as his girlfriend after she struck him with a high heel during a heated row in Los Angeles, according to
  • Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley have named their new son: Jasper Warren Paisley.
  • In Indiana, a 24-year-old man died after getting hit in the neck by a softball. He was sliding into home when the ball hit him in the neck. He started to get up, then just collapsed.
  • Jennifer Aniston's latest reported squeeze: Gerard Butler.
  • 42-year-old electrician Jamie Padgett. That's who Pamela Anderson has been dating the past four months.


Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts are the first artists announced to perform at the 2009 CMT Music Awards on June 17th at the Sommet Center in Nashville. The show will air live on CMT and

  • Tickets to the eighth annual fan-voted awards show will go on sale on May 2nd at the Sommet Center Box Office and all Ticketmaster outlets. Prices start at $25 and go up to $99 for a package that includes a seat on the red carpet in addition to the main show.
  • Fan voting for the CMT Music Awards is underway and will continue through June 15th online at

Dierks Bentley says that marriage and fatherhood have helped him become a better songwriter. He maintains that in order to keep progressing as a writer, you have to keep progressing in life, and for him that meant settling down. Bentley tells us: "You can't get better as a songwriter, you can't keep writing songs that your listeners are gonna relate to if you don't kind of move on with your life to some degree. Where are you gonna get the experience to write songs if you're not doin' the family kind of thing at some point. I'm not saying it's for everybody, but for me it works out nicely because I wanna keep getting better as a songwriter and you can't do that unless you're growing up as a human being. It doesn't mean you have to grow old. It doesn't mean you have to settle down and stop living. It's just the opposite."

Bentley adds that his six-month-old daughter, Evie (EHV-EY), has really enabled him to take a new approach to things. "For me, having this daughter is just like, man, life starts all over again, and you're seeing everything from a fresh perspective, and you have such a bigger perspective on everything to begin with, so it finds its way into your music. I'm not sure how this record so much how that gets in there cause this record was really written while my wife was pregnant."

  • Bentley's new single, "Sideways," is climbing the charts.
  • It's the second release from his latest album, Feel That Fire.
Martina McBride has partnered with Napa Valley's acclaimed Blackbird Vineyards to create a "Signature Series" wine to coincide with her 10th album, Shine, which was recently released. Each bottle is stamped with McBride's autograph, and is being exclusively offered to members of her fan community who are of legal drinking age.
  • McBride said, "I've been able to taste incredible wines while traveling the world on tour. I sampled Blackbird Vineyards' wines while on a trip to Napa Valley and loved them. I'm thrilled to collaborate with Blackbird on this inaugural Signature Series."
  • Hand-selected by McBride, the "Signature Series" bottling is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc.
  • The 2006 Martina McBride "Signature Series" Proprietary Red Wine is available through McBride's official website at The wine will retail for $60 per bottle.


  • McBride and her husband own a Nashville recording studio also called Blackbird. They have no ownership in the vineyard.
  • Her Shine album debuted at Number One on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

Some of Nashville's brightest stars will gather together at the Schermerhorn (SKERMERHORN) Symphony Center in Music City tonight (Wednesday, April 22nd) to help raise money to educate children in Africa. The event, called Nashville4Africa, will feature performances by Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Big & Rich's Big Kenny, Dierks Bentley, Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down, Third Day, Jars of Clay and the African Children's Choir. Proceeds from the event will help build two new schools and fund additional educational efforts in Africa.

Big Kenny helped spearhead this event, which he tells us is such a worthy cause. "It's bluegrass to rock 'n roll with kids from around the world. We'll make enough money that night to build a school in Uganda and completely fit out the school we built last year for a thousand girls -- a thousand girls bought out of slavery or orphaned that will now have a chance at education for the first time. That's crazy stuff!"

  • Tickets to the Nashville4Africa benefit are on sale now online at or by calling the Symphony Center box office at 615-687-6400. For more information visit

Chuck Wicks, Jason Michael Carroll, Heidi Newfield, James Otto, Phil Vassar, Eric Church, Keith Anderson, Emerson Drive, The Lost Trailers, Jo Dee Messina, Chris Young, Joe Nichols, and Darryl Worley are among the artists scheduled to perform on the free Daytime Stage at Riverfront Park during this year's CMA Music Festival. The four-day music festival takes place from June 11th-14th in downtown Nashville.
  • Additional artists will be announced soon.
  • For CMA Music Festival performance schedules, log onto


  • This is the first year that the CMA has made its Daytime Stage free to the public. The organization says this is their contribution toward easing the financial burdens of Americans who are hoping to participate in CMA Music Festival.

Chris Young will host a benefit concert in his native Murfreesboro, Tennessee in conjunction with Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and a local Nashville radio station to raise money for the victims of the April 10th tornado in Murfreesboro. The fundraiser will be held on May 1st at MTSU's Murphy Center. Chris Young & Friends Tornado Relief Benefit will feature performances by Young and Richie McDonald, with more artists joining the lineup along the way. Proceeds are earmarked for the Heart of Tennessee Chapter of the American Red Cross and Tennessee Emergency Response Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online at


  • The street Young lived on as a child was directly hit by the tornado. Young's family home only suffered minor damage, but many of their neighbors' homes were destroyed.

Yesterday on the Morning Jolt......

John Kane, Kflag's resident Psychic ( ) was talking to one of our listeners about being hurt on the job and John told her that she should NOT be fired for being injured on the job. Though in her case it is true, Flagger Nona has sent us a video of someone who just may deserve to be fired for being injured on the job. Check it out!


Trisha Yearwood at Graceland

Rodney Atkins

Pat Green

Phil Vassar, Charlie Daniels Band, Emily West


Bill Engvall, Ron White, Larry The Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy

Celebrity Gossip

FARRAH FAWCETT WEIGHT NOT AS DIRE AS SON SAYS: Farrah Fawcett does not weight 86 pounds, her friend Alana Stewart revealed. Although the actress's son Redmond told a courtroom last week that his cancer-stricken mother had dropped to a scary weight, reports that Stewart insisted, "Farrah is not 86 pounds. Redmond is young and overreacted a little. Farrah has lost weight, but not that much. No, no, no." She added, "I just saw her last night and she looked better . . . She had color in her face and was talking and laughing."

'SLUMDOG MILLIONIARE' PRODUCERS HIRE SOCIAL WORKER FOR CHILD STAR: The producers of Slumdog Millionaire have hired a social worker to look after nine-year-old Rubina Ali after it was reported that the child star's father offered to sell her for $300,000. reports that Ali's father, Rafiq Qureshi, has denied the accusations but has admitted to needing money. One of the trustees of a fund set up to look after Ali and the film's other child stars, told the website that "the trust will support Rubina, her parents and responsible authorities to ensure that the rights and best interests of Rubina" are protected.

DAVID BLAINE ENGAGED: David Blaine is planning to marry French model Alizee Guinochet. The magician confirmed the news to the New York Post, although his fiance is currently only wearing two "pre- engagement" gold bands. He told the paper that he'll get her a "real" ring "when the economy improves."

JULIE CHEN AND LES MOONVES EXPECTING FIRST CHILD: CBS chief Les Moonves and his Early Show host wife of four years Julie Chen are expecting their first child together. Moonves has three children from a previous marriage. Chen is due in October.

CHANNING TATUM AND JENNA DEWAN TO WED 'SOON': Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan played coy about their upcoming nuptials at the premiere of his movie Fighting, but Dewan admitted to People magazine that the pair will tie the knot "Sooner than later." Although they remained tight-lipped about the big day, Dewan did acknowledge that her engagement rings serves as a frequent conversation topic. She told the magazine, "Almost everybody goes, 'Oh my God, that is so big.' And I'm like, 'I know, I feel the same way.' "


Todd Helton hit his first homer of the season and drove in three runs to lead Colorado past Arizona 9-6, ending the Rockies' four-game losing streak. Helton collected three hits after entering the game with a .231 average, 97 points below his career mark. In the final game of the series, Colorado sends out Jorge De La Rosa against winless Dan Haren.

In other National League action...

Washington 4, Atlanta 3
Philadelphia 11, Milwaukee 4
Pittsburgh 3, Florida 2
Chicago Cubs 7, Cincinnati 2
Houston 8, L.A. Dodgers 5
St. Louis 6, N.Y. Mets 4
San Francisco 8, San Diego 3

In the American League...

Baltimore 10, Chicago White Sox 3
N.Y. Yankees 5, Oakland 3
Cleveland 8, Kansas City 7
Texas 5, Toronto 4
Minnesota at Boston, ppd., rain
L.A. Angels 4, Detroit 3
Seattle 4, Tampa Bay 2

In the NBA Playoffs...

The Portland Trail Blazers evened their NBA first-round series at a game apiece last night while Cleveland and the Los Angeles Lakers were going up two games to none. Brandon Roy poured in 42 points and LaMarcus Aldridge added 27 to lead the Blazers past Houston 107-103.

LeBron James scored 29 points and had 13 rebounds in the Cavaliers' 94-82 win over Detroit, and the Lakers beat Utah 119-109 behind Kobe Bryant's 26 points.

In the NHL Playoffs

The Vancouver Canucks have become the first team to advance to the second round of this year's Stanley Cup playoffs. Alex Burrows scored twice, including the game-winner as the Canucks knocked off St. Louis 3-2 to complete a four-game sweep.

Detroit is up 3-0 in its series after a 4-1 win at Columbus.

Pittsburgh topped Philadelphia 3-1 to take a three-games-to-one lead,

Carolina nipped New Jersey to knot that series at two games apiece.

And San Jose topped Anaheim 4-3 to climb within 2-1 in that series.

As draft day nears, more conversations about Anquan Boldin are expected. The Arizona Cardinals say they've received inquiries from "quite a few teams" about the disgruntled wide receiver. But team general manager Rod Graves and coach Ken Whisenhunt repeatedly emphasize they would be happy to keep Boldin and eventually try to sign him to a new contract.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Casey Mears have been penalized for intentionally bumping cars after the race at Phoenix International Raceway last weekend. NASCAR put both drivers on probation for the next six races, but neither was fined or lost any points.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How To Deal With A Bad Boss:

(The National Enquirer) Thinking of quitting your job because your boss is making your life a nightmare? There are several easy steps you can take to get along with a bad boss, even if he's a monster, said Tag Goulet, co-CEO of Here are Goulet's top tips:

  • Mimic those who successfully deal with your boss -- "Study your boss, and try to deduce how those who get along with him relate to him," said Goulet. "Then, copy their behavior."
  • Support your boss -- "Most bosses want all the back-up they can get. This is especially true for the new supervisor who fears losing control, losing face and losing his or her job."
  • Stand up for yourself -- "Supporting your boss isn't the same as being a doormat. Sometimes, bosses intentionally pick on the weaker employee. Do not tolerate being yelled at or treated badly. Say, 'It's not okay to talk to me like that.' Sometimes bosses aren't aware of what they're doing. You can bring this problem to your boss' attention while still being respectful, and your boss may respect you more for standing up for yourself. "But don't complain to your bosses superior. It can be a big mistake. That supervisor may decide he needs your boss more than he needs you, and out you go."
  • Document the problem -- "If your boss is a bully, keep a written record of every bullying incident and, whenever possible, have a witness. Many companies have a zero-tolerance policy toward harassment or bullying. Look for support from your human resources department or senior management. But you must have a well-document case."
  • Quit -- "If your situation does not improve, you may have to look for another job," said Goulet. "The worst thing you can do is nothing, and sacrifice your health and self-esteem."

Want a $15 an hour job? Here are a few suggestions from

  • Kitchen Designer - Responsible for working with clients in selecting cabinetry, counter tops and other items associated with kitchen design, and educating them on the ordering and installation process.
  • Travel Agent - Plan and sell transportation and accommodations for travel agency customers. Determine destination, modes of transportation, travel dates, costs and accommodations required.
  • Dog Walker - Must have experience in handling dogs, possess positive attitude and have high energy plus a willingness to continue education in animal training and behavior.
  • Specialty Bus Driver - Transport students or special clients, such as the elderly or persons with disabilities. Ensure adherence to safety rules. May assist passengers in boarding or exiting.
  • Butcher, Meat Cutter - Cut, trim, or prepare consumer-sized portions of meat for use or sale in retail establishments.
  • Collections Specialist - Collections specialists should have two or more years of commercial collections experience, and SAP (systems applications and products) knowledge is a plus.
  • Event Coordinator - Maintains numerous daily events, acts as liaison with local business owners, event coordinators and business associations, and develops business contacts.

National TV Turnoff Week

April 19-26. Woman's Day offers these tips to help your family tune out:

  • Start small -- incremental reductions are better than none at all, says Robert Hancox, M.D., a researcher at New Zealand's University of Otago who has studied the long term effects of excessive television viewing on kids.
  • Make a plan -- sit down as a family and choose programs in advance to cut down on mindless channel surfing.
  • Banish bedroom sets -- a recent study found that third graders who had TVs in their bedrooms scored much lower on standardized test than their peers who didn't.
  • Try technology -- install a device like EyeTimer. It automatically turns off the TV when your child's "time budget" expires.
  • Be strict early -- The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that children under 2 watch no television at all. Bonus: Kids who watch little or not TV as toddlers may be more accepting of restrictions later on.
  • Eat away from the television -- not only can the tube limit dinner table conversation, it's been show to "hypnotize" viewers into eating more.
  • No parking in front of the TV -- rather than sitting kids in front of the television while you do chores, ask them to help. It will decrease tube time and make helping a habit.


The well-worn concept of 'beer goggles' that make men view women as more attractive the more they drink is a myth, claim scientists. Britain's Telegraph reported that a study found that alcohol actually has the opposite effect and made men see women as less attractive. Scientists asked a group of 240 men and women in bars and cafes to look at photos of women and comment on their age and attractiveness. Half the participants used in the experiment had consumed alcoholic drinks, with effects rated as "relaxed and benign", "blunted and disinhibited", "boisterous and over-expressive", and "unambiguously drunk". Dr Vincent Egan, from the University of Leicester, said, "Another interesting finding was that overall participants who drank alcohol actually rated all the women in the photos as less attractive, compared to the participants who hadn't drunk alcohol. This seemingly flies in the face of the commonly held notion of 'beer goggles'."



Jason Aldean, Paula Deen, Jamie O'Neal

Trisha Yearwood at Graceland

John Rich, Danny Bonaduce, Mark Martin

Randy Owen, Troy Gentry, Gretchen Wilson

John Rich


  • Jacoby Angleton has his hardhat back. He lost it three years ago up in Alaska, when it blew off and went into the water. Just recently, someone found the hat on a San Francisco beach and tracked him down because of his name on the hat using MySpace.
  • In case anyone asks, yes, Zak Efron once ate some live octopus in a sushi bar to win a $20 bet.
  • A history book that was taken by a Union soldier in 1864 from the Leyburn Library of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA, has been returned to the library 145 years later. The fine would have amounted to $52,858.
  • Madonna took a fall while riding a horse last weekend, but is said to be doing OK. Now, the good news: a Malawi judge is going to reconsider her latest bid to adopt a child on May 4th.
  • Tempe, Arizona, won the premiere of Hugh Jackman's new movie, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." Hollywood will descend on the town April 27th for the legal world premiere.
  • Drew Barrymore and Justin Long spotted together again last weekend at the Coachella Music Festival.
  • Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley have welcomed their second son into the world.
  • Indian police in Mumbai are probing accusations that the father of a child star of the Oscar-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire" tried to sell his daughter for 200,000 pounds ($290,000).
  • John Mellencamp's 14-year-old son, Hud, has won a division title in the Indiana Golden Gloves boxing tournament.
  • The last survivor of the Titanic, 97-year-old Millvina Dean, has to auction off her remaining mementos to pay nursing home bills.
  • By the way, Ashton Kutcher DID beat CNN in being the first to get one million followers on Twitter.
  • Wednesday's episode of "The Price is Right" will feature an earth day episode, and will spotlight environmentally friendly products including cell phones made of recycled materials, solar charging equipment and a recycling cabinet.
  • "Grey's Anatomy"'s Ellen Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery are expecting their first child together.

KFLAG Country Music News

Combined sales of Taylor Swift's two albums -- her self-titled debut and her latest, Fearless -- are in excess of seven million albums. The teenager was surprised with a plaque last Wednesday (April 15th) during rehearsals in Nashville for her Fearless 2009 tour.

Pop radio airplay has arguably boosted Swift's already impressive sales figures. Being embraced by that format is definitely a bonus, but Swift prefers not to think of herself as a crossover act. "The fact that pop radio stations are playing my songs absolutely is amazing to me. I'm so blown away and so thankful for it. You know, I like to think of it less as crossover and more spillover. That's what they call it at my record label -- spillover -- and so I'm just so thankful for the spillover and for everybody who's just been so amazing cause I certainly did not expect any of this to happen."

  • Swift's Fearless tour begins on Thursday (April 23rd) in Evansville, Indiana. The tour features special guest Kellie Pickler.

Brad Paisley used his website yesterday (Monday, April 20th) to officially announce the name of his newborn son, Jasper Warren Paisley. His middle name is in honor of Paisley's grandfather, who gave the singer his first guitar and encouraged him to pursue music. Jasper was born on Friday (April 17th) at a Nashville hospital.

Jasper is Brad and Kimberly Williams-Paisley's second son. Their oldest, Huck, is two years old.

Kenny Chesney
kicked off his Sun City Carnival tour on Friday (April 17th) with some brand new production, including an unexpected new entrance to the stage. The superstar emerged from under a camera stand at the back of the arena floor, stepped over a bar that was rising and began swinging toward the stage. The trapeze-like swing doesn't run to the stage on a track, but instead is wired to go front to back as well as side to side to give Chesney the freedom to fly to any section of the floor. On Friday, Chesney rode low over the fans' heads, high-fiving and waving as he went.
  • Chesney said, "I knew this was something we could do. It was just a matter of figuring out how to make it safe enough, because there's not a whole lot holding me up there. And, obviously because we're not on a track, but cables, there needed to be different kinds of systems in place to make it work, but the tech people we work with figured it out."
  • The next stop on the Sun City Carnival tour is Albuquerque, New Mexico on Thursday (April 23rd). This weekend's shows are in Las Vegas on Saturday (April 25th) and Indio, California on Sunday (April 26th) at the Stagecoach Festival.


  • Chesney's Greatest Hits: Volume 2 will be released on May 19th.
  • His first Greatest Hits compilation was released in 2000.

Jamey Johnson's That Lonesome Song CD has been certified gold by the RIAA for sales of more than 500,000 copies. The project was released in August of last year and has spent 20 weeks inside the Top 10 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart.
  • Of the accomplishment, Johnson said, "A gold record is one of the only awards that truly comes from your fans. They just made our album relevant to country music."
  • Johnson describes That Lonesome Song as being an honest and realistic approach to life: "It deals with real life. It deals with heartache and confusion, sometimes in a funny way, sometimes in a very serious way, and sometimes in a very desperate way. I think that's what music is supposed to do. It's supposed to help us deal with what we're gonna be faced with in real life."
  • Earlier this month, Johnson took home the Academy of Country Music Song of the Year award for his hit single "In Color," which is included on That Lonesome Song.
Sara Evans will be releasing a new CD sometime this year. The project is her first studio album since 2005's Real Fine Place. Evans tells us it's reminiscent of the album she released nearly nine years ago."It's very country. It's very rootsy. It reminds me a lot of Born To Fly. It has a lot of those same elements and sounds, but I wrote almost every song on it, and I'm super excited about it cause, you know, I had a greatest hits album last time, so it wasn't a real album and this one is. I'm dying to release it."
  • The new CD will be released in conjunction with a novel Evans is writing. The singer signed a book deal with Nashville-based Thomas Nelson Inc. earlier this year. The book will be the first in a series of four.


  • Evans is nominated for two Dove awards for her involvement in the Billy: The Early Years motion picture soundtrack and How Great Thou Art: Gospel Favorites from the Grand Ole Opry albums. The awards ceremony will be held on Thursday (April 23rd) in Nashville.

Celebrity Gossip

OPRAH WINFREY SCRAPS COLUMBINE SPECIAL: Oprah Winfrey scrapped Monday's (April 20th) planned Columbine memorial episode of her program after deciding that the show focused too much on the killers. Winfrey, a recent addition to Twitter, announced her decision via the popular medium and on her website, writing, "I decided to pull the Columbine show today. After reviewing it, I thought it focused too much on the killers. Today, hold a thought for the Columbine community. This is a hard day for them."

JENNIFER ANISTON AND GERARD BUTLER? Rumors of a romance between Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are heating up now that the actress is single again. A source told Britain's Daily Mail, "They had a fling at the Toronto Film Festival last year but it was all kept very quiet. Now Jennifer's single again, she's no longer keeping her admiration for him secret." The paper also claims that the pair are in talks to star together in the upcoming movie, The Goree Girls.

BILL MURRAY HITS FAN WITH GOLF BALL: Bill Murray accidentally hit a fan in the head with a golf ball last Friday (April 17th). Although Gayle DiMaggio needed stitches after watching the actor tee off from her yard in Florida, the two bonded and she even spent time with Murray during his final round on Sunday (April 19th). DiMaggio is quoted by the Philadelphia Daily News as having said, "He came over and laid down on the ground with me and he was very concerned, asking if I was OK," she said of Murray. "Once he knew I was OK and not seriously hurt, then he started joking with me, asking how many fingers he was holding up." He also gave her a signed copy of his movie, Caddyshack.

'FANTASTIC FOUR' STAR EXPECTING CHILD: Fantastic Four actor Ioan Gruffudd and his wife, English actress Alice Evans are expecting a child. Their rep confirmed the upcoming arrival to People magazine, adding that it will be the first child for the couple, who have been married since 2007.


Arizona opened up another homestand last night with a 6-3 victory against Colorado. Miguel Montero belted a three-run homer and Mark Reynolds added a solo shot to support Jon Garland, who pitched into the seventh.

Other National League scores.....

Washington 3, Atlanta 2
Pittsburgh 8, Florida 0
San Diego at Philadelphia, ppd., rain
Cincinnati 4, Houston 3

In the American League...

Boston 12, Baltimore 1
Oakland at New York, ppd., rain

Ray Allen hit a tiebreaking jumper with two seconds left and finished with 30 points as Boston nipped Chicago 118-115 to even the NBA first-round series at a game apiece. San Antonio and Dallas are tied 1-1 after Tony Parker scored 27 of his 38 points in the first half of the Spurs' 105-84 pounding of the Mavericks.

The Boston Bruins own a commanding 3-0 series lead in the NHL's Eastern Conference quarterfinals after former Canadien Michael Ryder snapped a 2-2 tie in a 4-2 triumph at Montreal. Simeon Varlamov turned back 33 shots in his second career playoff start to lead Washington past the New York Rangers 4-0, pulling the Capitals within two games to one in the series. David Moss tallied twice and Calgary closed to within 2-1 in its opening-round series by beating Chicago 4-2.

For now, Anquan Boldin remains a member of the Arizona Cardinals. The NFL draft is Saturday and so far the team has not announced any deals that may involve the receiver.

Monday, April 20, 2009


An apple a day really can keep the doctor away and make you thinner. An estimated 36 million Americans are affected by metabolic syndrome a combination of health problems linked to illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. According to food consumption data, adults who eat apples or apple products have smaller waistlines that indicate lower blood pressure, less abdominal fat and a reduced risk for developing metabolic syndrome. Apple eaters had about a 30% lower risk for high blood and pressure a 21% lower risk of increased waist size. (National Enquirer)

It's the stuff of which Sci-Fi movies are made: A scientist creates a robot capable of experiencing emotions, the robot falls in love and pursues the object of its affection with disastrous results. Except it's really happening. Ten months ago, researchers at Toshiba's Akimu Robotic Research Institute proudly unveiled Kenji, a robot loaded with sophisticated software that permitted him to reach emotionally to external stimuli. The "love machine" became attached to a stuffed doll that was kept in his enclosure. It embraced the toy for hours and asked about it constantly if technicians took it away from him. As time passed, Kenji's state of the art programming enabled it to transfer its emotional feelings from the doll to humans. Eventually, it refused to let a female technician, who had spent the day with him, leave his compound, blocking her way with its powerful mechanical body. She escaped only after she managed to phone two other techs, who switched the robot off. Now, Kenji develops strong, instant attachments to everyone he sees, and his creator, Dr. Akito Takahashi, admits it'll have to be shut down permanently. "Kenji's impulses and behavior are not entirely rational," he says. (Sun)

A new virtual reality break through makes it possible for you to see the world and hear, smell and taste it, too without ever leaving your living room. The device, dubbed the Virtual Cocoon, features four surround sound speakers, fans that blow hot or cold air and a high definition screen. Devices spray aromas under the nose and squirt combinations of five basic flavors sweet, sour, salty, bitter and meaty, into the mouth. For the full experience of an African plain or a bustling Japanese marketplace the Virtual Cocoon uses a probe equipped with a camera, microphone and sensors capable of breaking smells and tastes down to their molecules. It sends the information to a satellite, which beams it down to a home computer hooked up to the Virtual Cocoon headset. Professor Alan Chalmers, of Warwick University, England, says the first Virtual Cocoons should be available in five years. (Sun)


Now you can find out if your derriere is perfect thanks to a mathematical formula devised by British researchers. "The perfect female derriere has firmness to the touch and a resilience that prevents undue wobble or bounce, yet looks soft with flawless skin," Dr. David Holmes, a psychology lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, told The New York Post.

Holmes offers this math formula that will tell you for sure: (S+C) x (B+F) / (T-V)

Or put another way:
(Shape + Circularity) x (Bounciness + Firmness) / (Texture - Vertical Ratio Symmetry).

First, you have to assess the assets. Use a scale of 1 to 20 with 1 being the worst and 20 the best in the following categories described by Holmes:

  • S = overall shape (a ripe peach being just about right)
  • C = circularity (rounder is better)
  • B = bounciness (less wobble is preferred)
  • F = firmness (too much push to that cushion loses points)
  • T = skin texture (no cellulite)
  • V = Calculate the ratio of your waist to your hips.

How to do this: Use a measuring tape to determine your waist and hip measurements. Measure your hip circumference at it's widest part, and measure your waist circumference at the belly button or just above it. Pull out your calculator and divide the waist circumference by the hip circumference or use an online waist-to-hip ratio calculator to run the numbers. Then do the math, inserting your numbers in place of the letters in the formula above. A perfect score is 80.


Wish you could tell your boss to shove it? Welcome to the club. Studies show that upwards of 56% of Americans would like to. "It's not always possible or practical for workers to just quit their job," says Miriam Biddelman, a psychotherapist in New York. "But there is much they can do to make themselves happier at work." Here are seven of her top ways for taking your job and loving it:

  • Buddy up -- When workers bond and socialize, they create a sense of community, or even a second family to help you endure hard times.
  • Try to do more - not less -- Not only will digging in at work produce more satisfaction than holding back, it can get you a promotion or a better job.
  • Snag more responsibility -- Even if your title and your pay remain the same, being "in charge" of any detail of work leads to higher self-esteem.
  • Keep photos -- Pics of your spouse, kids or pet, or a favorite coffee mug are reminders of what's really important in your life.
  • Head for the hills -- Get away from your desk or station during lunch and coffee breaks. Just getting outdoors is mentally rewarding.
  • Phone it in -- Could any part of your work be done at home via phone, computer or fax? Lots of work performed at an office can be.
  • Let perks perk you up -- Maybe a raise is out of the question, no matter how much you deserve one. Perhaps the boss would be willing to give you a little flextime or some other much needed perk. Ask and ye may receive.


Couple Married 67 Years Dies Hours Apart
In Troy, Kansas, Lyle and Arnita Yingling were married in 1941 -- a marriage that lasted an amazing 67 years. They truly lived by their vow -- until death do us part. 93-year-old Arnita died in her sleep early Saturday morning at her family's home. Her 95-year-old husband died just six hours later at a nursing home in the nearby town of Wathena. Friends and relatives described the two as inseparable. Some found comfort knowing neither would have to live without the other. (St. Joseph News-Press)

Let's Go Have Coffee in Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama is suddenly THE place to go have coffee. It seems some mystery good coffee Samaritans have been paying it forward in the Hoover and Vestavia Hills high end areas by anonymously picking up the tabs of others at Starbucks. Sharon Dierking got a taste of the movement when she pulled up to the window at a Starbucks on U.S. 280 and the barista told her the driver in the car ahead of her had paid for her order. She said, "I was completely dumbfounded, but I was thrilled." Stacie Elm, a barista at an Alabaster Starbucks, said a line of five cars recently all paid it forward. (The Birmingham News )

Michigan Mayor Keeping It Real
The mayor of Warren, Michigan is keeping real and certainly not using his position to gain any special favors. Mayor Jim Fouts was recently pulled over for going 45 mph in a 40 mph zone on his way to City Hall. The officer only gave him a warning and told him to watch it next time. But Fouts says he was uncomfortable the entire day with just a warning, thinking it might be construed as favoritism so he called the deputy police commissioner and demanded that he get a full blown speeding ticket. So an officer delivered it to Fouts' office and Fouts paid the $100 fine. He later told reporters he had to "set a good example." (Detroit News)

A Guy Who Really Wanted To Die!
No question about it -- one 20-year-old Canadian man seriously wanted to die. Too bad he endangered the lives of his fellow passengers of a small charter plane when he decided to take himself out. The plane was flying at 23,000 feet over Cambridge Bay in Canada's arctic region when the man opened the plane's door and jumped out without a parachute. Two pilots and a female passenger tried but failed to stop him. The plane was then forced to make an emergency landing at a Cambridge Bay airport. A search team has yet to turn up the body. (AHN News)

2008 Laughlin River Run

A little something to get you ready for the week....

kflag Country Music Update

Taylor Swift continues making history with her upcoming Fearless tour. As with her previous dates, tickets to Swift's Nashville show on September 12th sold out in one minute on Friday (April 17th).

  • Last month, Swift also sold out New York City's Madison Square Garden in one minute. Other sold out shows include her stops in Portland, Spokane, Charleston, Los Angeles, Evansville, Jacksonville, San Diego, St. Louis, and Seattle.
  • The Fearless tour is Swift's first as a headliner. Swift and special guest Kellie Pickler will hit the road beginning on Thursday (April 23rd) in Evansville, Indiana.


  • Swift is among the first-round nominees at the upcoming CMT Music Awards. So far, she is nominated in four categories, including Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year for "Love Story."

As of yesterday (Sunday, April 19th), Brad Paisley and his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, had still not announced the name of their brand new baby boy who was born to the couple on Friday (April 17th) in Nashville. The baby's arrival was almost two weeks late. Paisley stayed home with his wife instead of attending the ACM Awards in Las Vegas on April 5th because that was the youngest Paisley's official due date.
  • Paisley's publicist says that "mother and baby are resting comfortably."
  • The unnamed baby joins big brother William Huckleberry "Huck", who is two years old.


  • Paisley will kick off his American Saturday Night tour on June 5th in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • His new album of the same name will be released on June 30th.

Being a celebrity has its perks, and for Keith Urban, one of them has been getting loads of baby gifts from friends and adoring fans. Urban says that he and wife Nicole Kidman have hardly had to buy anything in the way of baby clothes for daughter Sunday Rose since she was born last summer."She's certainly got a rockin' wardrobe of clothes, and I'd say 98 percent of them have been gifts from people, so it might be a good opportunity now to thank everybody for sending a plethora of clothes. I think the best thing I got was maybe a black onesie that says 'I crawl the line' (laughs)."

Urban adds that he and Kidman have donated a good amount of Sunday's wardrobe to charity. "She's certainly not hurting for that at all and there's a lot of other people in need, so we've also given a lot of clothing away to Goodwill and the Red Cross, too."

  • Sunday will spend part of her summer out on tour with her dad. Urban's Escape Together World tour begins on May 7th in Uncasville, Connecticut.
Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Big & Rich's Big Kenny, Dierks Bentley, Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down, Third Day, Jars of Clay and the African Children's Choir are all set to perform at the inaugural Nashville4Africa benefit on Wednesday (April 22nd) at the Schermerhorn (SKERMERHORN) Symphony Center in Nashville. Proceeds from the event will help build two new schools and fund additional educational efforts in Africa.
  • Tickets to the Nashville4Africa benefit are on sale now online at or by calling the Symphony Center box office at 615-687-6400. For more information visit
Reba McEntire has been added as a presenter on the TV Land Awards on Sunday (April 26th). She will introduce a special tribute to the classic nighttime soap Knots Landing. The TV Land Awards will be held in Los Angeles and will air live at 9 p.m. ET on the cable network.


  • McEntire's new single, "Strange," debuted at Number 39 on the Billboard Top Country Songs chart last week, marking the highest solo chart debut of her career.
  • "Strange" is the debut single from McEntire's upcoming untitled album, her first for Nashville indie label The Valory Music Company. Her new CD will be released in late summer.

Just before heading off to the Persian Gulf on his seventh USO tour this week, Toby Keith will be the featured speaker at a National Press Club (NPC) luncheon on Tuesday (April 21st) at the NPC's Washington, DC headquarters. After his speech, Keith will take questions from NPC members. Let's just hope they steer clear of the recent Rolling Stone article and his alleged confrontation with Kris Kristofferson!

Later that day, Keith will be honored with a Distinguished Service Award by the Military Officers Association of America.

  • Keith's 11-day USO tour will include 17 shows at small, forward operating bases.


  • Keith recently received the Johnny "Mike" Spann Memorial Semper Fidelis Award from the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation for his commitment to the troops.

Montgomery Gentry have accomplished nearly all of their career goals, with awards, hit songs, and platinum-selling albums to their credit. Now Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry are gunning for membership in a rather exclusive club, as Gentry tells us: "We've been on the Opry for many years -- well, ever since we've been in the business. We always try to make it our business to get in there and play the Opry, so that's probably the next biggest milestone Eddie and I would like to accomplish is to become members of the Grand Ole Opry, and I think it'd be a great honor cause it is kind of an elite club to be a member of and it'd be very flattering and honoring to be a part of that club."
  • In addition to headlining their owns shows, Montgomery Gentry will join Kenny Chesney's Sun City Carnival stadium dates this summer. Their first show on the tour will be May 30th at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium in Louisville, Kentucky.


Randy Johnson carried a no-hitter into the seventh before San Francisco completed a 2-0 win against Arizona. Johnson's bid for a third career no-hitter ended when Augie Ojeda doubled on the first pitch of the seventh inning. Arizona begins a long homestand tonight. First up, the Colorado Rockies.

In other National League action...

Milwaukee 4, N.Y. Mets 2
Florida 7, Washington 4
Atlanta 11, Pittsburgh 1
Philadelphia 5, San Diego 4
Cincinnati 4, Houston 2
L.A. Dodgers 14, Colorado 2
St. Louis at Chicago, ppd., rain

In the American League...

N.Y. Yankees 7, Cleveland 3
Toronto 1, Oakland 0
Boston 2, Baltimore 1
Chicago White Sox 12, Tampa Bay 2
Minnesota 3, L.A. Angels 1
Texas 6, Kansas City 5
Detroit 8, Seattle 2

Unlike Saturday when three of four road teams won NBA playoff series openers, order was somewhat restored yesterday. The L.A. Lakers, Atlanta Hawks and Denver Nuggets all scored first-game victories at home, but the visiting Philadelphia 76ers were able to get the jump on Orlando 100-98 on a 22-foot jumper with 2.2 seconds left.

Yesterday's NBA Playoff scores...

L.A. Lakers 113, Utah 100, L.A. Lakers lead series 1-0
Philadelphia 100, Orlando 98, Philadelphia leads series 1-0
Atlanta 90, Miami 64, Atlanta leads series 1-0
Denver 113, New Orleans 84, Denver leads series 1-0

The San Jose Sharks had the best overall record in the regular NHL season but that isn't helping them now. The eighth-seeded Anaheim Ducks have taken a 2-0 lead in their first-round playoff series after beating the Sharks 3-2 last night with the series now going to Anaheim for the next two games.

In other NHL playoff action yesterday...

Philadelphia 6, Pittsburgh 3, Pittsburgh leads series 2-1
Vancouver 3, St. Louis 2, Vancouver leads series 3-0
New Jersey 3, Carolina 2, OT, New Jersey leads series 2-1

Dario Franchitti has taken the checkers at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, dominating the 85-lap event and finishing far ahead of pole-sitter Will Power. It is Franchitti's ninth IndyCar victory and first since last year's season-finale at Chicagoland.

Mark Martin won on Saturday night at PIR in the Sprint Cup Series, Greg Biffle won the Nationwide Series on Friday night.

And at Mohave Valley Raceway in the Wild West Modified Tour, 15 year old Mesa, AZ driver Tim Ward took home the Feature on Friday night. Ricky Alvarado from Delta, CO was the winner of the main on Saturday night.

Weekend Movie WRAP-UP

The comedy 17 Again, starring High School Musical franchise heartthrob Zac Efron, debuted in first place at the weekend box office, ousting last week's top peformer, Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana: The Movie, which fell to fourth place. In 17 Again, a 37-year-old father -- portrayed by Friends' Matthew Perry -- is magically transformed into a teenager again, played by Efron. Knocked Up's Leslie Mann also stars.

Opening in second place was the political conspiracy thriller State of Play. Russell Crowe stars as a Washington, D.C., newspaper reporter investigating deaths linked to a rising star politician, played by Ben Affleck, who's his old college friend. The film based on a BBC miniseries also stars Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams and Robin Wright Penn.

  • The action movie Crank: High Voltage, starring Jason Statham in a sequel to the 2006 original Crank, debuted at Number Six. In it, Statham races to recover his heart, which has been stolen by organ thieves and replaced with a mechanical one.


  1. 17 Again, $24.1 million
  2. State of Play, $14.1 million
  3. Monsters vs. Aliens, $12.9 million
  4. Hannah Montana: The Movie, $12.7 million
  5. Fast & Furious, $12.3 million
  6. Crank: High Voltage, $6.5 million
  7. Observe and Report, $4.1 million
  8. Knowing, $3.5 million
  9. I Love You, Man, $3.4 million
  10. The Haunting in Connecticut, $3.2 million

Celebrity Gossip

HEIDI AND SPENCER TYING THE KNOT FOR REAL? Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt reportedly obtained a marriage license in Beverly Hills last Wednesday (April 15th). reports that The Hills couple is finally planning to make their marriage legal after holding a televised island ceremony last year.

REDMOND O'NEAL GOING BACK TO REHAB? Redmond O'Neal is getting another chance to kick his drug habit. On Friday (April 17th), a Los Angeles judge transferred two felony drug cases against the 24-year-old to a court that could send him to a stringent rehab program. O'Neal said he was motivated to change his ways in the wake of his mother, Farrah Fawcett's illness. He revealed that Fawcett weighs about 86 pounds and said that he is ashamed of himself for his April 5th arrest on suspicion of taking heroin to a Los Angeles area jail facility. The Associated Press reported that he will likely go to a strict rehab program, but the judge warned that if he fails, he'll likely go to prison for three years.

HELIO CASTRONEVES ACQUITTED OF MOST CHARGES: Former Dancing With the Stars champion Helio Castroneves was acquitted on Friday (April 17th) of six counts of tax evasion but the jury was hung on one count of conspiracy. The Brazilian race car driver had been charged with working with his sister and lawyer to evade over $2.3 million in income taxes. After the verdict was read, Castroneves said outside the courtroom, "I just want to thank God and my fans, and all of the people who prayed for me." His sister and manager were also acquitted of tax evasion and although the manager was cleared of conspiracy, the jury was hung on Castroneves' sister's conspiracy charge.

TRAVOLTA EXTORTION TRIAL ALMOST READY: The trial for two people accused of attempting to extort money from John Travolta and Kelly Preston in the wake of their son's death earlier this year is almost ready to begin. The Bahamian director of public prosecutions said last week that his team is ready to go to trial after collecting witness statements and other evidence they would need to convict former island Sen. Pleasant Bridgewater and paramedic Tarino Lightbourne of conspiracy and attempted extortion. Both were charged in January with plotting to extort $25 million from the Travoltas with a "refusal to transport" document, which supposedly was intended to imply that the couple didn't do all they could to save their son after he suffered a seizure at the family's vacation home.

ELLEN POMPEO PREGNANT: Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is reportedly pregnant, according to People magazine. This will be the first child for Pompeo and her husband, music producer Chris Ivory. The couple wed in 2007.

ANDY RODDICK WEDS: Tennis star Andy Roddick and Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker were married on Friday (April 17th) in a small ceremony in Austin, Texas at Roddick's home, according to People magazine. Elton John performed for the newly weds and other guests included tennis greats Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi.

Friday, April 17, 2009


  • The Co-Worker: Many spend more time at work than at home, so it's natural to develop close relationships with colleagues. Some, ahem, closer than others. Just ask Brad Pitt -- his marriage with Jennifer Aniston promptly ended after filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith with the most irresistible woman alive, Angelina Jolie.
  • The Pro: Picking up a hookah or ordering a call girl seems like the most foolproof way to keep a rendezvous under wraps. They're cooperative, eager to please, and paid for their confidentiality. Unfortunately, they're also more likely than the average Other Woman to be federally wiretapped. Such was the fatal flaw that revealed New York governor Eliot Spitzer's very expensive affair with high-class call girl Ashley Alexandra Dupre.
  • The Assistant: Secretaries, receptionists and personal assistants have always been first-class, grade A meat for sleazeball big wigs to indulge in at their convenience. In movies, they're portrayed as young, vivacious and always keen on pleasing their boss ... in every way. A prime example of this in real life is Peter Cook, who hooked up with a 19-year-old assistant at his architecture firm after almost ten years of marriage to supermodel Christie Brinkley.
  • The Nanny: These sexy temptresses can even bust up perfect households -- take Jude Law and Sienna Miller. Daisy Wright tucked in the kids, tended to Jude and went to the papers.
  • The Other Man: Cheating is somehow even worse when it's with someone who has matching anatomy. Questions flurry the mind: Has he always been gay? Did I turn him gay? Is it because I'm an unattractive heifer?! We could only imagine what went through Dina McGreevey's head when former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey publicly acknowledged his affair with his security aide.


  • Bird Droppings With a Purpose: Clear up your complexion with nightingale droppings. The Ten Thousand Waves Spa in Santa Fe, NM is the exclusive importer of nightingale droppings, and this is a geisha beauty secret that is starting to make waves in the western world. The droppings are dried and sanitized with UV light before being turned into a fine powder; they're then used as a mask to cleanse and rejuvenate dull, tired, and aging skin. A deluxe nightingale facial at this spa costs $144 for 85 minutes and may just help you look younger - and a little more courageous.
  • Sniff Grapefruit: The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago aims to make sense of common scents, analyzing why and how different scents trigger emotions, attitudes, and feelings. In this article, reports that the center found women to lose about six years simply by smelling pink grapefruit. The aroma can be uplifting and instantly provide a boost in mood - essential for looking younger.
  • Snail Gel For the Face: Snail gel is used to eliminate wrinkles, heal scars, restore broken skin, and even fight acne. A 4 oz. jar costs about $50 online, and the ingredients list reveals Vitamin E, helix aspsersa (snail extract), and allontoin as the magical formula. The secretions of the snail contain glycolic acid that can help remove old skin cells to make you look younger.
  • Facial Yoga and Weightlifting: Facial yoga helps to strengthen, tone, and tighten those facial muscles so they appear more youthful. Pick up a few of these face poses from the Gaiam community to get started. When you're ready for a total body overhaul, hit the dumbbells. More muscle mass will not only get you in tip-top shape, but it will also make you look leaner, stronger, and more resilient. Toned arms and legs in particular can make you look years younger, so jump into a weight lifting program as soon as you can.


  • He's about face: There's no better foil for a standout feature than a clean scalp. Be it an aquiline nose, chiseled cheekbones or a powerful jaw, the backdrop of baldness sets it on display.
  • He's wash and go: Hair -- as any woman knows from fussing with her own -- requires copious grooming, and less maintenance can equal more masculine.
  • He feels fantastic: Have you ever stroked a freshly-shaved head? If so, you know the basis for the adage "Once you go bald, you never go back!" Indeed, fans of bald dudes can have a very strong desire to touch and kiss their partners' clean-shaven heads.
  • He's thoroughly modern: Baldness has always held a certain futuristic sensibility. There's something streamlined, sleek and even chic about a hairless head, so in a way, bald is the new hair.

Kflag Country Music Update

Rascal Flatts will make a rare appearance at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on Saturday (April 18th) night. The trio blame a busy schedule on their lack of performances at the hallowed venue, but Jay DeMarcus tells us that's all about to change: "(The) Opry's very important to us. (It's) been important to all three of us since our childhoods. We used to bring our family down here for vacations just to go to the Grand Ole Opry, so it's something that's very near and dear to our hearts, but because of our schedule over the last several years, we haven't been able to do it as often as we would like to have, so that's put us in a place to where now that we've got a little more control over our schedule, we wanna start doing the Opry more and more, and hopefully eventually be inducted in there sometime. That would be a wonderful thing for all of us, and we don't say it enough, but the Opry is near and dear and sacred to all three of our hearts."

  • Rascal Flatts' new album, Unstoppable, debuted at Number One this week on both the pop and country albums charts. At the same time, their latest single, "Here Comes Goodbye," tops the country charts.
  • The trio will begin their American Living Unstoppable tour on June 5th in Missouri.
Kenny Chesney's Sun City Carnival tour kicks off tonight (Friday, April 17th) with the first of two sold out shows in Uncasville, Connecticut. He is rested, re-energized and ready to reconnect with his fans through his live shows, something Chesney says he is lucky to be able to do night after night. "We're gettin' ready to start and to kick this thing off again, and I was tellin' the band in rehearsals the other day, you know, somebody asked me in an interview, 'Well, Kenny, you gotta go do this gotta go tour again,' you know, and I don't really look at it as 'you gotta.' I look at it as that 'we get to.' You know? (laughs) 'Cause not everybody gets to do it like we get to do it. And I haven't always gotten to do it like I get to do it. And it's an amazing experience out there right now."

The name of this year's run is something Chesney says he borrowed from some fans at a show during last summer's Poets & Pirates tour. "A whole section of the parking lot -- these people had it all roped off, and they had their own little city, and they called it the 'Sun City Carnival.' And the fans don't even know it that I got it from them, you know, but I thought, 'You know what? That'd be good for us, you know, that right there,' so that's one of the few times that I went out there and got somethin', you know, from people out there havin' a great time, and I saw it on a big sign, and I thought, you know, 'That kind of describes everybody out here,' and so I think it fit us perfect."

  • Chesney will be joined on tour by the Wailers band member Drummie Zeb on percussion.
  • The Sun City Carnival tour, featuring special guests Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum, will run through September 19th in Indianapolis.
  • Chesney's second Greatest Hits album will be released on May 19th.

Ethan Hawke and Rolling Stone might have a leg to stand on after all. Despite Toby Keith's expletive-filled denial that he ever had an angry confrontation with Kris Kristofferson at Willie Nelson's birthday party a few years ago, it seems there is a reliable source who does recall the incident -- Kristofferson's wife! Kristofferson recently told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that while he doesn't remember the argument, his wife, Lisa, says she does. He said, "That's something that happened six years ago ... I can't even remember what I had for breakfast." He added, "Actually, I like Toby Keith, but I don't agree with his politics. There are a lot things in artistry that transcend politics."

  • In the Rolling Stone article, Hawke, who wrote the piece, says that Kristofferson and Keith, who is actually unnamed but described in the story, exchanged some heated words after Keith warned Kristofferson not to perform "that lefty %*&&^& out there tonight." Kristofferson reportedly said, "What the $&^*(% did you just say to me? ... You ever worn your country's uniform? ... The answer is, 'No, you have not ... You don't know what the hell you are talking about!'"
  • Keith defended himself against the story while backstage at the Academy of Country Music Awards earlier this month. He denied knowing Hawke, and said, "Ethan Hawke wanted to do some kind of superficial Rolling Stone article, and he did everything he could to make his story the greatest story ever in Rolling Stone, and it was a fictitious &*^( in' lie."
  • According to Keith, Willie Nelson also denies the incident ever happening. Stay tuned!
Billy Ray Cyrus is not so forgiving when it comes to his daughter. Cyrus was none too happy to hear comedian Jamie Foxx's recent rant about his daughter, Miley Cyrus, during his satellite radio show. Despite Foxx's subsequent apology, Cyrus appeared on The Bonnie Hunt Show yesterday (Thursday, April 16th) and told Hunt, "It was hurtful, there wasn't nothing funny about it. And quite frankly, I think if I said those things about his daughter he might not find it so comedic."
  • Foxx made disparaging remarks about Miley after the subject of the teen's feud with Radiohead came up. Foxx said, ""Who is Miley Cyrus? The one with all the gums? She's got to get a gum transplant!"
  • He also told her to "make a sex tape and grow up. Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin. Do like Lindsay Lohan ... and get some crack in your pipe ... That's what I want."
  • Foxx later apologized during his appearance on The Tonight Show, saying, "I didn't mean it maliciously. You know I'm a comedian. You know my heart. Miley, I apologize, so I'll call you. I got a daughter too, so I completely understand."
Hank Williams, Jr. has come up with a way to help out the little man given the state of the economy these days. He's calling it the "Bocephus Bailout Package," and it will allow one lucky fan the chance to become a member of Hank's crew for a day. Other perks include $1,000 in spending money, an additional $1,500 toward travel and hotel expenses to the concert location, two premium seats to the show and a meet-and-greet backstage with Bocephus himself.

The "Bocephus Bailout Package" also includes a limited-edition collector's tin containing three of Hank Jr.'s classic CDs -- Family Tradition, Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound and The Pressure Is On; a limited-edition Monday Night Football guitar; and a signed copy of Hank's new single, "Red White And Pink-Slip Blues."

  • The singer unveiled his Bailout Package on Wednesday (April 15th) during an appearance on the Fox Network's Fox & Friends, where he also debuted "Red White And Pink-Slip Blues."
  • For more information on the Bailout Package, log onto


Martina McBride

Trisha Yearwood at Graceland



James Otto

LeAnn Rimes

Inquiring minds want to know.......

Ever wonder if men get cellulite or if a big head denotes more intelligence? The solutions to those and other burning questions were recently answered by a group of trivia experts. Here's a few more queries you may have pondered in the past:

  • Does cheese cause nightmares? Any heavy foods, eaten before bedtime will make you dream more, but there's no evidence cheese in particular can cause good or bad dreams.
  • Would the common cold disappear if everyone stayed home? Yes. A worldwide quarantine would definitely eradicate the virus.
  • Do men get cellulite? Absolutely. But instead of the thighs and buttocks like women, it's usually around the neck and abdomen.
  • Do plants die of old age? If they're fertilized, watered and receive proper light, most plants, except for annuals, can live forever.
  • Do hot drinks cool you down? Yes because they make the body think you're hotter than you actually are. That leads to sweat and heat loss.
  • Is the size of a person's head a sign of their IQ? Nope. Research proved that intelligence isn't related to head or brain size.

Cool Stuff I learned today...

When it comes to sex, women want one thing more than anything else and that is to be wanted. Dr. Marta Meana, a professor of psychology at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, has been studying women and sexual desire for 20 years. She told Oprah Winfrey on a recent "Oprah" show that while moments of pleasure are great, it's the anticipation and buildup to those moments that really excite women. "Being desired is extremely arousing for women. The reason for that is that being desired means that a man doesn't just want to have sex. He wants to have sex with you." And that is every woman's goal. When she seeks out a man, that is her aim: to be desired.

If you want to make lots more money, then invest in elevator shoes because studies have linked earning power to how high you tower over co-workers. Tall people tend to be more outgoing and confident, says psychologist Timothy Judge of the University of Florida, adding that people also tend to perceive tall people as leaders. "The process of literally 'looking down on others' may cause one to be more confident," says Judge. "Similarly, having others 'looking up to us' may instill in tall people more self confident." In fact, you can count on banking an extra $789 a year for every inch you measure up above average height, says the study reported by the American Psychological Association.

Get this -- Microsoft is wheeling your groceries into the future with a new cart that takes the hassle out of a trip to the market. The Media-Cart guides you to the items you want, points out special offers, suggests recipes for the ingredients you've bought, adds up how much you've spent and even lets you know if your purchases are on your diet. You don't need to mess around with a keyboard to punch in complicated instructions it uses voice recognition technology to listen to your instructions, then shows you the information you need on its 12 inch screen. The smart carts should be appearing in the aisles of your local market later this year. (Sun)

Celebrity Gossip

ONE TREE HILL' STAR ARRESTED: One Tree Hill star Antwon Tanner was arrested on Thursday (April 16th) in connection with a Social Security card scheme. The New York Post reports that the 34-year-old surrendered to federal prosecutors after being accused of "knowingly and intentionally" transferring Social Security cards last year "with intent to defraud." Tanner plays high school basketball star Antwon "Skills" Taylor on the CW hit.

'DANCING WITH THE STARS' TY MURRAY INJURED DURING GROUP PRACTICE: Cowboy Ty Murray got hit in the eye during a group practice on Wednesday (April 15), People reports. Murray threw his partner Chelsie Hightower in the air and her microphone pack fell off and struck him in the eye. "It was bleeding for a little while," Murray tells People, "and is slightly back and blue but I kept ice on it. It's not a big deal to me because in bull riding you see that from time to time, but I guess people aren't used to seeing a little blood in the ballroom."

LIL' KIM HAS BENTLEY REPOSSESSED: Lil' Kim had her Bentley repossessed after a lease company figured out that record producer Scott Storch, the car's lease holder, had given it to her, TMZ reports. Storch was charged with grand theft auto for failing to return the car after the lease ran out in 2007. Scott, who's currently in rehab, will face charges in Broward County Court on May 29. TMZ reports that Lil' Kim is expected to be a witness in the case.

HEIDI KLUM PREGNANCY CONFIRMED: People magazine is confirming rumors that Heidi Klum and Seal are expecting a baby in the fall. The couple already has three children -- four-year-old Leni, who was fathered by Italian businessman Flavio Briatore, Henry Gunther, who is three, and Johan Riley, who is two. Last year Klum told Redbook magazine, "So many people say, 'I am so done.' That hasn't come out of my mouth, and it hasn't come out of Seal's mouth either. I feel like we still have one coming."

KATIE HOLMES' BROTHER DIES: Katie Holmes' brother-in-law has died unexpectedly of heart failure. reports that 48-year-old Joseph Jeffrey Fretti, the husband of Holmes' sister Tamera, was found dead by a family friend in the Florida home of his mother, where he had taken his two young children for a visit. reports that Fretti was the owner of a funeral home in Holmes' hometown of Toledo, Ohio.


  • Former Raiders coach and longtime broadcaster John Madden is retiring after a decades-long career as football's preeminent analyst. Madden most recently worked with NBC as analyst for "Sunday Night Football."
  • The rumor mill says Heidi Klum is pregnant with her fourth child.
  • American Idol Fantasia Barrino is going to star in a reality show.
  • Katie Holmes' brother-in-law (her older sister's husband) has died suddenly in Florida.
  • Tickets for the season 8 American Idol contestants concert go on sale May 9th. First stop, Portland, Oregon.
  • Ashton Kutcher has challenged CNN to a Twitter off to see who can be the first to have a million people following them. As of now, CNN leads, Britney Spears is in second and Kutcher's in third, according to Twitterholic.
  • The number one movie rental at Netflix since 2005: "Crash." More customers have put the movie in their queues and received it, on a weekly basis, than any other film.
  • Hobby Lobby, a chain of 400 arts and crafts stores, has boosted its minimum wage for full-time employees to $10 an hour.
  • Jamie Foxx used the Tonight Show to apologize for his remarks about Miley Cyrus he made on his satellite radio show.
  • Meanwhile, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were back together again, if nothing else, for a night, to celebrate Drew's new HBO movie.
  • Kara DioGuardi says that the two-judge thing they tried this week on "Idol" is probably a one-time experiment. I hope so...


Longtime NFL announcer and former Oakland Raiders football coach John Madden has announced his retirement, 2 1-2 months after he called Super Bowl 43 between the Steelers and Cardinals. John Madden worked for the past three seasons on NBC "Sunday Night Football" after stints with CBS, Fox and ABC. Cris Collinsworth will move over from the network's studio show to replace Madden in the booth, according to NBC Sports chief Dick Ebersol.

The Anaheim Ducks have opened their Stanley Cup playoff schedule by surprising the top-seeded San Jose Sharks 2-0. Ryan Getzlaf had a goal and an assist while Jonas Hiller was stopping 35 shots in his first career postseason shutout. Also in Stanley Cup playoff openers, Boston topped Montreal 4-2, Detroit downed Columbus 4-1 and Chicago pulled out a 3-2 overtime win against Calgary on Martin Havlat's goal at 12 seconds of overtime.

The Cleveland Indians were winners in the first official game at the new Yankee Stadium, crushing the Yanks 10-2 yesterday. The game was tied 1-1 until the Indians put together a nine-run seventh, capped by Grady Sizemore's grand slam. Starting pitchers Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia each left the game after allowing only one run.

Elsewhere in the American League....

Chicago White Sox 3, Tampa Bay 2
Toronto 9, Minnesota 2
L.A. Angels 5, Seattle 1

The Arizona Diamondbacks are in San Francisco and will open a three-game series against the Giants tonight. The D-backs are 3-6 so far this season but the Giants are off to a worst start at 2-7 after last night's 7-2 loss in Los Angeles to the Dodgers.

Also in the National League on Thursday....

Florida 6, Atlanta 2
Houston 6, Pittsburgh 3
St. Louis 7, Chicago Cubs 4
Washington 8, Philadelphia 2
San Diego 6, N.Y. Mets 5

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Knowing which sounds you should never ignore -- and how to best describe them to a mechanic -- could save you lots of grief and money. Don Rauch, director of dealer communications for Meineke Car Care Centers, says certain sounds should not be ignored as they can indicate a serious problem. If you hear:

  • Clunking or thumping can mean a defective universal joint, prop shaft or rear differential.
  • Heavy knocking or pounding from the engine/drive train can mean worn crankshaft bearings, bad connecting rods or loose bolts in the automatic gearbox torque converter.
  • Pinking or pinging can mean the fuel you are using is too low quality for your engine. This can be remedied easily by switching to a higher-octane fuel or having the ignition timing checked.
  • Metallic screeching or scraping can be a sign of worn brake pads.
  • Squealing can mean a loose fan belt or loose fan/air-conditioning compressor belt.
  • Thudding or thumping can mean a loose pulley or loose exhaust pipe.
  • A low-pitched rumble can mean wheel-bearing wear.
  • A ticking sound that increases in speed as the engine is revved can mean non-lubricated tappets due to low or dirty oil.
  • Whining can mean differential or transmission wear.


Cosmopolitan) Some guys practice "impression management" online in other words, they use their profiles to mislead girls. According to Sam Yagan, CEO of here's a guide to their most common tricks:

  • What they do: They use an older photo to look younger than they really are. How to see through it: Inspect whether his clothing or haircut appears dated.
  • What they do:- Exaggerate sophistication or intelligence. How to see through it: Engage in e-mail dialogue about a subject on his profile.
  • What they do: Embellish what they do for a living. How to see through it: Beware of vague references that inflate importance.

Kflag Country Music Update

Kenny Chesney will spend part of his Sun City Carnival tour kick-off day on Friday (April 17th) at ESPN studios in Bristol, Connecticut. Chesney will go live on the air with Mike and Mike In The Morning on ESPN-2 and ESPN Radio. His first show of the new tour begins that night in Uncasville, Connecticut.

  • Chesney said, "Anyone who knows me knows I love sports, whether it's playing, watching, or talking about 'em, so when their producer realized we were opening our tour up here, they called and asked if I wanted to come by... and, you know, what sports fan wouldn't want to be on there?"
  • Chesney's special guests on the tour include Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum. Sugarland and Montgomery Gentry will also perform at the stadium shows.


  • The tour will be sponsored by Corona. Chesney is featured in new commercials for the beer.
  • His Greatest Hits Two album will be released on May 19th.
Rascal Flatts is truly at the top of their game. Their brand new CD, Unstoppable, debuted at Number One on the Billboard all-genre Top 200 and Top Country Albums charts with first week sales of more than 350,000 copies. This is Rascal Flatts' fourth consecutive studio album debut at Number One on both charts. The trio have achieved this feat more times than any other country artist in the history of Soundscan, according to the group's publicist.

Unstoppable is Rascal Flatts' sixth studio album and their best work so far, as Jay DeMarcus tells us: "We feel like pound for pound, every song we chose has a special place for all of us, and we feel like we've got the best collection we've ever had, bar none."

DeMarcus says the trio spent more time with this album than any other, making it superior to their previous efforts."We took a lot of time with this record. That's what makes it unique, too. We started cutting almost immediately after the release of Still Feels Good. We started trying to find songs, and we cut as we found songs we believed in. We didn't confine ourselves to time restraints and say, 'We gotta be done by here, we gotta start by here.' We really took our time to find the songs that we really believed in and cut as they came in."

  • The first single from Unstoppable, "Here Comes Goodbye," claims the Number One spot on the country charts this week.
  • The trio performed the song live on ABC's Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday (April 14th).
  • Rascal Flatts will appear on The Late Show with David Letterman and Fox News Channel's Hannity on Thursday (April 16th).
Jason Aldean's third studio album, Wide Open, debuts this week in the Number Two spot on Billboard's Top Country Albums Chart and the Number Four position on the all-genre Billboard Top 200 chart. This marks the best opening week of Aldean's career to date. First week sales of Wide Open neared 109,000 copies.
  • Aldean said, "I knew that there was some excitement building for the new album because the crowds at our shows have been crawling the walls when we break into 'She's Country'. I just had no idea that it would be this big. This blows my mind. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world right now."
  • "She's Country" is a current Top Five radio hit. Last week, it hit the Number One spot on the iTunes all-genre ringtone chart.
  • Aldean is currently headlining his Wide Open arena tour. He will also open a handful of dates for Keith Urban in the coming months.


  • Aldean says he has been accused of being "too rock" or "not country enough." Do you agree?
  • What prompts you to go out and buy an album the day or week it becomes available? Has digital music sales changed the way you buy music, or do you still want the jewel case with liner notes in your hand?
Miranda Lambert is beyond anxious to begin the Sun City Carnival tour with headliner Kenny Chesney on Friday (April 17th). Lambert and Lady Antebellum will be opening Chesney's shows for the entire tour, something that Lambert tells us has been on her wish list for a long time. "I'm so excited about this summer. Last year we sort of did our own thing and played with a bunch of different artists, but I was really, really hoping to get this tour, and Kenny is like the sweetest guy on the planet. He's so real and so down-to-earth, and I wasn't sure if I was actually gonna get to get on the tour because he's a real relationship person. I've never gotten to really hang out with him, but we did some dates together and I guess kind of got to know each other, and this is just a really good fit, I think, with our show and Kenny's crowd."

Lambert says she hopes the Chesney tour will be a stepping stone to headlining her own tour next year."Everybody that went on tour with George Strait before sort of became their own headliner, and now I see that same trend with Kenny, so I just feel like this is the next step for me, and then after this hopefully we're ready to kind of go headline on our own, but Kenny's definitely gonna be the most fun ever. Plus, I mean, there's like margarita machines and frozen beverages everywhere, so that doesn't hurt anything (laughs)."

  • The Sun City Carnival tour kicks off with the first of two shows in Uncasville, Connecticut on Friday.
  • In addition to arenas, the tour will play at 12 stadiums around the country this summer.

Alan Jackson will headline the AquaPalooza 2009 Signature Event, sponsored by Sea Ray Boats, on July 25th at Lake Martin, Alabama. Jackson and his family have spent many vacations on that lake. A self-proclaimed "boating nut," Jackson says he has owned close to 20 wooden boats, as well as many Sea Rays.

Jackson expects that he'll have to alter his AquaPalooza show just a bit, saying, "I expect this show will be a lot like our arena shows, though we'll probably replace a few ballads with the livelier stuff since people on their boats are typically looking to party."

  • Last year's AquaPalooza drew 2,500 boats and 10,000 guests.


  • Jackson has sung about his love of the water in such hits as 1993's "Chattahoochee" and 2002's "Drive."


Trisha Yearwood at Graceland

Keith Urban, Jason Aldean

Danny Bonaduce, John Rich, Mark Martin

THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW/SYN (check local listings)
Billy Ray Cyrus

Trace Adkins, Ashton Shepherd, Crystal Gayle

Martina McBride



Rascal Flatts


Make breakfast your heaviest meal of the day: Digesting food takes energy, so if you eat a heavy meal late in the day, your body will have to work hard to digest it while you're trying to go to sleep. Many people sleep better if they have protein at breakfast and lunch, and a light dinner with some carbohydrates.

Cut back on the sleep robbers
: Cut out caffeine after 2 p.m., and refrain from drinking alcohol within three hours of bedtime. You may become drowsy after a couple of glasses of wine, but too much alcohol will make you wake up frequently during the night. In addition, although coffee is the most obvious source of caffeine, don't forget that there's also caffeine in colas, chocolate, tea, and some medications.

Go toward the light
: Get outside when it's sunny, or at least turn on the lights at home in the morning. This will help you reset your awake-sleep cycle.

Drink like a fish
: Even mild dehydration -- losing as little as 1/2 cup of body water -- could turn into low-grade chronic fatigue. Drink eight to ten eight-ounce glasses of water a day, and add four to six more glasses when you exercise. To prevent unnecessary trips to the bathroom at night, empty your bladder before going to sleep, and don't drink more than 4 ounces within an hour of going to bed.

Exercise earlier in the day
: Regular exercise first energizes, then relaxes you. So if you start doing calisthenics or aerobics right before bed, nerve-stimulating hormones will be released and will raise your body's core temperature, preventing you from falling asleep. Exercise -- but do it earlier in the day.

Take a nap
: It's okay to nap, especially if you didn't sleep well last night. Research has found that people who nap for 15 minutes feel more alert and less sleepy, even after a bad night's sleep.

Go to bed only when you're sleepy: If you can't fall asleep within 15 to 20 minutes, get up and leave your bedroom. Go into the living room and read until you're tired again. Or sit in a chair and think pleasant thoughts: a dream vacation, standing by a waterfall. This should help calm you so that you can return to bed and sleep.

Move the television out of your bedroom
: Your bed and bedroom are for sleep and sex. That's it. No reading. No talking on the telephone. No worrying.

Celebrity Gossip

HEIDI KLUM PREGNANT? Heidi Klum is reportedly pregnant. In Touch magazine claims that an outfit was recently designed for the supermodel, which included "room for a bump." If the rumor is true, it would be fourth child for Klum and her husband, Seal, although their daughter was fathered by an ex-boyfriend of Klums. A source told the magazine, "She plans to announce her pregnancy when she wears the dress to the event."

SALMA HAYEK NOT PLANNING CRAZY WEDDING: Salma Hayek is denying reports that she plans on throwing a multi-million dollar wedding to celebrate her recent nuptials to Francois-Henri Pinault. The actress tells People magazine, "I think a wedding is about love, friends, family and fun. I think spending millions of dollars on a wedding is ridiculous and it has never been my dream. I would never do that." The couple, who has a young daughter together, wed in Paris on Valentine's Day.

NEW PAPERS FILED IN KATE WALSH DIVORCE CASE: Kate Walsh has reportedly filed legal papers asking a court to stop awarding her estranged husband alimony payments. reports that the Private Practice star also asked the court to give her legal team more time to evaluate her property assets. Walsh tied the knot with Alex Young in September 2007 after a brief engagement, but announced their separation in December of 2008.

'REAL WORLD' ALUM HEADED TO IRAQ THIS WEEKEND: Ryan Conklin, one of MTV's The Real World's latest veterans, is headed to Iraq on Sunday (April 19th). The 23-year-old, who was recently featured on The Real World: Brooklyn is about to begin serving his second tour of duty -- which he found out he'd been called to while filming the program. Conklin says he is eager to get this thing started" and is hoping to serve a rotation of just nine months.

WOMAN WHO THREATENED DAVID CARUSO IS SENTENCED: An Austrian woman in her early 40s has been convicted of threatening CSI: Miami star David Caruso and sentenced to seven months is jail in a "secure psychiatric unit." Prosecutors said that the woman had sent more than 100 letters to the actor asking for an autograph and included a death threat in 2007 when he refused to give her one. Reuters reports that the woman twice failed to show up for her trial and was taken into custody last month after she was arrested on immigration charges.


The Old Ordering Dirty Mags For a Neighbor Trick
In Piqua, Ohio, a 47-year-old woman has learned that angry practical jokes have their consequences. She's now serving 60 days in jail after ordering adult magazines like Hustler and Playboy in her neighbor's name and the neighbor was billed hundreds of dollars. The woman told police it was payback after being charged with a misdemeanor because of a complaint made by her neighbor. Her husband said he can't believe she was sent to jail over the dispute. But then asked if he could have the magazines! Okay not really -- but you know he was thinking it! Can't we all just get along? (Dayton Daily News)

Hell Hath No Fury Like an Angry Pregnant Woman!
Forget about a woman scorned -- hell really hath no fury like an angry pregnant woman at the drive thru window. Police in Columbus, Ohio are looking for the pregnant woman who vandalized a local Church's Chicken restaurant after a drive-through worker asked her if she completed her order. This apparently set the woman off and she started cursing at the employee and pulled around to the drive-through window and said, "I'll tell you when that's all!" She then parked the car, walked in the store and demanded her food. When the manager told her to leave she punched a glass partition separating employees from customers, shattering the glass. She then took off in a white Chevy Malibu. Employees got the license plate number and police are looking for the woman. (Dayton Daily News)

Arrested for Hannah Montana!
In Chicago, the audience at a weekend performance of the new Hannah Montana movie was pretty much what you'd expect -- hordes of young girls. But there was also Gerardo Arellano and his wife, Maribel Fernandez, both 32, who were arrested after police officers found him with a video camera balanced on his leg which was recording the movie. A search of the couple's home turned up 44,000 CDs and DVDs containing pirated movies, as well as DVD duplicating equipment. Sneaking cameras into movie theaters is how most illegal copies are made, said Angela Martinez, a spokeswoman for the Motion Picture Association of America office in Washington, D.C. adding that, "People have made a business out of this, and as the camcorders get better, the quality gets better. It's how most movies are stolen." Arellano said, "I was surprised when they had arrested us. I didn't think I did anything really wrong." (Chicago Tribune)

2-INCH FIR TREE FOUND GROWING IN MAN'S LUNG: A Russian man who had severe chest pains was told by doctors that he did not have cancer, but he did have a 2 inch Fir Tree growing inside his lung. Twenty-eight year old Artyom Sidorkin complained to doctors that he had chest pains and was coughing up blood so doctors did an x-ray which showed a tumor in his lung. But when Sidorkin's surgeon performed a biopsy he said, "I thought I was hallucinating, I asked my assistant to have a look, 'Come and see this, we've got a fir tree here.'" The tree was removed from Sidorkin's lung and he is now recovering. The doctors believe that Sidorkin must have inhaled a seed which then sprouted inside him. (AP)

Here's a link with the picture of the Fir Tree:


At a hospital in Madison, WI, when the registered nurse assisting the surgeon was told -- in the middle of surgery -- she had been laid off and should leave the premises immediately. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that the nurse was one of 90 employees laid off. Paul Pitas, a spokesman for Dean Health System admitted to the State Journal that the move was "clearly... an error in judgment." Pitas did say that the patient was never in danger, but the "the absence of an RN goes against established patient-care procedures at Dean Health System."

Are you packing on pocketbook pounds? According to Kelley Styring, author of "In Your Purse," the average bag weighs 3.4 pounds and contains 67 objects. All this heavy lifting is taking its toll. "Women come into my office with neck strain, tension headaches and aching shoulders," says Jane Sadler, M.D., a physician at Baylor Medical Center in Garland, Texas. To shed weight, avoid purses with metal hardware, chain straps and thick leather. (Woman's Day)

Forget the stereotype of the female chatterbox, it turns out that he's the true motor mouth: Overall, men talk more than women, according to a study by the University of California, Santa Cruz. Men spoke more total words and statements, and at a longer rate and duration, and were more talkative than women when conversing with their spouse, strangers, or in a mixed gender group, the study found. Women gabbed more than men only with their children or friends. A surprising bit of research that will give both of you something to talk about. (Redbook)

More than half of American women aren't getting enough sleep, causing a whopping 33% to stop having sex entirely! Yes, that's the word from a National Sleep Foundation poll of women (ages 18-64) that found that inadequate sleep also leads women to stop eating well or spending time with friends. Nearly 70% of women admitted they frequently have trouble sleeping and 60% only get a good night's sleep a few nights a week.


  • Part of what led to Nicolette Sheridan being bumped off "Desperate Housewives" was financial. "There has been tremendous pressure put on me to cut costs," says creator Marc Cherry.
  • Still trying to figure out why Jamie Foxx went into an obscene Miley Cyrus bashing on his satellite radio show last weekend. Because he can?
  • Lindsay Lohan has made a mock dating service video posted on comedy web site Lohan, 22, recently said that she and DJ Samantha Ronson are taking a "brief break." (Translation: Restraining order filed against her.)
  • Wednesday, July 15th, is the new date for the next Harry Potter movie. That's two days earlier than originally planned.
  • A federal judge has rejected Survivor winner Richard Hatch's request to live in Argentina after he's released from prison on a tax evasion conviction.
  • They're still not sure if there's going to be a second season of Patrick Swayze's "The Beast" because of ratings and Patrick's health.
  • Pregnant "The View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck says she feels fine after trying to hail a cab from a Manhattan sidewalk and getting hit by a courier on a bike instead.
  • The late George Harrison got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday.
  • NBC is renewing Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for an 11th season. Even if Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni don't come back.
  • Ben & Jerry's latest flavor: Chocolate Macadamia. By the way, their "Free Cone Day" is April 21st. To find local stores click here


The NBA season is over for the Phoenix Suns. Last night, Phoenix used Grant Hill's 27 points and 10 rebounds to beat Golden State 117-113.

Elsewhere in the NBA on the last night of the regular season...

Toronto 109, Chicago 98
Memphis 98, Atlanta 90
Miami 102, Detroit 96, OT
Orlando 98, Charlotte 73
Indiana 115, Milwaukee 108
Boston 115, Washington 107
New York 102, New Jersey 73
Dallas 95, Houston 84
Sacramento 97, Minnesota 90
San Antonio 105, New Orleans 98, OT
Philadelphia 111, Cleveland 110, OT
Portland 104, Denver 76
Oklahoma City 126, L.A. Clippers 85

The New York Rangers were the only road team to open the Stanley Cup Playoffs with a victory last night. Brandon Dubinsky scored the tiebreaking goal midway through the third period to give the Rangers a 4-3 triumph at Washington. New Jersey beat Carolina 4-1, Pittsburgh dumped Philadelphia 4-1 and Vancouver nipped St. Louis 2-1.

Ryan Ludwick homered and drove in three runs as St. Louis outscored Arizona 12-7. Chris Duncan added three hits and two RBI for the Cardinals, who have won six of seven. The D-backs are off today before starting a three game series in San Francisco.

Other scores from the National League on Wednesday...

Colorado 5, Chicago Cubs 2
Houston 4, Pittsburgh 1
Philadelphia at Washington, ppd., rain
Florida 10, Atlanta 4
N.Y. Mets 7, San Diego 2
Milwaukee 9, Cincinnati 3
L.A. Dodgers 5, San Francisco 4

And in the American League...

Detroit 9, Chicago White Sox 0
Cleveland 5, Kansas City 4
Boston 8, Oakland 2
N.Y. Yankees 4, Tampa Bay 3
Texas 19, Baltimore 6
Toronto 12, Minnesota 2
Seattle 11, L.A. Angels 3

NASCAR hits town this week. Teams are starting to arrive for Saturday's Sprint Cup race at Phoenix International Raceway. Jeff Gordon is the current points leader. He's leading teammate Jimmie Johnson by 162 points.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do You Need a Marriage Checkup?

What's the best way to keep your marriage in check? Here are 3 questions all couple should ask (from MSN Lifestyle):

  1. Are we curious about each other, and do we express it? What makes your partner happy? What values does he hold most dear? Even asking him, "What did you do today?" is powerfully enhancing to intimacy.
  2. Do we each understand when the other needs advice versus simply needing support? Next time you catch yourself slipping into problem-solving mode, practice active listening instead: Try to empathize with what your partner is saying and express understanding of what he's going through.
  3. How's the sex? There's a strong relationship between a couple's sexual health and the overall relationship health, so couples need to take deliberate care of their sex life.


  • She was the baby who appeared on the box of Ivory Snow laundry detergent, then grew up to be a porn star. Marilyn Chambers was found dead at her home at age 56. An autopsy will determine the cause of death.
  • Marilyn Chambers, the Ivory Snow girl who helped bring hard-core adult films into the mainstream when she starred in the explicit 1972 movie "Behind the Green Door," has died at 56. The cause of death was not immediately known.
  • Mel Gibson's wife has filed for divorce after 28 years and 7 kids.
  • Congrats to Josh Holloway of "Lost." Sawyer is now a dad!
  • Jamie Foxx attacked Miley Cyrus on his satellite radio show, saying, "Make a sex tape and grow up!"
  • Recently retired American Idol contestant Scott MacIntyre has revealed that in addition to being blind, he also was a kidney transplant recipient.
  • Nadya Suleman's 8th baby went home from the hospital Monday night.
  • The average undergraduate student carried $3,173 in credit card debt last year, according to a new study released by Sallie Mae. The highest level since Salle Mae began collecting data on credit card balances in 1998.
  • Atlantic Records has announced the signing of former Idol contestant Jason Castro. Among his creative collaborators: Kara DioGuardi.
  • Jason Priestley and wife Naomi Lowde are expecting their second child.
  • Former child star and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers regular Skylar Deleon has been sentenced to death for murdering Arizona couple Tom and Jackie Hawks.
  • Simon Cowell says he's getting so tired of traveling for his TV shows that American Idol is "likely to go" when his contract runs out next year.
  • The Boston affiliate of NBC has decided to air Jay Leno's 10pm Tonight Show after all. Originally, they say they would run local news instead when Jay moves to prime time this fall.
  • Texas still leads the country in wind-generated power, but Iowa has just passed California for the #2 spot.
  • The older brother of country music star, George Strait was found dead in a San Antonio hotel room, apparently of natural causes.

Income Tax Day

The deadline for filing income tax returns is tonight at midnight (because April 15 fell this year on a Sunday and Monday, April 16, is Emancipation Day, a legal holiday in the District of Columbia). While Abraham Lincoln was President, an act of Congress in 1862 imposed the first federal income tax on the U.S. to finance the Civil War. It provided a 3% tax for people making $800 to $10,000 dollars ayear. 5%, for those that made over $10,000 a year. By the way: Lincoln died on April 15, 1865.

History of the Income Tax:

  • 1862: The newly created Bureau of Internal Revenue collects taxes to finance the Civil War.
  • 1913: The Constitution is amended to allow Congress to collect income taxes.
  • 1934: Treasury goes after its former chief, Andrew Mellon, after learning he had asked the BIR for a memo on "the various ways in which an individual may legally avoid tax" and then used five of the ten methods on his personal return.
  • 1942: FDR declares, "In this time of war, no American citizen ought to have a net income, after he has paid his taxes, of more than $25,000."
  • 1981: Congress cuts the top tax rate from 70 percent to 28 percent, the largest cut in U.S. history. The following year it passes the largest peacetime tax hike in U.S. history.
  • 1986: The IRS begins requiring tax-payers to give Social Security numbers for dependents listed as deductions. The next year, 7 million "children" disappear.

Useless Tax Trivia:

  • In ancient Roman Days, they used to tax urine since it was a highly valued cleaning agent.
  • Unshaven Russians used to pay a tax on their beards.
  • An average of 3 hours of each workday, go to pay your taxes.
  • One out of every 5 Americans wait until the last day to turn in their forms.
  • 2 million documents are lost by the IRS each year.

Tax Quotes:

  • "Taxes are what we pay for civilized society." --Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., U.S. Supreme Court Justice
  • "The power of taxing people and their property is essential to the very existence of government." --James Madison, U.S. President
  • "To tax and to please, no more than to love and to be wise, is not given to men." --Edmund Burke, 18th Century Irish political philosopher and British statesman
  • "I am proud to be paying taxes in the United States. The only thing is – I could be just as proud for half the money." --Arthur Godfrey, entertainer
  • "People who complain about taxes can be divided into two classes: men and women." --Unknown
  • "Like mothers, taxes are often misunderstood, but seldom forgotten." --Lord Bramwell, 19th Century English jurist
  • "The best measure of a man's honesty isn't his income tax return. It's the zero adjust on his bathroom scale." --Arthur C. Clarke, author
  • "Next to being shot at and missed, nothing is really quite as satisfying as an income tax refund." --F.J. Raymond, humorist
  • A tax loophole is "something that benefits the other guy. If it benefits you, it is tax reform." --Russell B. Long, U.S. Senator
  • "Few of us ever test our powers of deduction, except when filling out an income tax form.' --Laurence J. Peter, author
  • "Taxation with representation ain't so hot either." --Gerald Barzan, humorist
  • "Where there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust less on the same amount of income." --Plato
  • "Income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf." --Will Rogers, humorist


Eric Byrnes broke out of a 1-for-17 slump with a two-out RBI single in the 10th inning that gave the Arizona Diamondbacks a 7-6 victory over St. Louis. Both teams return to the diamond for a 12:40 p.m. start.

St. Louis pitcher Chris Carpenter was removed with a strained left ribcage in the fourth inning of last night's game against Arizona. A team spokeswoman said Carpenter was injured when he grounded out to third base to end the top of the fourth. Carpenter went to the mound to warm up before the bottom of the inning, then called for a trainer.

In the National League...

Florida 5, Atlanta 1
Cincinnati 6, Milwaukee 1

In the American League...

Chicago White Sox at Detroit, ppd., rain
Seattle 3, L.A. Angels 2, 10 innings
N.Y. Yankees 7, Tampa Bay 2
Baltimore 7, Texas 5, 10 innings
Kansas City 9, Cleveland 3
Minnesota 3, Toronto 2, 11 innings
Oakland 6, Boston 5, 12 innings

With the playoffs long gone, the Phoenix Suns wrap it up tonight at home against the Warriors. The Suns were officially eliminated from the playoff race last week, bringing its season of trades, coaching changes, injuries and instability to an end. The Warriors come in with a record of 29-52.

The Los Angeles Lakers won their 65th game, 125-112 over the Utah Jazz in a preview of a first-round playoff matchup this weekend. Andrew Bynum led the way with 22 points for the Lakers, who shot 56 percent from the field.

Other NBA action...

Atlanta 81, Miami 79
Boston 100, Philadelphia 98

The Arizona Cardinals play at least three nationally televised games and will open their 2009 season at home against San Francisco on Sept. 13. Arizona plays three of its first four games and it's final two games at home.

The NHL Playoffs get underway is the schedule!


N.Y. Rangers at Washington, 4 p.m.
Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, 4 p.m
Carolina at New Jersey, 4:30 p.m.
St. Louis at Vancouver, 7 p.m.

kflag Country Music Update

Reba McEntire's new single, "Strange," debuts at Number 39 on the Billboard Top Country Songs chart this week, marking the highest solo chart debut of her career. McEntire debuted the song live during the Academy of Country Music Awards earlier this month. "Strange" is the debut single from McEntire's upcoming untitled album, her first for Nashville indie label The Valory Music Company.

  • McEntire said, "I have had the most fun of my career picking out songs for my new record on Valory. To have this first one be the highest debuting song of my career so far, is just icing on the cake. I am thrilled with my new team!"
  • Her new CD will be released in late summer.


  • McEntire's upcoming project will be her first solo studio album in six years.
  • McEntire has sold over 55 million albums worldwide, and her last 13 studio albums have all achieved platinum-plus status.

Brad Paisley and his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, were still awaiting the birth of their second baby as of yesterday (Tuesday, April 14th). Paisley's wife was due on April 5th -- the same night of the Academy of Country Music Awards. But the Top Male Vocalist winner is taking everything in stride. He tells that it's "not a big deal," adding, "There's nothing we can do about it. Well, there is, but we're not doing that. We're actually probably going to miss these times when things are simple. I mean you can't put them back." One person who is getting anxious, though, is their two-year-old son. Paisley jokes that Huck is itching to be a big brother.
  • Paisley didn't attend the recent ACM event in Las Vegas because he thought his wife would be giving birth that night. But he had a fun night anyway, saying, "We ended up having the best time. Everybody was in town because we expected to have a baby already, so we took a satellite truck out to our farmhouse and had a party. We had about 35 people there. My band was there and my whole family and all the in-laws."

Tim McGraw's next movie will have him starring opposite Sandra Bullock. The film, called The Blind Side, features McGraw as Sean Touhy, the husband of Sandra Bullock's character, Leigh Anne. The film is based on the best-selling novel by Michael Lewis, The Blind Side: Evolution of the Game. It tells the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless African-American teen from a broken household who is taken in by a well-to-do white family that sees extraordinary promise in him.
  • The Bind Side begins shooting later this month in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Oher's real life success will be highlighted next month when he is expected to be a first round pick at the NFL Draft.


  • McGraw most recently appeared on the big screen in Four Christmases, co-starring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.
  • McGraw will release his 12th studio album later this year.

The video for Dierks Bentley's new single, "Sideways," began airing this week. The clip, which was shot in Nashville, premiered on iTunes on Tuesday (April 14th). It was choreographed by Hi Hat, who is known for her work on Apple's iPod commercials, as well as with stars like Kanye West, Missy Elliot and Lil Wayne.
  • Bentley said, "'Sideways' is all about cutting loose and having a good time, and this is the most fun I've ever had making a video. The fans brought killer energy to the set. The choreographer and dancers were amazing and so talented. I was totally unaware that break dancing to a country song was even remotely possible until this video shoot! It was a total blast. This was such a fun song to write, and I hope it's one our fans will be cranking their stereos up to 11 to all summer long."
  • "Sideways" is the second single from Bentley's latest album, Feel That Fire. The song is already the fastest rising single of Bentley's career, cracking the Top 20 in only five weeks.


  • For a behind-the-scenes clip of the making of the video, upcoming tour dates and Bentley's ongoing blog, visit the newly relaunched

Jamey Johnson is having a great month so far, with a Song of the Year award at the ACMs and two CMT nominations. But just a few years ago, his life wasn't going very well, as he went through a divorce and was dropped by his record label. That was when he decided to quit drinking:"I didn't want to look back at that time in my life and think 'Man, I made some terrible decisions and it was probably because I was drunk all the time.' So, you know, I just made a conscious decision to kinda just cut loose of it for awhile and havin' done that I decided that the best thing for me to do is probably just stay out of the bars and bein' that every one of my friends, you know, drinks and hangs out at the bars I just pretty much turned into a recluse and stayed home for the longest time and dealt with my own problems myself."
  • Johnson's "In Color" video received CMT Music Award nominations for Male Video of the Year and USA Weekend Breakthrough Video of the Year. Online fan voting runs from now through May 11th on
­Toby Keith will soon head out on his seventh USO tour, visiting 11 remote bases and performing 17 shows in 11 days. Keith said, "There aren't enough words to describe just how grateful I am to our nation's troops. I've participated in several USO tours over the years and I've seen first hand their sacrifice. And I will not stop doing all I can to show my support and lift their spirits."
  • Keith will be recognized by the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) with the Distinguished Service Award for his ongoing support of U.S. troops and their families. The honor will be awarded to the singer on April 21st in Washington, D.C.


  • Since he began working with the USO in 2002, Keith has traveled to more than 10 countries and entertained more than 118,000 service members.

It's tax time, and Jason Michael Carroll is one man who wants to stay on Uncle Sam's good side. A thriving career has scored Carroll his own "people", so to speak, a luxury that he says keeps him ahead of the curve come tax day. "Oh, I'm a early filer. Yeah, I hired my business managers to take care of that kind of stuff for me because, you know, as much fun as it is to do taxes, now that I have people that do things for me, I went ahead and made that part of the list of things they can do for me (laughs) 'cause I absolutely hate to do taxes."Carroll's new album, Growing Up Is Getting Old, will be released on April 28th.
  • The album's debut single, "Where I'm From," is digitally available now.



Rascal Flatts

Keith Urban, Jason Aldean


Trace Adkins, Ashton Shepherd, Crystal Gayle

Celebrity Gossip

STEVE-O HAS A WARDROBE MALFUNCTION ON 'JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE': Recently eliminated Dancing With The Stars contestant Steve-O was making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (April 14th) when he suffered a wardrobe malfunction. After doing a Jackass stunt in which his dancing partner, Lacey Schwimmer, kicked him in the genitals, Kimmel asked Steve-O if he was wearing a cup. Steve-O pulled his pants down to show Kimmel that there was nothing protecting him, exposing his genitals for a split-second. ABC blurred the exposed area before the image could be seen by the TV audience at home.

ANDY RODDICK WEDDING SET FOR THIS WEEKEND: Tennis star Andy Roddick and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker will reportedly tie the knot this weekend. A source told People magazine that the couple wanted to keep their impending Texas nuptials "very private." The guest list reportedly only includes family and very close friends. The couple met in 2007 after Roddick had his agent contact Decker after seeing her in Sports Illustrated.

DREW BARRYMORE STAYS FRIENDS -- AND MAYBE MORE -- WITH EX-BOYFRIEND: Drew Barrymore likes to stay friendly with her exes. Just weeks after it was announced that the actress and her former flame Justin Long were reuniting for a film project, the New York Post reported that Barrymore was spotted "laughing a lot and drinking sake bombs" with Fabrizio Moretti, who she previously dated for five years. One witness told the paper, "They seemed very happy together and were acting like a couple," but a rep for Barrymore brushed it off, saying the two have been "friends for years."

HOGAN CIVIL SUIT GETS TRIAL DATE: The Hogan family will head to court in March of 2010 if they are unable to reach a settlement in the auto negligence civil lawsuit filed by the Graziano family -- whose son John was severely injured in a car crash caused by Nick (Hogan) Bollea. reported that a during a case management conference on Monday (April 13th), Judge W. Douglas Baird said that he'd clear three weeks from his calendar just under a year from now to preside over the civil trial.

'PROJECT RUNWAY' CONTESTANT PLEADS GUILTY: Former Project Runway finalist Kenley Collins pleaded guilty on Tuesday (April 14th) to one count of disorderly conduct. E! Online reports that the 26-year-old was given a $120 fine and a two-year protection order prohibiting her from contacting her ex-fiance Zak Penley. Collins was arrested last month after allegedly throwing her cat her ex while he slept. At a prior court appearance she denied assaulting Penley, insisting that she merely put the feline on the bed "gently."

CANDY SPELLING APPROACHES TORI ONLINE ABOUT POSSIBLE REUNION: Candy Spelling is hoping a message posted on her website will entice her daughter Tori to mend their relationship. Shortly after Tori chalked their distant relationship up to "not meshing," Candy wrote online, "You haven't responded to my emails, phone calls and text messages. You say you look at my website, so I'm trying to reach you that way. I want to see you and your family -- in private, like the 'normal family' you say you always wanted." Tori previously told People magazine, "She knows how to reach me, she knows where we live. If she would really love to see her grandchildren, she should really make an effort to reach out and see them."

TORI SPELLING SAYS SHE'S NOT ANOREXIC: Meanwhile, Tori Spelling is denying constant tabloid speculation about her dramatic weight loss. The actress told People magazine, "Oh my God, I'm not anorexic. I acknowledge that I look thin in photos. I get it." Spelling said she is happy with the weight she's lost since giving birth to her daughter last year, adding, "Obviously I don't want to lose any more. But people haven't seen me not pregnant in two and a half years. I'm eating healthy, I just have a crazy lifestyle."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here is Trucker John the Mailman!

Thank you so much to Trucker John for sending in his photo and listening to the Morning Jolt. If you would like us to post your picture email us


Getting stuck in traffic is not only a major annoyance it can kill you. Being in heavy traffic triples the risk of having a heart attack, according to a German study. A small percentage of the study's participants, all of whom had suffered a heart attack, had been stuck in traffic within an hour of their attack. "One potential factor could be the exhaust and air pollution coming from other cars," says Dr. Annette Peters, who headed the study. "But we can't exclude the synergy between stress and air pollution that could tip the balance." Surprisingly, exposure to heavy traffic seemed to be five times more dangerous for women than men. (National Enquirer)

Have you ever sensed your phone was about to ring or had a dream come true? Have you ever taken in some new scenery and suddenly sworn you'd seen it before? Then you may be among the 85% of people who possess the psychic power of clairvoyance, according to noted para-psychologist Dr. Chris Roe. Roe came up with this statistic during preliminary experiments about psychic powers at England's University of Northampton. Details of the study can't be released until Roe completes all his tests, but he insists: "Our results are significant. They suggest that clairvoyance is something that should be taken seriously." And, after reviewing Roe's data, Nobel Prize winning physicist Brian Josephson confirms: "The experiments have been designed to rule out luck and chance. I consider the evidence to be pretty clear cut." (National Examiner)

Here are the top 7 signs that she's good in the sack according to Men's Health:

  1. She knows what she wants for dinner
  2. How sensuously she handles her food
  3. She wants coffee ice cream
  4. She talks like you (verbal mirroring)
  5. She's old enough to know what she likes
  6. She's a great kisser
  7. She's a good dancer
Feeling stressed? Grab the vacuum and start cleaning. Doing 20 minutes of vigorous housework per week can cut stress, according to researchers at the University College London. And the more you do, according to a recent study, the less stress you'll have. While all forms of physical activity proved beneficial to reducing stress in the study participants, housework rated particularly high on the list. Walking several times a week was associated with a 13 percent reduction in stress, while four or more nonstop 20 minute sessions of housework a week reduced stress levels by a whopping 40 percent. (National Enquirer)


Phoenix beat Memphis 119-110 for its eighth straight home victory and 45th win of the season. The Suns are only the third team in NBA history to reach that total and not earn a playoff berth.

In other NBA action last night....

Cleveland 117, Indiana 109

Toronto 97, Washington 96
New Jersey 91, Charlotte 87
Chicago 91, Detroit 88
Milwaukee 98, Orlando 80
Houston 86, New Orleans 66
Dallas 96, Minnesota 94
Utah 106, L.A. Clippers 85
Denver 118, Sacramento 98
Portland 113, Oklahoma City 83
San Antonio 101, Golden State 72

St. Louis nipped Arizona 2-1. Brian Barden broke a tie with his first career home run, Albert Pujols also homered.

The Los Angeles' Dodgers' off-season acquisition of Orlando Hudson from the Arizona Diamondbacks is looking rock solid. The second baseman became the first Dodger to hit for the cycle at Chavez Ravine. Hudson singled in the first, homered in the third, doubled in the fourth and tripled in the sixth inning of the Dodgers' 11-1 victory over the Giants and Randy Johnson.

In other National League action.

Pittsburgh 7, Houston 0
Chicago Cubs 4, Colorado 0
Philadelphia 9, Washington 8
San Diego 6, N.Y. Mets 5
Cincinnati 7, Milwaukee 6

In the American League

Chicago White Sox 10, Detroit 6
Tampa Bay 15, N.Y. Yankees 5
Baltimore 10, Texas 9
Toronto 8, Minnesota 6
Kansas City 4, Cleveland 2
Oakland 8, Boston 2

Former Arizona State football coach Bruce Snyder has died after a 10-month fight against cancer. He was 69. He coached the Sun Devils from 1992 to 2000. His 1996 team went 11-0 in the regular season before a dramatic 20-17 loss to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

Mark "The Bird" Fidrych is being remembered as a unique baseball personality and a lovable character. The 1976 American League rookie of the year was found dead at age 54 yesterday in an apparent accident at his farm in Massachusetts.

Beloved Hall of Fame Philadelphia broadcaster Harry Kalas is being fondly remembered as a great talent who taught generations of Phillies fans the nuances of baseball. The 73-year-old Kalas collapsed in the broadcasting booth in Washington and died while preparing to broadcast a Phillies game, a job he had done with great skill and good humor since 1971.


  • A jury has found music legend Phil Spector guilty of second-degree murder in the 2003 shooting death of an actress at his home in Alahambra, CA.
  • The Obamas welcome the new puppy to the White House today. It's a 6-month-old Portuguese water dog, given to them by Ted Kennedy, that the girls have named "Bo."
  • Mel Gibson's wife, Robyn, has filed for divorce after 28 years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.
  • Michael Sheen, who starred in Frost/Nixon, has joined the cast of the Twilight sequel they're filming right now in Vancouver, BC. He'll play the leader of a coven of vampires based in Italy.
  • John McCain's out-spoken daughter, Meghan, has signed a book deal said to be "in the high six figures." Subject matter: politics, from her view.
  • Rascal Flatts and Carmen Electra on the "Dancing with the Stars" results show tonight.
  • No definite movie plans, but the four "Ghostbusters" -- Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson -- will lend their voices to a new Ghostbusters video game.
  • A jury on a Dutch TV show called Devil's Advocate has found Osama bin Laden not guilty of the September 11th attacks.
  • California claims that Sinbad and Dionne Warwick both owe millions of dollars in tax income taxes.
  • Billy Bob Thornton's band has cancelled the rest of their Canadian tour, due to the backlash following his spaced-out interview last week. They got booed at a concert last Thursday and that was enough.
  • It pretty much looks like the second-season finale of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" will be the series finale.
  • Meanwhile, TNT has cancelled the Eric McCormack/Tom Cavanagh series, Trust Me.
  • New stats show that one in nine homes in the U.S. is empty... just sitting there.

Kflag Country Music Update

Rascal Flatts' latest hit, "Here Comes Goodbye," says hello to the top of the Billboard/R&R and Mediabase/Country Aircheck charts this week, giving the trio their 10th Number One. At the same time, their brand new album, Unstoppable, is set to debut at Number One on the Billboard 200 and Country Albums charts.

Rascal Flatts began performing "Here Comes Goodbye" toward the end of their Bob That Head tour, but as Jay DeMarcus tells us, it didn't go over as well as the trio had hoped at first. "Well, we started doing it a little bit too early. No one knew what it was, and so we'd see a lot of confused looks out there, but people would listen very intently, and we were so eager to do it because it is one of our favorite songs that we've ever put out, and Gary sings it so doggone well that it was something we couldn't wait to get around to doing every show."

Increased airplay helped fans make the connection, and by the last show on the run, the song was a crowd favorite. "We took it out for a few weeks and started doing it again once it started trickling into the Top 15, and the more and more we did it, obviously, . . . The last night in Los Angeles the crowd was going wild, so to speak. It definitely deserves to be a huge hit based on the merit of the song alone."

  • "Here Comes Goodbye" is the first single from Unstoppable.
  • The song was co-written by season six American Idol finalist Chris Sligh.
  • Rascal Flatts will appear on ABC's Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday (April 14th), followed by the Late Show with David Letterman and Fox News Channel's Hannity on Thursday (April 16th).

George Strait's older brother, John "Buddy" Strait, Jr., was found dead in a San Antonio hotel room on Friday (April 10th). The 58-year-old was discovered by a cleaning crew at a La Quinta Inn. According to reports, the elder Strait was in town on business. Officials are still waiting for autopsy results, but investigators believe he may have died of natural causes.
  • George Strait and his family live near San Antonio.
  • The family has asked for privacy during this time.


  • Buddy was George's only brother.
  • The two went to live with their father when their parents divorced as children.

Jason Michael Carroll says that touring so much the last couple years allowed him to slack when it comes to writing songs. His upcoming sophomore album, Growing Up Is Getting Old, includes very few self-penned songs in comparison to his 2007 Waitin' In The Country CD, he tells us: "After 'Livin' Our Love Song' I didn't write much at all. I let the road kind of get to me, and I hear that happens to a lot of artists -- their first year or two out they totally forget what got 'em there, so I've been writing a lot since this past January, so hopefully the next record will have a lot more influences, personally, as far as songwriting-wise."
  • Growing Up Is Getting Old will be released on April 28th.
  • The album's debut single, "Where I'm From," continues to climb the country charts.

James Otto has begun work on a new album. His 2008 debut, Sunset Man, produced the Number One hit "Just Got Started Lovin' You," and as Otto tells us, we can expect more of that same sound on the new record. "We're kind of expounding on the 'Just Got Started Lovin' You' country soul. My mission, what I feel like I wanna do in country music is to do, like, the things that are reminiscent of Conway Twitty and Ronnie Milsap and Ray Charles when he was doing Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music. Those are the things that I've always felt were me, and my own stamp on country music was I wanted to be country soul, and that's exactly what this album's gonna be, 100 percent through and through."
  • There is no word yet on a release date for the new album.
  • Otto won the Song of the Year award for "In Color" along with Jamey Johnson and Lee Thomas Miller at the Academy of Country Music Awards last week.
Miley Cyrus now has a hit feature film on her hands with Hannah Montana: The Movie, and she shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. She plans to continue challenging herself with acting roles and making music. Although Cyrus has teamed up with country star Taylor Swift, the pop star says she's not ready to go country just yet. But she does have other things in the works:"I always loved like old country. I love Johnny Cash. And I just like old country music because I feel like it's something that has more heart than any other type of genre. I don't think I'll do a country record quiet yet, but yeah my next movie that I'm doing this summer is kind of completely away from that. I play a girl from New York. So that'll be cool to do something different."
  • Cyrus is shooting a film written by The Notebook author Nicholas Sparks. The movie, called The Last Song, is a drama about a rebellious teenager spending the summer with her estranged father.
  • Cyrus and her ex-boyfriend, Nick Jonas, were spotted having lunch last weekend in Los Angeles to talk about music. E! News reports that when leaving the restaurant, Jonas accidentally scraped a parked car with his vintage Mustang.
  • She's currently with model, Justin Gaston.


  • Cyrus did a lot of Twittering over the weekend. Among her updates were: "Its not okay to snoop and take my pictures of what I'm texting 'dear Charles' and no that's not code for Nick Jonas." In another message, she wrote, "I've come to a conclusion. People want to find reasons not to like me. Whatever though. Jesus died for my sins... LIFE IS SO GOOD!"


LeAnn Rimes

THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW/SYN (check local listings)
Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, Darius Rucker

Rascal Flatts

Celebrity Gossip

SAMANTHA RONSON HAS NEW GIRLFRIEND? Samantha Ronson has reportedly moved on from ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan. Britain's Daily Mirror reports that earlier this month, the DJ was spotted "cozying up" to an unidentified woman and a trendy Los Angeles hotel. A source told the Mirror, "She was clearly with another woman -- quite a Lindsay look-alike but with very dark hair. They sure looked very cozy, if you know what I mean."

LINDSAY LOHAN GETS POST-BREAKUP TATTOO: Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan reportedly turned to body art to help heal from her recent breakup. A source told People magazine that the 22-year-old got the Marilyn Monroe quote, "Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle" inked on her inner wrist last week.

ASHLEY TISDALE REPORTEDLY HAS NEW BOYFRIEND: Ashley Tisdale has reportedly found love on the heels of her breakup with dancer Jared Murillo. reported that the 23-year-old High School Musical star has hooked up with music video director Scott Speer. The rumored new couple was photographed together at LAX airport over the weekend and insiders claim to have spotted the two partying together at a Hollywood club.

JASON PRIESTLEY EXPECTING SECOND CHILD: Jason Priestley and his wife Naomi Lowde are expecting their second child. A rep for the couple confirmed to that their nearly-two-year-old daughter Ava Veronica will be a big sister later this year. The former 90210 star, who has directed several episodes of the show's CW spinoff, said after Ava's birth, "I love being a father. It's totally ineffable. I love changing diapers. I love the whole thing -- I'm all in."

PAMELA ANDERSON TO WED AGAIN? Pamela Anderson has sparked rumors that she's set to walk down the aisle for the fourth time. London's Sun newspaper says that gossip over Anderson's marital status began after one of her designer friends told pals that he is working on the actress's new wedding dress. Anderson, who has previously been married to Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Salomon, is currently dating scuba diver Jamie Padgett.

PORN STAR FOUND DEAD: 1970s porn star Marilyn Chambers was found dead at her Los Angeles home at the age of 56. The Los Angeles coroner's office told Reuters that an autopsy would be conducted to determine the cause of her death, the time of which has been placed at late Sunday (April 12th) evening. Chambers -- whose real name was Marilyn Taylor -- rose to infamy after starring in 1972's Behind the Green Door, which showed her having sex with African-American porn star Johnny Keyes.

DUGGAR CHILD HAVING KID OF HIS OWN: The oldest of the 18-member Duggar clan is expecting a child of his own. On Monday's (April 13th) Today show, 21-year-old Joshua announced that he and his wife Anna were expecting a baby. Father Jim Bob, who stars alongside his wife Michele and their kids on TLC's 18 Kids and Counting, told People magazine, "We are really excited about being grandparents. We think it is really going to be easier than being parents." Although Joshua isn't sure if he'll continue his parents' tradition of naming their children monikers beginning with the latter "J," he does admit that they're "planning on a name theme."

Monday, April 13, 2009


  • What's wrong?" Probably nothing. You're likely misinterpreting what we wrote (or didn't write). If your concern is genuine, pick up the phone to get the scoop.
  • "LOL!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!" If something was genuinely funny, "hahahaha" is the way to go. It signifies a legit internal reaction to humor, rather than the image of you cackling like a buffoon at your computer screen.
  • "I think we should break up." Don't waste your time here, then. Spend it trying to find a backbone. We either think you're joking (though it's not that funny) or that you're not, which is unforgivable.
  • "Hey! Where'd u go?!?!" Chances are, to get a snack, to answer the phone or to birth a food baby. If we didn't say goodbye, then we'll be right back, and a comment like this comes across as obnoxious and needy (especially the "u" and army of staggered punctuation). It's IM, not a heart-to-heart.
  • "Whatever." The insinuation of "I don't care about what you're saying" in a single, mocking word drives us nuts.
  • "* Sigh *" Passive aggressiveness is annoying enough in real life. Don't pollute cyberspace, too.
  • "OMG!!!!!" You better get going. Don't wanna be late for the rush-week social and Greek-letter-tote-bag handouts.
  • Anything sarcastic: Sarcasm is a language not easily translated to binary code. So, if you've got something witty to say, try italicizing it for effect, because being a smart aleck online is always a great idea.
  • "Fine" This word is easily misinterpreted, thanks to years of hearing you say it in that "Hey, jackass, I'm definitely NOT fine" tone.
  • "We need to talk ... " Um, we are talking, right? This line signals impending doom over IM -- heck, in real life, too. Just make a phone call or say something face-to-face. If you have to break out this phrase, your topic is likely too heavy for an IM conversation.


(Men's Health)

  • A black eye - You're smart enough to talk your way out of any fight you're going to lose.
  • A witty e-mail signature. Don't let your electronic correspondence become the digital version of a motivation poster.
  • An empty refrigerator. Always aim to be ready to create an on-the-fly, three course dinner for her along with breakfast in bed.
  • PlayStation thumb. When they're relaxing, grown men can behave like children. But if you devolve long enough to cause calluses or button-shaped bruises, you're assuredly missing out on life.
  • A key chain with a bottle opener.
  • A lucky shirt. Every shirt is lucky when worn by a man who knows that the harder he works the luckier he'll be.
  • An unstamped passport.
  • Olympic dreams.
  • Less than $20 in his wallet. A real man should always carry a business card and enough dough to pick up coffee, bagels, and the Sunday paper without whipping out the plastic.
  • A name for his "male member."
  • Any beer that costs less than $20 a case.
  • The need to quote The Big Lebowski, Caddyshack, or Superbad. Reciting someone else's lines reminds people that you haven't the wit to write your own.
  • A futon. Sure, beds are for sleeping. But such a meager, slouchy spread has never, in the history of sex, inspired a woman to say, "Take me on your futon."
  • Code words for ugly women. Actually, code words for anything.
  • A Nerf hoop in his living room.
  • A secret handshake.
  • Drinking glasses with logos.
  • A recent story with the phrase "So I said to the cop..."


  1. Hannah Montana: The Movie, $34 million
  2. Fast & Furious, $28.8 million
  3. Monsters vs. Aliens, $22.6 million
  4. Observe And Report, $11.1 million
  5. Knowing, $6.67 million
  6. I Love You, Man, $6.41 million
  7. The Haunting in Connecticut, $5.71 million
  8. Dragonball Evolution, $4.65 million
  9. Adventureland, $3.4 million
  10. Duplicity, $3 million


Your bedmate's snoring can send you to an early grave, says a recent study. Serious snorers can fill a bedroom with up to 90 decibels of noise pollution, about the same wall-rattling level as a passing rain, say experts. And sounds of a mere 35 decibels are all it takes to elevate a person's pumping blood pressure by up to 7.4 points, say researchers at England's Imperial College London. So a 90-decibel snore can increase the stress on your heart and blood vessels by around 20 points. Furthermore, high blood pressure has been linked with increased incidents of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and dementia. After studying the sleeping habits of 140 volunteers, the public health researchers also reported that blood pressure can be raised by noise from either highway or airport traffic. In fact, a passenger jet flying overhead boosts your blood pressure even while you sleep. (National Examiner)

Listen to this: Scientists are one step closer to preventing noise induced hearing loss. In a recent study, researchers at the University of Michigan gave Guinea pigs magnesium along with vitamins A, C, and E, and then exposed the animals to high noise levels. Turns out, the rodents sustained 80% less noise induced hearing loss than Guinea pigs give only the vitamins, which are already thought to protect against hearing damage. "Magnesium can increase bloodflow to the inner ear, and vitamins protect the hair cells," says study author Josef Miller, Ph.D. The researchers are now testing to see if this can work for humans. (Men's Health)

Too much sugar can make your heart race. A recent Swiss study found that when people consumed 60 grams of fructose, their systolic blood pressure spiked by as much as 6 points for 2 hours afterward. What's more, the people's heart rates rose by up to eight beats a minute. "Your blood vessels don't relax after you consume fructose," says study author Clive Brown, Ph.D., "and your heart is forced to beat faster and more powerfully. Over time, this may boost your risk of cardiovascular disease." Your best strategy? Avoid high sugar foods like candy especially in hug portions; they're typically sweetened with sucrose or high fructose corn syrup, both of which contain about 50% fructose. (Men's Health)

Ever reach for a bag of potato chips or order French fries when you're feeling blue? A new study explains why you do salt seems to be as effective as an antidepressant as Prozac. Researchers at the University of Iowa discovered that when they deprived rats of sodium chloride, or common table salt, they became depressed and didn't participate in pleasurable activities including pressing a button that stimulated a pleasure center in their brains. "Things that normally would be pleasurable for rats didn't elicit the same degree of relish, which leads us to believe that a salt deficit and the craving associated with it can induce one of the key symptoms associated with depression," explains Iowa psychologist Kim Johnson in the July issue of Physiology & Behavior. In fact, many people eat a lot of salt to create a "natural high," of which Johnson says: "This suggests that salt need and cravings may be linked to the same brain pathways as those related to drug addiction and abuse." The natural mood boosting quality of salt also explains why people are apt to eat a lot of it, even though too much sodium can trigger serious health issues like high blood pressure and heart disease. (National Examiner)

Men who lose weight after gastric bypass surgery enjoy a big bonus better sex. That's because weight loss is linked with increases in the male sex hormone testosterone and declines in the estrogen hormone estradiol, according to a two year University of Utah study of severely obese men in their 40s. "We know that weight loss, no matter how it is achieved, improves overall health," said Dr. Ahmad Hammoud. "Now we see a direct relationship between weight loss, testosterone levels and sexual performance." (National Enquirer)


Smile. Now, this is no shock, but studies do show that the amount of time you smile during a conversation has a direct impact on how friendly you're perceived to be. Also, people mimic the expressions on the faces they see, so if you smile, you're more likely to be smiled at. (Scientists have identified 19 types of smiles, by the way.)

  • Be easily impressed, entertained, and interested. Most people get more pleasure from wowing you with their humor and insight than from being wowed by your humor and insight.
  • Have a friendly, open, engaged demeanor. Lean toward people, nod, say "Uh-huh," turn your body to face the other person's body. Don't turn your body away, cross your arms, answer in monosyllables, or scan the room (or look at your Blackberry!) as the other person talks.
  • Remember trait transfer. In "trait transfer," whatever you say about other people influences how people see you. If you describe a co-worker as brilliant and charismatic, your acquaintance will tend to associate you with those qualities. Conversely, if you describe a co-worker as arrogant and obnoxious, those traits will stick to you. So watch what you say.
  • Laugh at yourself. Showing vulnerability and a sense of humor make you more likable and approachable. However, don't push this too self-deprecation too far - keep it light. You'll make others uncomfortable if you run yourself down too much.
  • Radiate energy and good humor. Because of the phenomenon of "emotional contagion," people catch the emotions of other people, and they prefer to catch an upbeat, energetic mood. Even if you pride yourself on your cynicism, biting humor, or general edginess, these qualities can be conveyed with warmth.
  • Show your liking for another person. We're much more apt to like someone if we think that person likes us. Look for ways to signal that you enjoy a person's company.


  • Randy Cain, a founding member of the Delfonics ("La La Means I Love You") has died. He was 63.
  • Commit this name to memory: Anika Noni Rose. She's the voice of Disney's first animated black princess in the upcoming movie The Princess and the Frog.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze are expecting their first child together.
  • James Taylor made his first-ever appearance on Oprah last Friday.
  • Carey Hart and Pink might be getting back together.
  • Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus will perform on American Idol's results show Wednesday night.
  • Christina Applegate was photographed smoking this past week. Not a great image for a breast cancer survivor.
  • Mariah Carey was in a car accident last week, just a fender-bender... no one was hurt. But we all found out when she Twittered about it.
  • American Idol makes $7-million in ad revenue every 30 minutes.
  • 88-year-old jazz great Dave Brubeck is recovering at his Wilton, CT, home after being hospitalized for a viral infection.
  • Dave Arneson, one of the co-creators of Dungeons & Dragons, has died of cancer at age 61.
  • Kanye West is coming out with his own energy drink.
  • A Boston hospital has performed the country's second face transplant.

Organize Your Files Week

The third week in April. Eileen Roth, author of "Organizing for Dummies," recommends these quick checklists to get organized.

Use W-A-S-T-E to decide whether something's worth keeping:

  • W -- Worthwhile. If the item isn't worth saving, toss it. If it is, move on to the next four questions.
  • A -- Again. Will you use this item more than once?
  • S -- Somewhere else. Can you find it somewhere else or borrow it if you need it?
  • T -- Toss. Will anything happen if you throw it out? If you need it for tax or legal reasons, for example, keep it.
  • E -- Entire. Do you need the whole thing, the complete catalog, for example, when you only want to order from one page? If not, keep what you need and toss the rest.

Use R-E-M-O-V-E to clear off your desk:

  • R -- Reduce all the distractions on your desktop, such as knickknacks or this morning's mail. Put them on top of a file cabinet or bookcase instead.
  • E -- Everyday use. Only keep things you use often on top of your desk.
  • M -- Move items to the preferred side, whether you're a "righty" or "lefty." Put the phones, pens, pencils and pads within easy reach. Put the telephone on the opposite side so you can write with your preferred hand.
  • O -- Organize like items together so you can find them easily.
  • V -- View your time. Keep an organizer and clock on your desk.
  • E -- Empty the center. Clear off space in the middle of your desk so you can work on the project at hand.

Use R-A-P-I-D Response to sort mail and create stacks for each category:

  • R -- Read. Magazines, newsletters, etc.
  • A -- Attend. Notices and invitations for seminars, workshops, meetings.
  • P -- Pay. Bills.
  • I -- Important. All unknown incoming mail that needs sorting.
  • D -- Dump. Mail you know you won't read or need.


Randy Wolf allowed only two hits in seven strong innings in the Los Angeles Dodgers' 2-1 win over Arizona. L-A took the series two games to one.

Arizona ace Brandon Webb is on the disabled list with tightness in his pitching shoulder. Webb said he's confident the injury will heal quickly.

In the National League yesterday...

Florida 2, N.Y. Mets 1
Cincinnati 2, Pittsburgh 0
Atlanta 8, Washington 5
St. Louis 3, Houston 0
Philadelphia 7, Colorado 5
San Diego 6, San Francisco 1
L.A. Dodgers 3, Arizona 1
Chicago Cubs 8, Milwaukee 5

In the American League on Sunday...

Detroit 6, Texas 4
Cleveland 8, Toronto 4
Tampa Bay 11, Baltimore 3
Chicago White Sox 6, Minnesota 1
Kansas City 6, N.Y. Yankees 4
L.A. Angels 5, Boston 4
Seattle 1, Oakland 0

The Phoenix Suns look for payback tonight against the Memphis Grizzlies at home. In their last game, Phoenix beat Minnesota Saturday 110-97.

In the NBA yesterday...

New Orleans 102, Dallas 92
Cleveland 107, Boston 76
Miami 122, New York 105
Toronto 111, Philadelphia 104
San Antonio 95, Sacramento 92
L.A. Lakers 92, Memphis 75

and in the final day of the NHL regular season...

Chicago 3, Detroit 0
St. Louis 1, Colorado 0
Boston 6, N.Y. Islanders 2
N.Y. Rangers 4, Philadelphia 3

So with theregular NHL season is over, and the first-round playoff pairings are set. It's top-seed Boston playing Montreal, Washington vs. the New York Rangers, New Jersey takes on Carolina and Pittsburgh meets Philadelphia in the East. In the West, top-seed San Jose plays Anaheim, defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit takes on Columbus, Vancouver plays St. Louis and Chicago takes on Calgary.

kflag Country Music Update

Martina McBride was thrilled to learn that her new album, Shine, debuted in the Number One spot on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart last week. McBride always has high hopes for the response that an album will get, but it's great to actually see proof of that, she tells us: "You know, you work so hard on an album for so long, and you put it out there, and you never know what's gonna happen, and you keep your fingers crossed, and when I got the news I literally jumped up and down, and I just want to say thanks to all my fans who went out and bought the record. It means the world to me, really."

  • Shine also debuted at Number 10 on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart.
  • Shine is McBride's 10th studio album.
  • She co-produced the project with Dann Huff, who has also worked with Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, and Faith Hill, to name a few.

Trace Adkins was a believer in Jamey Johnson's smash, "In Color," long before the song became a hit. Adkins had already recorded the tune and was playing it in concerts when Johnson himself asked for the song back, as Adkins explains: "Yeah, I cut it. We recorded the song, and I was actually in Vegas. I was playing at the Hilton and Jamey came to the show that night, and Jamey came up to me and he said, 'Man, I got a record deal. These people wanna put this album out on me and they want "In Color" to be my first single. What do you think?' I said, 'Do it, dude! It's a great song. You're a co-writer on it. I didn't write it. I love the song. It's beautiful. I wanted to put it on my album but it's your song, man, so good luck! And the rest is history."
  • "In Color" won Song of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards earlier this month.
  • Adkins will join Toby Keith's America's Toughest tour in June.
Toby Keith has a fan following in Afghanistan since performing there on his USO tour last year. Keith sang a bonus track from his 2003 album, Shock'N Y'all, called "The Taliban." He tells us that the local Afghanis took one listen and got in line to buy the album. "Camp Phoenix was right outside of Bagram, and they let the locals come on the base and work. They scan their eyes and their fingerprints, and they check 'em for everything, so instead of bringing like caterers and janitors and stuff from the U.S., they hire locals that are good, so the PX had all my CDs in there, and so I did 'The Taliban' song, and they had a translator back there, and they sold out of my CDs, but the marines in the Army already had all my CDs, and she goes, 'Your CD's been on sale for a week, but because you did "The Taliban" song, all of the local Afghanis bought your CD. They all lined up in here and bought Shock'N Y'all.'"
  • Keith's American's Toughest tour with special guest Trace Adkins begins on June 18th in Holmdel, New Jersey.
Rascal Flatts will be making the media rounds this week, with scheduled appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday (April 13th), Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday (April 14th), and both the Late Show with David Letterman and Hannity on Thursday (April 16th). The trio are promoting their new album, Unstoppable, which was released last Tuesday (April 7th).


  • Unstoppable is the band's first studio album since 2007's multi-platinum Still Feels Good.
  • The new CD was co-produced by Rascal Flatts.

Sugarland has just launched an updated version of their website at New features include a detailed Tour Section featuring photos from tour stops as well as more content and fan interaction opportunities. Video details about the first big announcement for fans attending the 2009 Love On The Inside tour will be appearing on the website soon. Fans will also have the opportunity to enter the "Key to Sugarland" contest via the website. After registering on, entrants will receive clues to the scavenger hunt via email and mobile texts. The person who finds the key will receive two tickets to the show, special meet and greet passes, a chance to be a part of the show, and signed merchandise from Sugarland.


  • Sugarland's Love On The Inside tour kicks off on April 16th in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
  • The duo will also be opening shows for Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban throughout the summer.


THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW/SYN (check local listings)
Rascal Flatts

CMT CRIBS/CMT 12:00PM, 11:00PM (ET)
Trisha Yearwood at Graceland

CMT CRIBS/CMT 12:30PM, 11:30PM (ET)
John Rich, Danny Bonaduce, Mark Martin


Billy Ray Cyrus

Dwight Yoakam

Celebrity Gossip

KARDASHIAN GETTING PLASTIC SURGERY: If you're Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you should know -- someone's going under the knife. Show star Kim told People over the weekend, "Someone in the Kardashian family will soon have plastic surgery." She added, "I can't tell you who, but someone in my family will look totally different and viewers will see it all on the show very soon. The show stars Kim, her mother, stepdad Bruce Jenner, four sisters and her brother.

ROGER FEDERER MARRIES: Tennis star Roger Federer tied the know with his pregnant girlfriend Miroslava "Mirka" Vavrinec in Switzerland on Saturday (April 11th). Federer announced on his blog, "Earlier today, in my hometown of Basel, surrounded by a small group of close friends and family, Mirka and I got married. It was a beautiful spring day and an incredibly joyous occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Federer wish all of you a Happy Easter weekend." The couple, who met at the 2000 Sydney Olympics where they both represented Switzerland in tennis, announced that they were expecting their first child last month.

FABIO CRASHES FERRARI: Famed male model Fabio damaged an expensive Ferrari belonging to World Class Driving while out for a ride on Mullholland Drive on Saturday (April 11th). reports that Fabio lost control of the vehicle after taking a turn too fast, causing damage to the front and back ends of the car's right side. A rep for World Class Driving said, "No comment. We are not very proud of the fact that Fabio wrecked our car."

A-ROD DATING 'REAL HOUSEWIFE'?: Alex Rodriguez is reportedly dating one of the Real Housewives of New York. The New York Daily News reports that the Yankees slugger first hooked up with Bethenny Frankel three months ago and the two were seen dining together on Friday (April 10th) night. Frankel laughed off the gossip months ago, saying, "We're madly in love; we're engaged. I fly to Miami every weekend. I'm in the front row when they're playing. I never felt this way." But really, she insisted, "No, I've never been in the same room with him." A source told the paper that Rodriguez "respected" the way Frankel denied the rumored hook-up, and subsequently got in touch with her again to rekindle the romance.

REDMOND O'NEAL FACING THREE YEARS BEHIND BARS: Farrah Fawcett's troubled son Redmond O'Neal is facing three years in prison if convicted of violating parole on drug charges. On Friday (April 10th), a judge ordered the 24-year-old held without bail until his sentencing on April 17th. He had been in custody since April 5th, when he was arrested at a Los Angeles-area jail on suspicion of carrying heroin. He pleaded guilty to drug possession charges last June and three months later was arrested with his father Ryan on meth possession charges.

ASHLEY TISDALE AND BOYFRIEND SPLIT: Ashley Tisdale has split from her boyfriend of two years, dancer Jared Murillo. A source recently told Us Weekly, "They have not been dating for awhile now. They just grew apart, but are remaining friends." Last October, the 23-year-old High School Musical star told the magazine that things were "really good" with her 20-year-old beau with whom she spent time "going out to dinner and just normal stuff like that."

'CSI' STAR MARRIES: CSI star Lauren Lee Smith recently married photographer Erik Steingroever. The actress's rep confirmed to that the couple exchanged vows in a small Canadian ceremony. The 28-year-old, who plays agent Riley Adams on the show, will next been seen in the upcoming movie, Helen.

FORMER 'POWER RANGERS' ACTOR SENTENCED TO DEATH: Former Mighty Morphin Power Rangers actor Skylar Deleon has been sentenced to death in California. The 29-year-old was convicted of murdering an Arizona couple in 2004 by tying them to an anchor and throwing them overboard in their yacht. Additionally, he was convicted of murdering a man he met on a work furlough program in 2003. Although his attorney admitted he'd committed the crime, he argued that Deleon was predisposed to violence because of his upbringing with no mother and a drug-dealer father.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Big thank you to Abe for taking this great picture at Xtreme Bulls over the weekend after winning VIP tickets from the FLAG!


Lipstick has a proven track record of making a difference to women in times of economic strife. During recessions, says personal-finance writer Gregory Karp, women tend to cut out most luxury buys -- except small ones. Even during the Great Depression, argues Karp, women allowed themselves red lipstick to boost their moods. Want further proof of lipstick's soothing powers? Cosmetic sales rose after September 11th, 2001, which led Estée Lauder Chairman Leonard Lauder to coin the term "lipstick effect." And makeup sales have been up since this recession started, according to ACNielsen data.

So cure your BLUES ladies and join me a GIRLS DAY OUT tomorrow in LHC at the Nautical from 10 am - 3pm. Everything we need and more to cure those RECESSION BLUES!

Golfers Day

Caddy Quotes

  • Golfer: I've played so poorly all day, I think I'm going to go drown myself in the lake. Caddy: I doubt you could keep your head down that long.
  • Golfer: I'd move heaven and earth to be able to break 100 on this course. Caddy: Try heaven. You've already moved most of the earth.
  • Golfer: Well I've never played this badly before! Caddy: I didn't realize you had played before, sir.
  • Golfer: Caddy, do you think my game is improving? Caddy: Oh yes, sir! You miss the ball much closer than you used to.
  • Golfer: This golf is a funny game. Caddy: It's not supposed to be.
  • Golfer: That can't be my ball, it looks far too old. Caddy: It's a long time since we started, sir.
  • Golfer: Do you think I can get there with a 5-iron? Caddy: Eventually.
  • Golfer: (screaming) You've got to be the worst caddy in the world! Caddy: I doubt it. That would be too much of a coincidence!

Kflag Country Music Update

Taylor Swift is knee-deep in rehearsals for her upcoming Fearless tour. It's her first as a headliner, and Swift says that getting ready for this next level is all she can think about: "I am really obsessing over this tour like I obsess over everything, so . . . I'm really excited. We've got like six dancers out with us. We've got 50 billion wardrobe changes -- I live for an onstage wardrobe change, by the way -- and lots of production. I've never had production on stage. I've been opening up for people for like three years now, so this is a really fun step for me."

Based on Swift's run-throughs of the show, fans will definitely be getting their money's worth: "I've been rehearsing for the last three weeks, and there's a lot going on in this tour. I really didn't think it would end up being a two-hour show, but at the end of the day that's gonna be sort of where the tour ends up being, but we're doing 52 cities and we're kind of extending it more."

  • The Fearless tour kicks off on April 23rd in Evansville, Indiana with opener Kellie Pickler.
Martina McBride, Clint Black, Sara Evans, Phil Vassar, Big & Rich's Big Kenny, songwriters Jeffrey Steele and Jessi Alexander, and Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus were among the stars who walked the red carpet at Thursday night's (April 9th) Nashville premiere of the new Hannah Montana movie. Part of the film was shot in Tennessee, including Nashville. For that reason, Miley told us that she was insistent about having a premiere in "Music City": "It's something that I kind of was forcing on everyone. They weren't even originally gonna have it here and I was just saying, 'This is something that's so important.' This is what the movie's all about, and I feel like Nashville as its own character shines just as much as anyone else."

Martina McBride arrived at the premiere with her family in tow. She told us how all three of her girls were feeling: "Oh, very excited! This is right up there with the Jonas Brothers concert that we went to a few months ago. It's just really, really great. They've been excited for a long time. They've known about it for about two weeks now, and they each got to invite a friend, so (they) had to figure out what they were gonna wear, so it's just been a really fun thing to see."

  • Hannah Montana: The Movie opens in theaters across the country on Friday (April 10th).
The Oprah Winfrey Show featuring Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, Sugarland and Darius Rucker will air on Tuesday (April 14th -- check local listings for time). The queen of daytime talk sent a camera crew to Nashville to get some behind-the-scenes footage of a day in the life of each star, in addition to the interview she did with them on the set of her Chicago-based show last month. Chesney invited the cameras to get a glimpse of his tour preparations, while Underwood took them into a songwriting appointment and a workout session with her trainer.
  • Underwood performs her Number One hit, "Just A Dream," during the Oprah show.
  • The day of the taping, the audience was filled with country music fans.


  • Chesney will kick off his Sun City Carnival tour on April 17th in Uncasville, Connecticut.
  • Underwood won both the top female and entertainer of the year awards at Sunday (April 5th) night's Academy of Country Music Awards.

Miranda Lambert will be part of the new Cotton Incorporated advertising campaign, which has revived the old slogan, "the touch, the feel of cotton," which was retired in 2001. The new television commercials began airing this week.
  • Lambert said, "My style in three words is comfortable, funky, my own. Cotton is a big part of that style so I was very excited to be part of this campaign. My favorite outfit is jeans, T-shirt and a great pair of cowboy boots, but on a summer day, there is nothing like throwing on a cotton sundress and boots."
  • Singers Jazmine Sullivan and Zooey Deschanel are also part of the new cotton campaign.


  • Lambert will release a new album this fall. She debuted her new single, "Dead Flowers," live on the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday (April 5th).
  • Lambert is set to hit the road as a special guest on Kenny Chesney's Sun City Carnival tour, beginning on April 17th in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Doug Stone was arrested and charged with domestic battery after allegedly attacking his 21-year-old son in Panama City Beach, Florida on Thursday (April 9th). According to police reports, officers were called to the scene at the Grand Panama Beach Resort at 3:30 a.m. because the 52-year-old Stone and his son, Dustin Brooks, were involved in an altercation about Stone's drinking. Earlier in the evening, Stone had apparently been drinking and drove his car into a curb or parking block, popping a tire. Officers arrived at the scene, but since they couldn't place Stone behind the wheel of the car, he was not charged with DUI.

Officers who first responded to the fight at the condo witnessed Stone on the ground with Brooks in a chinlock. Brooks' face was bloody. Brooks then agreed to press charges against his dad.


  • Stone had four Number One hits in the 1990's -- "In a Different Light," "A Jukebox With a Country Song," "Too Busy Being in Love" and "Why Didn't I Think of That."



John Rich



CMT CRIBS/CMT 1:30PM, 10:00PM (ET)
John Rich, Danny Bonaduce, Mark Martin



Randy Owen, Gretchen Wilson, Troy Gentry

Celebrity Gossip

FARRAH FAWCETT OUT OF HOSPITAL: Farrah Fawcett left a Los Angeles hospital Thursday (April 9) after getting treatment for internal bleeding, which was not directly related to her cancer. "Farrah was discharged [Thursday] afternoon from the hospital and is at home," Dr. Lawrence Piro tells People. She was accompanied by Ryan [O'Neal]." The 62-year-old actress was hospitalized on April 2 for a hematoma from bleeding in a stomach muscle stemming from a "small procedure" at a clinic in Germany.

DAVID CARUSO SUED BY BABY MAMA: The CSI Miami star has been hit with a lawsuit by ex-girlfriend and mother of his two children, Liza Marquez. reports that she's accusing him of breach of contract/settlement agreement, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress (domestic abuse). The pair broke up in 2007, while Marquez was pregnant with their second child.

KIM KARDASHIAN WANTS VAMPIRES: Kim Kardashian is eyeing her next film role. She tells, "I would like die to be in Twilight... being around all those hot guys. I want to be a vampire." She made her big screen debut in 2008's Disaster Movie.

LINDSAY LOHAN DISSED BY STEVIE NICKS: The Fleetwood Mac singer clearly doesn't like the idea of Lohan wanting to play her on the big screen. Nicks tells The New York Times, "Over my dead body. She needs to stop doing drugs and get a grip. Then maybe we'll talk."

KATIE HOLMES RETURNS TO THE STAGE: She'll read a veteran's personal story at the annual Memorial Day weekend concert in Washington, D.C. on May 24th. Dianne Wiest and Gary Sinise will also take part in the special, which will air on PBS. A source tells E! News that Vanessa Williams, Natasha Bedingfield and Barry Manilow are scheduled to perform.

MISCHA BARTON STRIPS DOWN FOR COSMO: The actress poses nude in the May issue of U.K. Cosmopolitan. She recently dropped a couple of sizes, and says, "The only way to be happy and be a more enjoyable person to be around is to embrace what you've got. Everyone has issues about their body, but I feel confident now. I'm healthy and happy."

SARA MICHELLE GELLAR IS PREGNANT: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are expecting their first child together, a source close to the couple tells People. "They're very excited," says the source, adding that the actress is due in the fall. Gellar and Prinze have been married for six years.

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman is considering applying for food stamps -- again. The unemployed mother of 14 tells the Whittier Daily News, "If I need to apply for [the Women, Infants and Children program] to provide my babies with formula, then I'm going to." Suleman spends $2,000 a month on formula, noting, "That's a lot of money for formula." She adds, "My goal is to get my kids off of (Medi-Cal)." In the mean time, she's not going to let other people's opinions get in the way, explaining, "I have to let go of what people think. I can't live like that."
  • Suleman used to get more than $400 a month in food stamps, but stopped receiving them after she made enough money selling photos and doing video blogs.
  • One of Suleman's babies is still hospitalized.


The Arizona Diamondbacks open a three-game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight at Chase Field. The D-backs opened the season by losing two of three games to the Colorado Rockies while the defending NL West champion Dodgers split a four-game series in San Diego against the Padres.

Yesterday's NL action...

Cincinnati 8, N.Y. Mets 6
St. Louis 2, Pittsburgh 1
San Diego 4, L.A. Dodgers 3
San Francisco 7, Milwaukee 1

In the AL

Toronto 6, Detroit 2
Seattle 2, Minnesota 0
Tampa Bay 4, Boston 3
N.Y. Yankees 11, Baltimore 2
Texas 12, Cleveland 8
Kansas City 2, Chicago White Sox 1

The L.A. Angels' game against Oakland was postponed last night out of respect for 22-year-old Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart, who died along with two other persons early yesterday after their car was struck by a suspected drunk driver who police say ran a red light. Police arrested a suspect identified as Andrew Thomas Gallo, 22, of Riverside, Calif. and say he was driving on a suspended license because of a previous drunken driving conviction.

Augusta National yielded unusually low scores with 19 players shooting in the 60s and more than a third of the field breaking par yesterday. Chad Campbell takes a one-shot lead over Jim Furyk and Hunter Mahan into today's second round with Tiger Woods five shots off the lead.

After having their four-year streak of postseason appearances snapped, the Phoenix Suns begin playing out their schedule as they go for their 11th straight win over the Memphis Grizzlies tonight. The Suns were eliminated from playoff contention Wednesday night when Dallas defeated Utah.

Around the NBA from last night...

Chicago 113, Philadelphia 99
Houston 115, Sacramento 98
L.A. Lakers 116, Denver 102

Al Montoya made 40 saves in the rookie goalie's third NHL victory, and the last-place Phoenix Coyotes prevented the league-leading San Jose Sharks from clinching the Presidents' Trophy with a 4-1 victory last night. Scottie Upshall and Peter Mueller each had a goal and an assist and coach Wayne Gretzky's club thoroughly wrecked the Sharks' regular-season home finale, sending San Jose to just its fifth regulation defeat at home all season.

And from the NHL ice....

Buffalo 5, Carolina 1
Florida 3, Atlanta 2
Boston 5, Montreal 4, OT
N.Y. Rangers 2, Philadelphia 1
New Jersey 3, Ottawa 2, SO
Nashville 4, Detroit 3, SO
Pittsburgh 6, N.Y. Islanders 1
Washington 4, Tampa Bay 2
Dallas 3, Colorado 2, SO
Vancouver 1, Los Angeles 0

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Someone's Gotta Go

Fox has picked up a new reality show that will address the layoffs that have been sweeping the country over the past year. Variety reported that Someone's Gotta Go will enter businesses across the nation and give the employees the power to decide which of them will be let go.

  • Fox reality chief Mike Darnell said, "It's Survivor meets The Office. When someone is arbitrarily let go the first reaction usually is 'How come that person was fired when another idiot is still here?' This finally gives employees a chance to make that decision instead of a boss."
  • The companies featured will be small businesses whose books will be opened up to the employees, who will learn what everyone makes. The staffers will also get the opportunity to say what they really think about one another.


Visiting the Easter Bunny at the local mall is a time-honored American tradition. But families in other countries have different ways of celebrating the springtime holiday:

  • Russia -- People tap each other with pussy willow branches for good luck.
  • Germany -- Villagers make a bonfire out of their old Christmas trees to burn the last vestiges of winter and make way for spring.
  • England -- Young men carry around a chair decorated with flowers. When a girl or a woman sits in the chair, they lift her up three times for good luck. She thanks them with money and a kiss.
  • Australia -- Families play a game in which everyone takes an egg and then pair off and tap each other's egg. The first egg to crack loses and the winner goes on to challenge other winners until there is only one egg left.
  • Norway -- Even though Easter heralds the beginning of spring, many Norwegians go skiing. They also love to buy crime novels and watch TV detective shows while on vacation. They call it "paskekrimmen" or "Easter Crime."
  • Sweden -- Swedes celebrate by shooting off fireworks.
  • Argentinab-- Women in ruffled skirts, colorful ponchos and white hates cover their faces with white powder and sing songs as they ride on horseback to the Easter carnival. At the end of the festivities, a rag doll is buried to mark the conclusion of the holiday.
  • Bulgaria -- The oldest woman in the family touches the faces of the children with the first Easter egg that has been colored red, for good luck.
  • Poland -- People celebrate by splashing water on each other. On Easter Monday boys lie in wait to sprinkle girls with water or perfume. It is said that girls who get soaked will marry within the year.

Here's a sweets cheat sheet from Good Housekeeping

This Easter, if you plan to have eat up that candy, here's a sweets cheat sheet from Good Housekeeping. The skinny on calorie counts:

  • 1 Marshmallow Peeps Chick, 28 calories
  • 10 small jelly beans, 41 calories
  • 1 chocolate covered marshmallow, 42 calories
  • 12 Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs, 95 calories
  • 1 Cadbury Creme Egg, 172 calories
  • 1.5 ounce solid chocolate bunny, 230 calories
According to the National Retail Federation, consumers are expected to spend over $14.44 billion on Easter food, apparel, gifts, flowers, decorations and candy. The average consumer will shell out $135.03 on the holiday, similar to last year's expected $135.07. This year, 79% of consumers will hit the stores to stock up on marshmallow-shaped chicks, Easter baskets, plastic bunnies, flimsy hats and chocolate-covered eggs. Of those celebrating, the majority will spend the most on Easter meals ($41.09 on average). Consumers will also dish out an average of $23.82 for apparel, $21.42 for gifts, $18.12 on candy, $9.11 on flowers and $7.21 on decorations.

Keith Urban's new album seems to be living up to its title. Defying Gravity debuts at Number One this week on both the all-genre Billboard Top 200 and Top Country Albums charts. This is Urban's third consecutive Number One debut on the Country Albums chart and his very first on the Top 200.

  • Urban said, "It's an incredible feeling to have a Number One record, but equally moving is knowing that this particular record, that comes from such a joyous, loving and hopeful place, is connecting with so many people."
  • None of the songs on Defying Gravity were pulled from Urban's extensive song catalog, but rather were written just prior to recording the CD, as he tells us: "Everything's new on this record. There isn't any songs that have been sitting around. I did try and do a couple that have been sitting around for a while, but they weren't ripe yet."
  • Defying Gravity has already produced Urban's 10th Number One single, "Sweet Thing."
  • Later this month, Urban will begin rehearsals for his Escape Together World tour, which officially kicks off in Connecticut on May 7th.
  • His opening acts throughout the tour include Taylor Swift, Sugarland, Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town and Glen Campbell.
Rascal Flatts still can't believe all the press their tour attracted while Jessica Simpson was their opening act. The trio wrapped their Bob That Head tour featuring Simpson last month, and lead singer Gary LeVox tells us they learned a humbling lesson along the way: "We had a great time with Jessica on tour. Jessica Simpson did a wonderful job. It was kind of weird because we've been on a lot of tours and have headlined a lot of tours, and that was probably the most press. You know, for a minute there we thought, 'Gosh, look at all these people who wanna talk to us -- it's crazy!' Then it was like, 'Oh, you're here for Jessica? Sorry, she's down here to the left if you need her . . . So you're not really here for us?'"

Simpson's star status created some confusion for reporters, Jay DeMarcus adds: "I love how all the rag mags called it her tour. It was great. It was neat. It was awesome. I got a little bloated on the tour and nobody put a picture of me in any magazine. It's just weird."

  • Rascal Flatts will kick off their American Living Unstoppable tour on June 5th in Missouri. The tour is sponsored by JC Penney.
  • Their new album, Unstoppable, was released on Tuesday (April 7th).
Jake Owen is nearing the top of the charts with his latest single, "Don't Think I Can't Love You," a song he co-wrote a couple of years ago. Owen tells us his tourmates at the time encouraged him to put the song out to radio:"I wrote this song two years ago when we were out on tour with Sugarland and Little Big Town when we were doing the whole 'Life In A Northern Town' thing, and I remember soundchecking that song one day, the day I wrote it. I worked it up with the band. We wanted to play it, and Little Big Town and Sugarland both stood there when we played it and they were like, 'That song's a hit. Release it,' and we played it that night and got a standing ovation, but it's just a great, great song that I'm really, really proud of and one that I'll get to sing, thankfully, for the rest of my life."
  • "Don't Think I Can't Love You" is the debut single from Owen's new album, Easy Does It.
  • Owen was named the Academy of Country Music's Top New Male Vocalist at Sunday's (April 5th) award show in Las Vegas.
Joe Nichols will star in the Broadway adaptation of the 1992 movie Pure Country. Nichols will play the role of Dusty, which was played by George Strait in the film. Nichols will reportedly head to New York City toward the end of this year to begin rehearsing for the show, which will open in early 2010.
  • Nichols' new single, "Believers," was recently released to country radio.
Jason Aldean's new single, "She's Country," is currently the Number One ringtone in all genres on iTunes. At the same time, more than 400,000 digital downloads of the song have also been purchased. "She's Country" is the debut single from Aldean's brand new album, Wide Open, which was released on Tuesday (April 7th).
  • Aldean is currently in the middle of an eight-city run through Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington DC, Baltimore, New York City, Atlanta and Charlotte for a series of fan events and media appearances.
  • On Friday (April 10th), Aldean will visit NBC's Today Show. Later that evening, he will be at the opening game of the Atlanta Braves' baseball season.


  • Aldean will perform on The Bonnie Hunt Show on April 30th, and on the outdoor stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 1st.
  • Aldean will be one of the opening acts on Keith Urban's upcoming Escape Together World tour.

Charley Pride disapproves of ticket scalpers, so he decided to put his money where his mouth is for one lucky fan. The Opry star paid a surprise visit to Jacqueline Sharp at the drug store in which she works in Ledux, Alberta, Canada recently after hearing about the $933 she paid to a scalper online for two tickets to see Pride in concert. According to the Edmonton Journal, Sharp's son wrote to Pride's agent about the incident. Pride gave Sharp a check for the entire amount she paid the scalper, in addition to two floor seats for the show.
  • With regard to ticket scalping, Pride told the newspaper, "I don't think it's right. I wouldn't like paying that much money to see myself."


  • Pride is the only African-American member of the Grand Ole Opry. He joined the cast in 1993.
  • He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2000.


  • Fox has a new show on the way, called "Someone's Gotta Go." It's described as, "Each week, workers at a struggling business will choose who should be fired based on information about pay and past performance."
  • Songs from Barbra Streisand's 2006 concert tour will be shown on CBS April 25th to tie-in with a 3-DVD set coming out.
  • Celebrity chef Cat Cora and wife Jennifer welcomed a son, Thatcher Julius Cora, into the world on April 4th.
  • "Kings" has a following, but not enough to keep it on Sunday nights. It moves to Saturdays, starting this weekend.
  • His character was just found dead on "House" last Monday, an apparent suicide. In real life, Kal Penn has given up acting -- at least for now -- and taken a job in President Obama's administration as an associate director in the Office of Public Liason.
  • You can lower the chances you'll have post-exercise muscle pain if you drink two cups of coffee before your workout, according to new research from the University of Illinois in Champaign.
  • The new pricing policy has gone into effect on iTunes. Songs now range from 69 cents to $1.29.
  • Samuel L. Jackson will host the 17th annual ESPY's taped Wednesday, July 15th at the Nokia Theatre at L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles and on the air the following Sunday.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and family are moving to L.A. for a few months so she can work on "Iron Man 2."
  • Charlie Sheen's son Max has finally put on enough wait to leave the hospital and head home to join the family.
  • "Harry Potter" actor Jamie Waylett has been busted after police found a cannabis garden in his home. The 19-year-old plays the bully Vincent Crabbe in the Potter movies.


LIVE WITH REGIS & KELLY/SYN (check local listings)
Miley Cyrus












Steve Nash had 24 points and 13 assists and the Phoenix Suns survived a late New Orleans rally 105-100. Shaquille O'Neal had 17 points and 11 rebounds, and Nash made six free throws in the final 42 seconds to give the Suns the cushion they needed to hold on. The win wasn't enough to push Phoenix into the playoffs. Dallas beat Utah last night to seal the eighth and final playoff spot.

In other NBA action last night....

Orlando 81, Memphis 78
Indiana 130, Toronto 101
Portland 95, San Antonio 83
Cleveland 98, Washington 86
Boston 106, New Jersey 104
Detroit 113, New York 86
Atlanta 113, Milwaukee 105
Denver 122, Oklahoma City 112
Dallas 130, Utah 101
Minnesota 105, Golden State 97

Dexter Fowler, Yorvit Torrealba and Ian Stewart homered and the Colorado Rockies won a series against Arizona for the first time in two years with a 9-2 victory. Franklin Morales held the D-Backs to a run on four hits in six innings, striking out six and walking one. Ryan Spilborghs had a two-run double in Colorado's three-run third inning. Stewart also singled in a run.

Randy Johnson was tagged for four runs in five innings in his first start for the San Francisco Giants, who lost 4-2 to Milwaukee last night. Winning pitcher Yovani Gallardo pitched into the seventh inning and also hit a three-run homer off Johnson, who took the loss.

In other National League action yesterday...

Florida 6, Washington 4
Philadelphia 12, Atlanta 11
Colorado 9, Arizona 2
N.Y. Mets 9, Cincinnati 7
Chicago Cubs 11, Houston 6
Pittsburgh 7, St. Louis 4
L.A. Dodgers 5, San Diego 2

The retooled New York Yankees have opened the Major League Baseball season 0-and-2 following their 7-5 loss to Baltimore last night. Koji Uehara allowed one run over five innings in his major league debut and Nick Markakis went 3-for-3 with a homer and three RBIs for the Orioles.

In the American League

Detroit 5, Toronto 1
Tampa Bay 7, Boston 2
Texas 8, Cleveland 5
Minnesota 6, Seattle 5
Kansas City 2, Chicago White Sox 0
Oakland 6, L.A. Angels 4

In the NHL....

Buffalo 3, Toronto 1
Columbus 4, Chicago 3, SO

Celebrity Gossip

MEN ARRESTED FOR LANCE ARMSTRONG BIKE THEFT: Two men have been arrested on charges related to the theft of a bicycle belonging to Lance Armstrong. The Associated Press reports that 39-year-old Lee Crider stole Armstrong's time-trial bike from the back of a rental truck in February and sold it to 34-year-old Le Dung, who turned it into Sacramento police four days after the theft was reported.

'SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE' CHOREOGRAPHER NOT CHARGED: The Los Angeles district attorney's office said on Tuesday (April 7th) that they do not yet have enough evidence to charge So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Alex Da Silva with sexual assault. Da Silva was arrested last weekend after four of his former students alleged that he assaulted them in his home.

KELLY PRESTON AND JOHN TRAVOLTA MOVING ON: Three months after the sudden death of their son, John Travolta and Kelly Preston are moving on with their lives as best they can. A friend of the family told People magazine that last week the couple threw their nine-year-old daughter a birthday party "just as they would any other year." Another friend, actress Leah Remini added, "How do you deal with the greatest tragedy in your life? I can tell you that they are handling it the best any parent could ever deal." The couple has reportedly been reaching out to friends and are not "secluding themselves or paralyzed."

CLEMENTINE FORD SAYS SHE'S GAY: Cybill Shepard's daughter has officially come out of the closet. Actress Clementine Ford -- who previously starred on Showtime's lesbian drama, The L Word, told, "Look, I am gay. I just wanted there not to be this big emphasis on it." In 2004, Ford divorced her husband of four years, actor Chad Todhunter.

DAD NOT BAILING OUT REDMOND O'NEAL: Actor Ryan O'Neal has reportedly refused to bail his son Redmond out of jail following his most recent arrest. A source told, "Redmond won't be leaving jail anytime soon. Redmond could remain in custody until his next court date on April 24th. His dad won't be bailing him out." The 24-year-old was arrested last Sunday (April 5th) and has been charged with a felony count of drug possession.

BILLY BOB THORNTON DOESN'T WANT TO BE CALLED AN ACTOR: During an interview at CBC, Billy Bob Thornton got angry when the interviewer mentioned his Oscar-winning film career. The actor turned musician was rude to the DJ, refusing to answer questioning by playing dumb, then compared himself to Tom Petty. Thornton's group the Box Masters is currently on tour with Willie Nelson. Thornton claimed he didn't even know how long his group had been together.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Wearhouse in Kingman

Our special guest in studio today is Kerri from the Wearhouse in Kingman. The Wearhouse is located at 801 Railroad St. Railroad St. is the first left off Hualapai Mtn Rd.

The Wearhouse is a consignment shop which carries women and children's clothing. Kerri's motto is "There are two things that need to be happening right now. "Making Money" and "Saving money"! (amen to that)

The Wearhouse will take in your "Gently worn" or "Fairly new" clothing, and turn around and sell it for you! That is how you can make money! Saving money...well you can purchase the clothing that others have brought in to sell at below cost of the origional price tags! This is a really cool concept especially with the economy the way it is right now.

Come on down and find your "treasures" now at the Wearhouse!

(ps) Kerri really needs "formals" for the proms, graduations, weddings, and all the special events that are coming up! A great way to make some extra money for the summer! Call Kerri at 928.716.9900!

Who's Gonna Win......

Tickets to this Saturday Night's races at Havasu 95 Speedway, or Tickets to see Jamie O'Neal performing live at Don's Celebrity Theater @ the Riverside this weekend? Keep on listening this morning and through the end of the week for your chance to call in and win!

Some things you probably don't need to know...but...

Next Best Thing To Star Wars Fighter Chase
It was probably the closest thing to a Star Wars fighter jet chase we've ever seen after a man stole a Cessna 172 in Canada, and flew it to Missouri. The plane was intercepted and followed by U.S. fighter jets over Michigan and Wisconsin. The pilot finally landed on a dirt road in the southern Missouri town of Ellsinore and then fled on foot. North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) spokesman Mike Kucharek said the pilot, identified only as a naturalized Canadian flight school student with a few hours of flight time, ignored interceptor pilots' signal to communicate with them. The plane was reportedly stolen from a flight school in Thunder Bay, Canada. Authorities evacuated the Wisconsin capitol in Madison as a precaution 30 minutes later. Our brave and stupid pilot is still on the run. (AHN News)

Talk About Your False Alarm
Talk about a false alarm -- a helicopter rescue team raced into action after reports that a man's screams were heard coming from a German forest. A woman who heard the terrorized screams quickly called police as she thought she could hear someone being tortured at the woodland near Elmstein, western Germany. But the "victim," Roland Hoffman was shocked when he found himself suddenly surrounded by armed police. Turns out Roland was just fine and had gone into the forest alone so he could read his new book in peace and quiet. Turns out the book was a comedy and Roland wasn't screaming -- he was just laughing his head off. A police spokesperson said, "We realize that people think the sound of Germans laughing is unusual, but we're sure the caller meant well." (Ananova)

New Broadcasting World Record
26-year-old German disc jockey Dominik Schollmayer has smashed the world record for the longest continuous radio show when his regular morning show finally ended after more than a week. Broadcasting from Hit Radio Antenne in Hanover, Dominik stayed on the air for 169 consecutive hours, beating the previous record-- held by a broadcaster from India -- by one hour. The rules stated he was allowed to play two consecutive records of up to six minutes without talking and was allowed a five-minute break every hour but saved these up to give himself a 15-minute break every three hours. Doctors monitored his progress for safety reasons but the severe sleep deprivation did cause some bizarre side effects according to a blog on the station's website. One entry, entitled: "Now he's gone completely mad", reported Dominik was dancing wildly around the studio as the final hours approached. (Ananova)

It Doesn't Get Any Weirder Than This
This is as weird as it gets. In Aliso, California, police were recently called to the Town Center after a woman called 911 to report being attacked near the Center's fountain by another woman who was flinging her dog's feces at her and her baby! The woman flinging the poop was reportedly upset about complaints from other folks gathered at the fountain who didn't like the fact that she was GIVING HER DOG AN ENEMA IN PUBLIC! Told ya it doesn't get any weirder than this! (Orange County Register)

Seats of Power
In Brisbane, California, artist Beth Grossman has created a new exhibit called "Seats of Power" which she hopes will encourage the locals to be more active in city politics and affairs. The "Seats" are upholstered cushions individually tailored with the buttprints of each of the 10 city council members, who allowed Grossman to photograph them from behind, clothed, through a sheet of Plexiglas pressed against their posteriors to simulate being seated. All 10 members reportedly were happy to cooperate including Mayor Sepi Richardson, who said she had been considering her "legacy" lately, "but I never thought it would be my butt." (Los Angeles Times)

Life in a Small Town
When you live in a small town, sometimes you just do the best with what you have. In Ashland, New Hampshire, population 2,000, Tony Randall is a surveyor by trade but was recently elected as the Chief of Police for the town's 12-member police force. Tony promised voters he would know a lot more about his new job by this September when he will finish his training at the police academy. (Boston Herald)

Farts Are Always Funny
Don't care how refined, sophisticated or classy you think you are, at the end of the day let's face it -- farts are funny. Nothing could prove this point more than the revelation that a recent meeting of the Medina, Ohio, City Council required an unexpected recess when all members of the council could not stop serial giggling over one person's flatulence. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Retirement Party Gone Seriously Wrong
True tragedy came to the town of Ritto, Japan, at the party of a 60-year-old man celebrating his retirement of a lifetime of working for a local transportation company. Sadly the poor guy was killed after three of his co-workers tossed him playfully into the air but apparently miscommunicated with each other as to exactly whose job it was to catch him! (Mainichi Daily News)

Water Cooler Talk

  • The #1 foreign vacation destination for Americans continues to be France.
  • Roger Friedman, was an entertainment columnist for But after he did his review of a pirated copy of "Wolverine," Fox fired him on Monday.
  • Chris Brown showed up for his arraignment in court on Monday and pleaded not guilty to the felony assault and criminal threat charges against him. His next appearance in L.A. court is scheduled for April 29.
  • A new study says almost 1 in 5 American 4-year-olds is obese, and the rate is alarmingly higher among American Indian children, with nearly a third of them overweight. Overall, more than half a million 4-year-olds are obese, the study suggests.
  • Among the guests at Robert Downey Jr.'s 44th birthday over the weekend at his house: Sting and wife Trudie Styler, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor.
  • Angelina Jolie was reportedly forced to seek medical attention after collapsing on the set of her new movie "Salt."
  • Trista and Ryan welcomed a baby girl on last Friday. Her name: Blakesley Grace Sutter.
  • Toby Keith is peeved at actor Ethan Hawke an article Hawke wrote in the new issue of Rolling Stone about Kris Kristofferson. In it, Hawke refers to a blowup Kristofferson had with an unnamed country star back in 2003 that sounds a lot like Toby Keith.
  • If you care, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are supposedly "taking a break." It's said that Samantha asked for a restraining order against Lohan.
  • Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell will appear on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" in May to thank a disabled Gulf War veteran for his service.
  • A group called the Smoke Jumpers have released an anti-Chris Brown song called "My Flow So Tight."
  • If you want all the details, Farah Fawcett's cancer is said to have spread to her liver.
  • There are two more Michael Crichton novels on the way. One was finished by him before his death last year and the other will be completed based on his notes.
  • General Motors is teaming with Segway, the scooter company, to develop a battery-powered vehicle that would seat 2 and get 200 MPG.

Need Some TV time????

Here is what's on today/tonight!


  • THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE - Christine decides to pull Ritchie out of private school and give public school a try.
  • GARY UNMARRIED - Gary tries to motivate his bowling team when they make it into the championships but instead finds himself searching for a last-minutes replacement when one team member quits.
  • CRIMINAL MINDS - The team searches for a serial killer who is targeting coeds on spring break.
  • CSI: NY - Stella realizes that they crime scene appears staged while investigating the shooting of a man in an empty theater.


  • LAW & ORDER - (repeat) A revered sheriff becomes a possible conspirator in a case involving a murdered tourist.
  • LIFE - A detective gets a second chance after serving time for a crime he did not commit.
  • LAW & ORDER - (repeat) Detectives Lupo and Bernard investigate when the writer of a best-selling memoir is found dead in a community of male prostitutes.


  • LIE TO ME - While investigating a building collapse, Lightman discovers a massive cover-up; a billionaire asks the team to determine if his girlfriend loves him for the right reasons.
  • AMERICAN IDOL - One contestant is eliminated; former contestant Kelly Pickler performs.


  • SCRUBS - The janitor and Lady plan a fake wedding in the Bahamas to score some cash.
  • BETTER OFF TED - Ted is horrified when Veridian's new state-of-the-art sensor system inadvertently creates racial controversy.
  • LOST - Ben must try to call the smoke monster to atone for sins of the past.
  • THE UNUSUALS - (series premiere) Vice cop Casey Shraeger finds herself suddenly transferred into the NYPD Homicide Unit, where she begins to learn the secrets and eccentricities of her new co-workers.


  • AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL - Clay Aiken appears as a guest judge; cycle 11 winner McKey stops to support the contestants.
  • AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL - Never-before-seen footage of tears, fights and laughter.


THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW - (repeat) Bette Midler, Pink
THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW - Recession-proof your marriage
THE VIEW - (repeat) Rob Lowe, Bachelor Jason Mesnick


THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN (CBS) - (repeat) Julia Roberts, Bell X1
THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO (NBC) - (repeat) Halle Berry, Frank Caliendo, Prince
JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE (ABC) - (repeat) Andy Samberg, Ashley Scott, MSTRKRFT
THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH CRAIG FERGUSON (CBS) -(repeat) Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Olivia Williams
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Celebrity Gossip

REDMOND O'NEAL FORMALLY CHARGED: Redmond O'Neal was formally charged with one felony count of heroin possession on Tuesday (April 7th), two days after he was arrested in a California jail parking lot. The son of Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett remains in custody on $75,000 and will be arraigned on April 24th.

CHARLIE SHEEN'S SON HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL: Charlie Sheen's infant son is home from the hospital. A spokesperson for the Two and a Half Men star told People magazine that Max Sheen has gone home to join his parents and twin brother Bob. Sheen's rep said, "Premature babies are often underweight. Max made weight and went home. "It's frustrating to be a parent and not have your family home with you. This is the last week of Two and a Half Men (which is going on hiatus), so Charlie will be able to spend some quality time with his kids." The twins were born on March 14th.

NO MORE OPTIMISTIC LOVE STORIES FOR DREW BARRYMORE: Drew Barrymore is welcoming challenges in her life. The actress told Elle magazine, " I've produced and gotten to do a lot of optimistic love stories, and that was so where I was at for 10 years in my life. And now I feel like, Okay, now I know how to do that. I wanted to get scared again." She's also crediting her change in personal direction to her split from Fabrizio Moretti in 2007, explaining, "It's hard to be with someone for five years and say, This isn't going to work. But it was a time in my life where I finally just said, I can't live for anyone else anymore. I have to be on my own."

HOWARD K. STERN ARRAIGNMENT DELAYED: A judge delayed the arraignment of Howard K. Stern on charges that he and two other doctors conspired to give Anna Nicole Smith drugs that ultimately led to her death. Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Kristi Lousteau said on Tuesday (April 7th) that Stern and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Sandeep Kapoor must enter pleas on May 13th. At a press conference outside the courthouse, Stern's lawyer said, "Howard is innocent. Let me repeat, he is innocent."

'REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK' STAR TALKS ABOUT SPLIT: Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is still struggling to come to terms with her recently separation from her husband. The Real Housewives of New York star told Us Weekly, "It's been really difficult for me. I just need time." The couple's split was announced last month, just days after their 16th anniversary. When asked about keeping her title, which she inherited from the Count, de Lesseps said, "Absolutely, darling! I'll always be the Countess!"

CAMPBELL BROWN WELCOMES SON: CNN anchor Campbell Brown gave birth to her second child on Monday (April 6th). USA Today reports that Brown and her husband Dan Senor welcomed son Asher Liam Senor less than two years after Brown gave birth to their first son, Eli James.

IRON CHEF'S PARTNER GIVES BIRTH: Iron Chef Cat Cora's wife, Jennifer Cora, gave birth to a son named Thatcher Julius on April 4th. The couple has two other sons and the Food Network star is pregnant with their fourth, who they are expecting in July.


  • Kofi Annan (former U.N. Secretary General) (71)
  • Patricia Arquette (actress, True Romance, Flirting With Disaster) (41)
  • Betty Ford (Former First Lady) (91)
  • John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard's Bo Duke) (49)
  • Robin Wright Penn (actress, The Princess Bride, "Jenny" in Forrest Gump, wife of actor Sean Penn) (43)
  • Richard Hatch (Survivor winner with IRS problems) (48)
  • Brenda Russell (singer) (60)
  • Julian Lennon (singer-songwriter; son of John Lennon) (46)
  • John Gavin (actor, Psycho, Spartacus, Thoroughly Modern Millie) (78)
  • Taylor Kitsch (actor, Friday Night Lights, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) (28)



Julianne Hough's will not be returning to Dancing With the Stars next season. The newly-minted top new artist of country told Fox News after Sunday's (April 5th) Academy of Country Music Awards show, "I wasn't planning to come back this season because I wanted to focus on my music. I went back and it's been so much fun to dance with my good friend who happens to be my boyfriend."

* She confirmed, "I will be taking next season off," adding that she'll be busy touring.


Taylor Swift is getting ready to kick off her tour on April 23rd in Evansville, Indiana. She recently told that rehearsals got underway about three weeks ago, with dress rehearsals getting started this week. She says, "I didn't think it would end up being a two-hour show, but at the end of the day, that's going to be where the tour ends up being." She adds, "I am really obsessing over this tour like I obsess about everything . . . We have, like, six dancers out with us and about 15 billion wardrobe changes. I live for on-stage wardrobe changes by the way. And lots of production. I've never had production on stage."

April is shaping up to be a big month for Swift. Over the weekend, she took home the best performer and producer prizes for her latest album Fearless at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Swift says, "I labored over this album for two years. The fact that you can write songs in your bedroom about your feelings and boys and it can win album of the year at the ACMs, I didn't think that was possible. I was really ready to hear somebody else's name called, and I honestly freaked out when I heard mine."

* Swift's next single is called "You Belong With Me." She plans to shoot the video soon.


* Swift is really happy with the success of "White Horse," saying, "I'm so excited about that and all the wonderful radio support that we've had -- "Love Story" going Number One on the pop charts and in the U.K. and in Australia."


Miley Cyrus began her life in the public eye in 2006 at the young age of 13 and since that time has gone on to become an international star behind her career-making turn on the Disney Channel's Hannah Montana. Her career did take a hit however when in 2008 she posed for the cover of Vanity Fair wearing only a bed sheet. The actress/singer told us she's OK with any mistakes she has made thus far in her career and personal life:

"What I do personally in my life is not necessary to be reported but it doesn't mean that it's not going to be, you know, I'm gonna make mistakes and I would not trade that for anything because I always say the minute you stop making mistakes is the minute that you stop learning and if I stop doing that we're all in trouble because that's what life is all about and, you know, I never want to disappoint people and my decisions sometimes not only disappoint other people but disappoint myself as well but you know there's times I'm gonna do that and if I don't all of a sudden I'm not real."

As with any starlet who has had a meteoric rise to the top, Miley has received a severe amount of backlash from the public and critics. We asked her how she handles the criticism:

"People always will say I'm over working and over exposed and that's what I want is all the attention, that's not, what I love is the art of it all and that's why I always say I wanna go off and do other things and I just want people to realize that I really am grateful for what I do and I really do care about the fans and it's, you know, I can't help if there's, you know, 40 photographers outside my house I try to keep my life as private as I can but I definitely don't do what I do for the attention."

* Miley Cyrus is out in full force promoting her Hannah Montana: The Movie, which opens nationwide on Friday.
* Miley released an autobiography titled Miley Cyrus: Miles To Go earlier in the year.


Jessica Simpson has reportedly parted ways with her country music label, Columbia Nashville. OK! magazine claimed she was dropped, but a rep noted that Simpson has a previous contract with her longtime label and was only working with the country label temporarily, explaining that she "is and has always been an Epic artist. She was on loan to Sony Nashville for her country album. She continues to be on Epic's label." Columbia Nashville, a division of Sony Music, released Simpson's most recent album.

* Simpson's first country single, "Come On Over," made it to Number 18 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Her latest single, Pray Out Loud, hasn't done as well.
* Simpson released her Do You Know album in 2008.


* Simpson toured with Rascal Flatts earlier this year.
* She made headlines after forgetting words to songs and fumbling on stage.


Carrie Underwood says she's completely embarrassed for making a sexual reference to Matthew McConaughey at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday (April 5th). Before handing Underwood the entertainer of the year honor, McConaughey told the audience how George Strait's boots once got him "lucky." He told a story about how a long time ago he and his brothers once tried to "pick up" a few women by telling them that they made a living custom-making Strait's boots. McConaughey said, "And they got pretty excited about that and said, 'Well, can we see? Can we see? Can we see?'"

After Underwood got up up on the stage, she said, "I don't know what to say. I got nothin' . . . I want to see those boots, Matthew." Looking back, Underwood feels bad about her comment, telling Fox News, "I'm so embarrassed, I totally embarrassed myself. I just blanked. You want to say something eloquent in a moment like that and I embarrassed myself." She adds, "I'm sorry Matthew, I'm sorry to my family. I'm totally embarrassed."

* Camila Alves, the mother of McConaughey's 8-month-old son Levi, was at the event.
* Underwood is only the seventh woman in ACM history to win entertainer of the year.


* Underwood did thank her boyfriend, Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher, in her acceptance speech by saying, "Mike, baby, I wish you were here."


Another night, another rout for a college basketball title. One night after North Carolina won the men's title by 27 points over Michigan State, the Connecticut women's team finished a 39-and-0 season by routing Louisville 76-54 to win the Huskies' sixth national title and fifth in this decade. Final Four MVP Tina Charles led the way with 25 points and 19 rebounds.

Colorado blanked the D-backs 3-0 last night. Ubaldo Jimenez and two relievers combined on a five-hitter. Troy Tulowitzki homered for the second straight game.

In the National League yesterday....

San Francisco 10, Milwaukee 6
Atlanta 4, Philadelphia 0
Florida 8, Washington 3
Houston 3, Chicago Cubs 2, 10 innings
St. Louis 9, Pittsburgh 3
San Diego 4, L.A. Dodgers 2

In the American League.....

Chicago White Sox 4, Kansas City 2
Boston 5, Tampa Bay 3
Toronto 5, Detroit 4
Minnesota 6, Seattle 5
Oakland 6, L.A. Angels 4

B.J. Crombeen scored twice and Chris Mason made 28 saves and the St. Louis Blues beat the Phoenix Coyotes 5-1 to inch closer to the playoffs. Phoenix has two games left. The Blues are two points ahead of Nashville for the final slot in the West.

Elsewhere on the ICE last night....

Washington 4, Atlanta 2
Philadelphia 2, Florida 1
Carolina 9, N.Y. Islanders 0
Toronto 4, New Jersey 1
N.Y. Rangers 3, Montreal 1
Ottawa 3, Boston 2
Pittsburgh 6, Tampa Bay 4
Minnesota 3, Dallas 1
Chicago 4, Nashville 2
Los Angeles 2, Edmonton 1
Vancouver 4, Calgary 1
San Jose 1, Colorado 0, SO

And in the NBA.....

Atlanta 118, Toronto 110
Charlotte 101, Philadelphia 98
New Orleans 93, Miami 87, OT
Portland 96, Memphis 93
San Antonio 99, Oklahoma City 89
Chicago 110, New York 103
Houston 93, Orlando 83
L.A. Lakers 122, Sacramento 104
Minnesota 87, L.A. Clippers 77

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are honing their golf games for the Masters that starts Thursday. Four-time winner Woods has been a runner-up the last two seasons and is coming off a win at Bay Hill two weeks ago while two-time Masters champ Phil Mickelson already has won twice on the PGA Tour this year.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ah, true love is forever and researchers have scientific proof of it.

Brain scans reveal couples still madly in love after two decades of marriage experience the same sense of euphoria as newlyweds. The region in the heart of the brain called the ventral tegmental area, which produces the feel good chemical dopamine, lit up in folks in love less than a year and in longtime lovers. Eternal love is "real," says researcher Dr. Arthur Aron of Rutgers University. "That's what the brain scans are telling us people can't fake that." The study found couples who use good communication skills are more likely to remain deeply in love, while those who use eye rolling, criticism, coldness and mocking are more likely to be destine for divorce court.


The #1 foreign vacation destination for Americans continues to be France.
Roger Friedman, was an entertainment columnist for But after he did his review of a pirated copy of "Wolverine," Fox fired him on Monday.
A new study says almost 1 in 5 American 4-year-olds is obese, and the rate is alarmingly higher among American Indian children, with nearly a third of them overweight. Overall, more than half a million 4-year-olds are obese, the study suggests.
Among the guests at Robert Downey Jr.'s 44th birthday over the weekend at his house: Sting and wife Trudie Styler, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor.
Angelina Jolie was reportedly forced to seek medical attention after collapsing on the set of her new movie "Salt."
Trista and Ryan welcomed a baby girl on last Friday. Her name: Blakesley Grace Sutter.
Toby Keith is peeved at actor Ethan Hawke an article Hawke wrote in the new issue of Rolling Stone about Kris Kristofferson. In it, Hawke refers to a blowup Kristofferson had with an unnamed country star back in 2003 that sounds a lot like Toby Keith.
If you care, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are supposedly "taking a break." It's said that Samantha asked for a restraining order against Lohan.
Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell will appear on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" in May to thank a disabled Gulf War veteran for his service.
If you want all the details, Farah Fawcett's cancer is said to have spread to her liver.
There are two more Michael Crichton novels on the way. One was finished by him before his death last year and the other will be completed based on his notes.
General Motors is teaming with Segway, the scooter company, to develop a battery-powered vehicle that would seat 2 and get 200 MPG.


  • Toilet Paper: One Arizona accountant's client asked for a home office deduction for the toilet paper he bought for his house. No word on the nature of his business.
  • Gynecologist visit: One firm said, "We were reviewing a business client's accounting entries and noted a check for over $2,000 written to a gynecologist. It was classified on the business books as 'repairs and maintenance.'"
  • Hot tub: "We had a woman who tried to deduct her tricked-out Jacuzzi hot tub due to medical reasons," says Elizabeth Dittrick of Dittrick and Associates in Burton, Ohio. "That can be a legitimate expense -- but not the underwater speakers, the mood lighting and the in-tub stereo. So we ended up deducting a portion of it but removed the sound and light show. She did use it for medical reasons; she had arthritis and had a note from her doctor."
  • Trees: "I had a lady client who didn't like some of her really mature trees, they didn't fit into her new landscaping theme," Allyson Baumeister, a CPA at Sanford, Baumeister & Frazier in Fort Worthsays. "So, she dug them out and donated them to charity. She had to get somebody to appraise the value of the trees, but the IRS allowed it."
  • Pets: The website found one pet lover who claimed his dog as a dependent, another who attempted to write off the dog food for his "home security system" and yet another who claimed Fido as a landscaping subcontractor.
  • Rent: A Kissimmee, Fla., CPA inherited the case of a 65-year-old woman who took in a 20-something student renter and handyman. She liked the lad so much she decided to welcome him into her family -- at least on her taxes. The woman's original accountant never questioned the deduction, which incidentally enabled the woman to not claim the rental income from her new "nephew."


  • "Get over it and move on!" It takes time to adjust to divorce. "Getting over it" is a lot easier said than done. Divorce is not the common cold, the symptoms don't clear up in a week or two.
  • "You think you've got it bad? You should hear what my ex did." This is rather like saying, "Well dear, you do look fat in that dress, but not nearly as blubbery as my friend Millie looked last week." Divorce hurts. Your friend needs your compassion, not your comparisons.
  • "What's the other woman like?" What's she going to say? "Actually, she's a very lovely woman"? Dredging up her pain helps no one. Don't ask personal and hurtful questions.
  • "What you need is a new hair-do!" A "quick fix" like that won't boost your friend's spirits for more than just a few hours. Instead, offer her the long-term emotional support she truly needs.
  • "Did your lawyer take him for all he's worth?" Steer clear of questions about your friend's alimony payments, sex life, or plans for selling or keeping the house. That's not your business, anyway.
  • "Oh, c'mon now...don't you remember all the times he made you nuts." You've just insinuated that if your friend were more tolerant or kind, she might have avoided divorce. Don't play the blame game.
  • "There are two sides to every story." True enough, but your job is to be a comforting friend, not to morph into Judge Judy.


It's Easter time again and sadly that means trouble for a number of the nation's animal shelters. Every year around this time a large number of adorable little bunnies get dumped at animal shelters because families acquire the critters without realizing what difficult house guests they can be. Kris Best, a spokeswoman for the Humane Society said, "It's a big problem. Rabbits are now the third most common animal to be given up after dogs and cats." So here's a few tips for you parents to think about before getting Junior that cuddly Easter bunny:

  • Rabbits don't like to cuddle. They have a self-image problem. Rabbits are prey animals -- eaten by coyotes and other carnivores -- so they survive by hiding from other mammals.
  • They are used to being chased so they often don't like cuddling which they interpret as being captured.
  • Bunnies start out cute but at about 4 months they become obnoxious teenagers. They lunge, spray urine and chew on things. They must be spayed or neutered.
  • Rabbits require meals of fresh vegetables and hay and must have their nails clipped monthly and coats brushed.
  • Unlike their low-maintenance pet counterparts such as gerbils or guinea pigs, they can live a long time, often 10 years.

And if you've just had enough and dump your little bunny in the woods under the Disney-esque impression they will spend their days cavorting with other wild rabbits -- shame on you! In fact, domestic rabbits are a different breed, defenseless against predators. If left outdoors, they will be either eaten or starve to death.


More To Love, the buzzed-about dating competition from Fox, has been given a premiere date of July 28th. The network made headlines recently after announcing that the series would feature a "single average guy with a big waist and an even bigger heart" looking for romance with "confident and secure plus-size women."

Women interesting in being cast can apply online at or attend open calls at the Lane Bryant stores in the following cities:

  • Raleigh/Durham, NC -- April 8th
  • Edison, NJ -- April 10th
  • Houston, TX -- April 11th
  • Philadelphia, PA -- April 16th
  • New York, NY -- April 18th
  • Dallas, TX -- April 18th
  • Los Angeles, CA -- April 18th

Eligible men can apply online at or attend one of the following casting events:

  • Dallas, TX -- April 6th -- Primo's Bar & Grill
  • Chicago, IL -- April 10th -- Rock Bottom Restaurant
  • Miami, FL-- April 10th -- Tarpon Bend



John Rich, Danny Bonaduce, Mark Martin

James Otto, Kenny Rogers, Heidi Newfield

Charlie Daniels, Craig Morgan, Dierks Bentley

Randy Owen, Troy Gentry, Gretchen Wilson

Rascal Flatts, Hannah Montana the movie


Kflag Country Music Update

Rascal Flatts' sixth studio album, Unstoppable, hits retail outlets today (Tuesday, April 7th). The 11-song CD includes the trio's latest single, "Here Comes Goodbye," which is a Top 10 hit and climbing on the country charts.

Unstoppable might be just what people need these days, as Gary LeVox tells us:"Lyrically and melodically it's probably the greatest body of work that we've been able to put together, and I think hope is kind of the big message in the album, and, you know, this world's so crazy these days. There's 12 million people that lost their jobs in three months, so I think this is something they can listen to and help people feel better about, whatever their situations are."

  • Rascal Flatts' last studio album, Still Feels Good, was released in 2007.
  • Their JCPenney-sponsored American Living Unstoppable tour kicks off on June 5th. The trio will play in at least 60 cities each year for the next two years.
  • Rascal Flatts took home their seventh award for Top Vocal Group at Sunday (April 5th) night's Academy of Country Music Awards. They now hold the record for most wins in this category, a record previously held by Alabama.

Julianne Hough barely had time to celebrate her Top New Female and overall Top New Artist awards at Sunday's (April 5th) Academy of Country Music Awards before she had to head back to LA for this week's competition on Dancing With The Stars. Hough says that her dance partner and real life boyfriend, Chuck Wicks, is really catching on, despite what the judges sometimes say. "You know what? He's so great! He listens to everything that they say -- maybe not completely agree with them and trust me, I don't -- but I think he's at a good point right now. I think this next week we're dancing to Rascal Flatts which, hopefully, will give us that extra edge, so hopefully this week will be our breakthrough week."
  • The Dancing With The Stars results show airs on Tuesday (April 7th) at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.
Taylor Swift was among the performers at last night's (Monday, April 6th) Academy of Country Music Artist of the Decade taping honoring George Strait in Las Vegas. Strait tapped Swift as an opening act on his tour nearly two years ago, which no doubt contributed to her monumental success today.

Swift tells us she is forever grateful for the opportunity and the relationship she now shares with Strait:"George has been like a father figure to me, really, because going on tour with him when I was 17 years old, he's the first major artist to really invest in taking me out on tour with him, and ever since he's shown up at my concerts and sent me little messages and just been so incredibly supportive, and I couldn't really ask for more."

Swift performed Strait's 2001 Number One hit, "Run," during the taping. The song was her first pick, as she explains: "That's just always been my favorite George Strait song. It's just really emotional, and I love the sentiment of the lyrics of just begging somebody to come back. I thought it's just delivered so well by him, and I'm just honored that I get to do some sort of rendition of it."

  • George Strait: Artist of the Decade will air on CBS on May 27th.
Reps for Keith Urban are denying reports that his tour bus dumped septic waste on the street outside of New York's Webster Hall where the singer played last week. In a statement, representatives for the singer said that Urban never contracted or leased a vehicle in or around New York City at the time of his performance. Urban's reps also noted that his tour bus was in Tennessee at the time where it was being prepped for Urban's upcoming tour and that all accusations that a bus hired by the singer dumped waste on the street are "inaccurate and malicious."


  • The singer will kick off his tour on May 7th with the first of two shows in Uncasville, Connecticut. Tickets to most of the dates on the Escape Together World tour are currently on sale. Urban's current single, "Sweet Thing," is the singer's 18th Top Five single in the U.S.
  • For a complete list of tour dates, log onto

Country stars Carrie Underwood, Vince Gill, Montgomery Gentry and Josh Turner are set to participate in the 19th Annual City of Hope Nashville Celebrity Softball Challenge on June 10th at Greer Stadium in Nashville. Rival teams Grand Ole Opry and After Midnight with Blair Garner will return to the softball challenge. The complete lineup of celebrity participants will announced in the coming weeks.

Billed as the unofficial start of the CMA Music Fest, the softball game is held to benefit the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, a leading research, education and treatment center for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

  • A silent auction will be held during the game with autographed memorabilia as well as an online auction after the game at
  • For more information visit

Andy Griggs will host his first ever poker tournament on June 11th at the Cadillac Ranch in Nashville. Monies raised through the event will go to the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Griggs said, "I know this is going to be a great event because everybody wins -- the fans get a chance to see some of their favorite celebrities interact and compete, we get a chance to play some music and some poker, and the charities get all the proceeds. It's a win-win-win situation." An artist jam session, starring some of the celebrities in attendance, will follow the tournament.
  • In 2008, Griggs became the first country artist ever to be sponsored into the World Series of Poker. He outlasted every other celebrity in the tournament, as well as many of the pros, including his sponsor, poker champion Doyle Brunson. He ended up finishing the tournament in 12th place.
  • Visit and for updates on confirmed celebrities.


North Carolina built a 10-point lead in the first five minute to remove all the drama and went on to beat Michigan State 89-72 for the men's national basketball championship. Ty Lawson scored 21 points and had a record eight steals to lead the Tar Heels to their fifth national title.

Xavier coach Sean Miller is the new men's basketball coach at Arizona. The school announced the hiring, ending a few hours of confusion in which a number of media outlets reported that Miller turned down the job. He makes the move to Tucson after five years at Xavier during which he went 120-47 and took the musketeers to the NCAA tournament four times.

Memphis has promoted assistant Josh Pastner to succeed John Calipari as head coach. The 31-year-old will be introduced at a news conference today. Pastner was a one time assistant to Arizona coach Lute Olson. Calipari left to coach Kentucky last week.

Tony Clark and Felipe Lopez each homered from both sides of the plate as Arizona outlasted Colorado 9-8. It's the same two teams tonight with Dan Haren going for Arizona against Colorado's Ubaldo Jimenez.

In the National League...

N.Y. Mets 2, Cincinnati 1
Arizona 9, Colorado 8
Florida 12, Washington 6
Pittsburgh 6, St. Louis 4
L.A. Dodgers 4, San Diego 1
Chicago Cubs 4, Houston 2

In the American League...

Texas 9, Cleveland 1
Kansas City at Chicago, ppd., rain
Tampa Bay at Boston, ppd., rain
Baltimore 10, N.Y. Yankees 5
Toronto 12, Detroit 5
Seattle 6, Minnesota 1
L.A. Angels 3, Oakland 0

The Phoenix Coyotes will be looking for their fifth straight home win tonight against St. Louis. Phoenix was crowned by the Kings Saturday 6-1.

Last night in the NHL.....

Detroit 4, Buffalo 1
Ottawa 3, Montreal 2
Calgary 4, Los Angeles 1

Michael Jordan heads up a distinguished class that will be inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame in September. Joining him will be fellow NBA stars David Robinson and John Stockton, longtime Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan and Rutgers women's coach C. Vivian Stringer.

Celebrity Gossip

REDMOND O'NEAL REPORTEDLY BUSTED FOR HEROIN: The drugs that sent Redmond O'Neal back to prison on Sunday (April 5th) were reportedly heroin and xanax. Sources informed of the new details in O'Neal's arrest, which came shortly after news broke that the 24-year-old's mother Farrah Fawcett had been hospitalized after suffering a setback in her cancer battle. O'Neal was arrested with his father Ryan last year and charged with possession of methamphetamine.

SUICIDAL TWITTERER THANKS : The California woman whose suicide attempt was thwarted by Demi Moore's Twitter intervention has thanked the actress and online community for helping her. The woman, known on Twitter as "Sandie Guy" told RadarOnline of Moore, "I'm eternally grateful to her for helping me." She added, "I've always been a fan of Demi Moore and she did an excellent job in helping me and she deserves a lot of praise. I would also like to thank Daniel Morton, the original Twitter user that reached out to me and everyone else on the network that offered their support." The woman, who told Moore that she was about to cut her arm with a knife, added that she's now receiving help from

'GOSSIP GIRL' STAR IN COURT: Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford was in a California courtroom on Monday (April 6th), where she attempted to hammer out a permanent custody agreement with her estranged husband, Daniel Giersch. reports that Giersch is looking to establish a solid arrangement for their two-year-old son, who was temporarily allowed to travel with Rutherford to the New York set of her job against his wishes. Rutherford is currently pregnant with the couple's second child.

NEW MAN FOR GINNIFER GOODWIN? Ginnifer Goodwin is reportedly dating Cabin Fever actor Joey Kern. OK! magazine reports that the couple recently spent the weekend together in Las Vegas where they "couldn't keep their hands off each other." An eyewitness who spied the duo at a club told the magazine, "They made out passionately in their personal booth . . . Ginnifer beamed ear to ear as Joey caressed her." Goodwin recently got out of a two-year relationship with actor Chris Klein.

BAI LING AND MICKEY ROURKE DID NOT SLEEP TOGETHER: Bai Ling is refuting claims that she recently slept with Oscar-nominee Mickey Rourke. The Chinese actress's publicist Anthony D'Alessandro told the New York Post, "While Bai Ling, who is single, has dated a lot during her career, she isn't some 'whore' who hooks on to rising actors." D'Alessandro addressed the Rourke rumor, which began after the actor invited Ling to a Los Angeles party, by saying, "He sent a car for her. She never had an interest in dating him. The next day it was all over the tabloids . . . Though she is an iconoclast with her fashion, too often she's mislabeled as a tawdry Holly Golightly."

WHOOPI GOLDBERG DEFENDS PATRICK SWAYZE AGAINST DEATH RUMORS: Patrick Swayze's good friend Whoopi Goldberg is defending the actor against constant claims that he is about to succumb to pancreatic cancer. Speaking on the British TV show GMTV, Goldberg said, "You know what? He's doing what everybody else is doing -- he's taking it one day at a time." She added, "He does not have an expiration date on his backside -- none of us do -- we just know at some point it's going to happen and that's how he's looking at it." Last month Swayze, whose been starring on A&E's The Beast and writing a book, denied negative rumors about his prognosis.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Easter is coming........

and if you are looking for something cool and different for Easter log on to or call 800-935-9055! Balloons, flowers and gift baskets.

Thanks so much to Annette for bringing in these very cool gifts for our FLAGGERS!


  • The NBC affiliate in Boston says when Jay Leno moves to 10 o'clock this fall, they won't be carrying the show. They'd rather offer local news at 10pm. Jay's home town and everything.
  • Jamie Foxx had to fight off a stalker in Philadelphia while filming his next movie, "Law Abiding Citizen." The whack job kept trying to break into the actor's room, one time succeeding... at which Jamie had to throw him out. The alleged stalker has 24 prior arrests.
  • If you like to plan ahead, "Sex and the City 2" opens on May 28th next year.
  • A Malawi judge has denied Madonna's bid for a second adoption. He says there's a rule that requires the adoptive parent must live in the country for 18 months before paperwork can be approved.
  • Carlos Santana says that the U.S. should "Legalize marijuana and take all that money and invest it in teachers and in education. You will see a transformation in America."
  • New Kids on the Block, Fall Out Boy, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers, Dave Matthews Band, Flo Rida and Katy Perry will all take part in The Today Show's summer concert series.
  • Charlie Sheen and his wife welcomed twins into the world two weeks ago -- Max and Bob -- but Max is still under weight and has stayed in the hospital all this time. They hope to bring him home this week.
  • Calls to stop-smoking hotlines have quadrupled since the new federal cigarette taxes kicked in last week.
  • Miley Cyrus is recording a duet with her ex-boyfriend, Nick Jonas. The songs is called "Pass It On" and it's the first time they have worked together since their December 2007 split.
  • Britain's Princess Eugenie has been photographed smoking a cigarette.

Kflag Country Music Update

Carrie Underwood was the big winner at last night's (Sunday, April 5th) Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, taking home trophies for Female Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year -- the latter of which was fan-voted. Underwood is the first female to win the Entertainer award since the Dixie Chicks took the title in 2000. This is her third win in the Female Vocalist category.

Rascal Flatts won their seventh consecutive Top Vocal Group award, surpassing Alabama's record of six. Sugarland ended Brooks & Dunn's eight-year hold on the Top Vocal Duo category. Brooks & Dunn's career total of wins in the category is 16.

Performance highlights of the evening included Trace Adkins' poignant "'Til The Last Shot's Fired," backed by the West Point Glee Club, which drew a standing ovation from teary-eyed audience members. Heidi Newfield, Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, George Strait, Sugarland, Brooks & Dunn, Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Montgomery Gentry, John Rich, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban were also among the night's performers.

Tim McGraw was scheduled to perform, but after a disagreement with show producers over his set design during rehearsal on Saturday (April 4th), McGraw pulled out of the show.

Reba McEntire hosted the show for the 11th time in her career. The 44th annual ACM Awards were held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.


SINGLE RECORD OF THE YEAR - 'You're Gonna Miss This," Trace Adkins

ALBUM OF THE YEAR - Taylor Swift, Fearless


VIDEO OF THE YEAR - "Waitin' On A Woman," Brad Paisley

VOCAL EVENT OF THE YEAR - "Start A Band," Brad Paisley and Keith Urban

TOP VOCAL DUO - Sugarland


TOP FEMALE VOCALIST - Carrie Underwood



SONG OF THE YEAR - Jamey Johnson, "In Color"

TOP VOCAL GROUP - Rascal Flatts

TOP NEW GROUP - Zac Brown Band

TOP NEW ARTIST - Julianne Hough

CRYSTAL MILSTONE AWARD, Sold Most Albums in 2008 - Taylor Swift


CRYSTAL MILESTONE AWARD, Female Songwriter - Sugarland

Carrie Underwood wins top female vocalist:"It is my belief that country music makes the world a better place and I am so glad to be a part of country music, all the glory and all the goodness and all the praise goes to God. Thank you so much, fans, everybody at the label, everybody at Arista, feel like I just won American Idol all over again."

Jamie Foxx gets set to introduce George Straight:"Black man at the--at the country--you know what I'm sayin'? Black man--Things are changin, Darius Rucker, huh? African American singin' country? Things are changin', got a black man runnin' the country, things are changin'. Barack Obama, give it up for Barack Obama, I just gotta give it up for him. I mean, I mean what's next, what's next now? White people going to Tyler Perry movies? What's next? A natural blonde at Ms. America?"

Reba McEntire opens the show: "You know great country music comes from everywhere. Kenny Chesney from the Caribbean, Keith Urban from Australia, and I just heard that in California the octo-mom just gave birth to a choir. And it seems everyone wants to do a country album nowadays, even Michael Phelps and Willie Nelson are teamin' up to do an album, they're coverin' the Doobie Brothers."

Carrie Underwood wins Entertainer of the Year award: "I never thought I'd be nominated and I never thought I would win, I'm shaking. I don't know what to say, I got nothin'."

Julianne Hough wins Top New Artist Award: "Well it's a good thing my dress ripped because now I have something else to think about. First of all thank you to my record label and my management and of course my family and just everybody that has followed me over from the beginning and believed in me."

Brad Paisley accepts Top Male Vocalist: "Thank you so much everybody I really wanna thank you for this, I wish I could be there but I didn't want to take the chance of missin' the birth of our next child, thank you for understanding. Thanks to the label, to my management, booking agency, to Little Jimmie Dickens, my hero, to my wife, my son, hopefully my soon-to-be whatever it happens to be, and to God. Thank you so much for everything ya'll, have a great night."

Reba McEntire presents special award to Taylor Swift: (Reba) "That was a great job Taylor but you're not through yet, come here, because you have just sold more albums than any other albums this year and you've brought country music back to younger audience, for all this and so much more, the academy is presenting you with this Crystal Milestone Award, Congratulations." (Taylor) "Thank you so much, I didn't think--I didn't know this was gonna happen actually."

Celebrity Gossip

'SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE' CHOREOGRAPHER ARRESTED: One of the choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance was arrested on Saturday (April 4th) for alleged sexual assaults on four of his dancing students. reports that police claim Alex Da Silva lured victims into his home from 2003 until 2009 and are considering the possibility that there are more victims. His bail has been set at $3.8 million.

JOSH HARTNETT RELEASED FROM HOSPITAL: Josh Hartnett has been released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after being treated for a gastrointestinal disorder. The actor's publicist told on Friday (April 3rd), "He has had a lot of testing. They released him, and they are trying to figure out what it might be. He is fine." The 30-year-old was taken to the hospital by ambulance last Sunday (March 29th).

'SURVIVOR' ALUMS MARRY: Survivor: China alums Jaime Dugan and Erik Huffman were married on Saturday (April 4th) in South Carolina. One of the 150 guests at the wedding told People magazine, "She took your breath away, she was so beautiful. There was an ocean breeze over the wedding. It was a very romantic wedding." Dugan, who is 23-years-old and Huffman, who is 28-years-old, met on the CBS reality show despite having grown up 25 miles apart from one another. Dugan's bridesmaids were Marisa Axelrod and Brooke Jackson from last season's Amazing Race.

JADE GOODY LAID TO REST: Thousands of fans gathered by an English church on Saturday (April 4th) to pay their last respects to U.K. reality star Jade Goody. The 27-year-old died succumbed to cervical cancer on March 22nd after having publicized the last months of her life, which included a wedding only a month before her death. Her widower, 21-year-old Jack Tweed recited a poem at the funeral, which read, "My life will never be the same without you by my side. Grief almost too much to bear and difficult to hide." People magazine reports that a cancer diary Goody penned will be published later this spring.

TRISTA AND RYAN SUTTER WELCOME SECOND CHILD: Reality TV stars Trista and Ryan Sutter welcomed their second child on Friday (April 3rd). The new mom told Life & Style magazine that daughter Blakesley Grace Sutter is "healthy. Everything is really good." The couple, who have a one-and-a-half year-old son named Maxwell Alston, married in 2003 after meeting on ABC's The Bachelorette.

DINA LOHAN DEFENDS PARENTING SKILLS: Dina Lohan is offended by a recent story that she tried to get her 15-year-old daughter into a nightclub. Lindsay's mom turned to Twitter to try and defend herself, writing, "You know WHAT ok I'm sorry but this is just out of control I am not a monster or a 'partyer', just a mother trying to do her best. F (f---) this and I don't normally swear but F (f---) THIS! I am sick of being HATED. How do you all think 'nightclubs' make money, not by being open at night they are RESTAURANTS during the day so how can I be crucified! Anyone that watched my show on E! entertainment Television will know that I am no 'partyer', 'bad mom' 'neglectful' 'unaware,' I am VERY aware."

Weekend Movie WRAP-UP

Fast & Furious, the fourth installment in the street-racing franchise, had a huge opening weekend, topping the box office with a $72.5 million take, breaking the record for the year that was set just last week by the $59.3 million opening of Monsters vs. Aliens. That movie fell to second place this weekend. Fast & Furious reunites Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, the stars of the 2001 original.

The weekend's other new wide release, Adventureland, opened in sixth place. The comedy stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart as summer workers at a small theme park in the late 1980s. Another comedy, Sunshine Cleaning, rose to 10th place in its fourth week.


  1. Fast & Furious, $72.5 million
  2. Monsters vs. Aliens, $33.5 million
  3. The Haunting in Connecticut, $9.6 million
  4. Knowing, $8.1 million
  5. I Love You, Man, $7.9 million
  6. Adventureland, $6 million
  7. Duplicity, $4.3 million
  8. Race to Witch Mountain, $3.4 million
  9. 12 Rounds, $2.3 million
  10. Sunshine Cleaning, $1.9 million


Jason Kidd had 19 points and a season-high 20 assists in helping Dallas pound Phoenix 140-116. Kidd's 14th assist gave him 10,142 for his career, passing Magic Johnson for No. 3 on the NBA's career list. The victory virtually assures the eighth-place Mavericks of grabbing no worse than the final playoff spot in the Western Conference. Dallas owns a four-game lead over the ninth-place Suns with five left.

In the NBA last yesterday....

Cleveland 101, San Antonio 81
New York 112, Toronto 103
Detroit 104, Charlotte 97
Utah 108, New Orleans 94
Denver 110, Minnesota 87
Indiana 117, Oklahoma City 99
Houston 102, Portland 88
New Jersey 96, Philadelphia 67
Golden State 105, Sacramento 100
L.A. Lakers 88, L.A. Clippers 85

The Major League Baseball regular season opened last night at Citizens Bank Park where the Philadelphia Phillies raised their championship banner after winning the World Series last fall. Atlanta's Jordan Schafer homered in his first major league at-bat as the Braves swatted three home runs in their 4-1 win over the Phils as Derek Lowe stymied the Phils on two hits in his eight shutout innings.

It's opening day for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Brandon Webb gets the start for Arizona against Colorado's Aaron Cook. Manager Bob Melvin said he'll start Eric Byrnes in right field in place of Justin Upton and shift Chad Tracy from first base to third, with Tony Clark getting the start at first. Melvin said he expects Reynolds and Upton to be back in the lineup Tuesday night.

In the NHL last night.....

Detroit 3, Minnesota 2
Washington 6, Atlanta 4
Chicago 1, Columbus 0, OT
Florida 4, Pittsburgh 2
San Jose 3, Anaheim 2
Colorado 4, Vancouver 1

The fickle spring weather already has caused the Chicago White Sox' scheduled opener against Kansas City to be postponed because snow is forecast for the Windy City. The White Sox opener is now scheduled for Tuesday.

Other MLB opening day action....


Monday's Games
Kansas City at Chicago, ppd., rain
Cleveland (Lee 0-0) at Texas (Millwood 0-0),
Tampa Bay (Shields 0-0) at Boston (Beckett 0-0),
N.Y. Yankees (Sabathia 0-0) at Baltimore (Guthrie 0-0),
Detroit (Verlander 0-0) at Toronto (Halladay 0-0),
Seattle (Hernandez 0-0) at Minnesota (Liriano 0-0),
Oakland (Braden 0-0) at L.A. Angels (Saunders 0-0),


Sunday's Games
Atlanta 4, Philadelphia 1

Monday's Games
N.Y. Mets (Santana 0-0) at Cincinnati (Harang 0-0),
Colorado (Cook 0-0) at Arizona (Webb 0-0),
Washington (Lannan 0-0) at Florida (Nolasco 0-0),
Pittsburgh (Maholm 0-0) at St. Louis (Wainwright 0-0),
L.A. Dodgers (Kuroda 0-0) at San Diego (Peavy 0-0),
Chicago Cubs (Zambrano 0-0) at Houston (Oswalt 0-0),

Scottsdale's Danica Patrick crashed out early in the season-opening Honda Grand Prix in St. Petersburg, Florida. She was running ninth in the 22-car field on Sunday when rookie Rafael Matos tried to pass as the two went into one of the tightest turns on the 1.8-mile, 14-turn temporary street circuit. Both cars crashed, with Patrick's entry slamming hard, rear end first into a tire barrier.

Jeff Gordon ends the longest winless drought of his career with a first-place finish in the Samsung 500, taking a checkered flag for the first time in 48 races. The 1 1/2-mile, high-banked Texas Motor Speedway was one of only two active tracks where the four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion had never won a race.

Friday, April 03, 2009


Today's in studio guests the very cute and talented Dusty Duba, Joe Butler Bullfighters and Brian Potter, Barrel Man. Brian is the one in the middle.

See them this Saturday and Sunday at the PRCA XTREME BULLS IN LAUGHLIN'S EVENT CENTER.. General addmission tickets are just $25 kids under 12 get in for just $10. Log on to or call 800-4-LAUGHLIN for tickets.

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Mark Wills is playing at the Riverside thru Sunday night. Tickets are $28.00. Locals get $5.00 off with your ID.

Confederate RailRoad
is at the Edgewater, 8PM Saturday night tickets are just $10.00 for Access Players Club Members. Membership is FREE

Dierks Bentley
appearing at Harrah's Laughlin Saturday night, 8 PM. Sponsored by BUD LIGHT! Tickets are $45 reserved and $55 preferrred, $65 premium and $75 VIP. For more info call 702-298-4600
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Purchase a concert ticket and place the Bud Light Drawing stub into thedrawing drum prior to the concert start. After the concert, winners will be drawn for a chance to win:Artist-autographed Bud Light Guitar$200 CashArtist-autographed item Need not be present at time of drawing, however, winners must redeemtheir prize within one hour of drawing. Winners information posted atthe box office and redemptions are at the box office.

Kflag Country Music Update

The 44th Annual Academy Of Country Awards will air live from Las Vegas this Sunday (April 5th) at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Reba McEntire will be on hand to host the show, which will feature a slew of performances and presenters. Among the acts scheduled to perform are Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Miley Cyrus, Toby Keith, Sugarland, Keith Urban, George Strait, Taylor Swift and others. There will be many presenters to hand out the awards this weekend, including Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jack Ingram, Matthew McConaughey, Martina McBride, Kellie Pickler, Darius Rucker and others.

  • Paisley leads the pack of nominees with six nods, while Heidi Newfield follows right behind with five.
  • Strait, Chesney and Jamey Johnson each have four nominations.
  • Underwood and Urban are up for three awards each.

Carrie Underwood is nominated for entertainer of the year -- one of the biggest categories at this Sunday's (April 5th) Academy of Country Music Awards. If she wins, Underwood will become only the seventh woman to take home the award. The Dixie Chicks were the last female act to win back in 2000. The only other female winners were Loretta Lynn in 1975 and Reba McEntire in 1994.

This year, Underwood is up against all male artists -- Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, George Strait and Keith Urban. Underwood tells us her thoughts on women being nominated for entertainer of the year:"You know, I think there have been several women over the past decade who should have been nominated at some points. And it's very disappointing that they haven't been because I know -- and I'm speaking for all of us -- I know how hard that women have to work. And not to take anything away from the guys, but we have to do a lot of work. We gotta do it in high heels. It's everything. And it's unfortunately that a lot more women haven't gotten a lot more credit."

  • Fans will get to vote for their favorite entertainer of the year.
  • Underwood is also nominated for top female vocalist, and her "Just A Dream" clip is up for video of the year. If the former American Idol champ wins top female vocalist, it will be her third consecutive win.
  • The 44th annual awards show will air live on CBS from the MGM Grande in Las Vegas on April 5th starting at 8 p.m. ET.
Rascal Flatts have lined up a batch of TV appearances this month behind their upcoming studio album, Unstoppable. The band will first attend the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards this Sunday (April 5th). They'll also visit the Today show on April 7th, The Ellen DeGeneres Show on April 13th and The Late Show With David Letterman on April 16th.
  • Unstoppable comes out on April 7th. The first single, "Here Comes Goodbye," was co-written by American Idol season six finalist Chris Sligh.
  • Rascal Flatts attended the world premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie in Hollywood yesterday (Thursday, April 2nd). They make a cameo appearance in the flick, performing their songs "Bless The Broken Road" and "Backwards."


  • Unstoppable comes on the heels of the band's 2007 release, Still Feels Good.
  • Parts of the CD have been streaming on AOL's country music site
  • Rascal Flatts kick off a tour in June.
Keith Urban is up for three honors at Sunday's (April 5th) Academy of Country Music Awards. He's nominated for entertainer of the year, top male vocalist and event of the year for his duet with Brad Paisley on "Start A Band." Urban is no stranger to the award show. He happens to be a five-time ACM award winner, taking home top male vocalist in 2004 and 2005, album of the year in 2004 and top new male artist in 2000. Urban tells us what it feels like to walk away with an award: "Absolutely they're a huge honor to get. And honestly, whether they are from the industry or whether they're from a fan voting situation, it's all good. To be acknowledged in any way for any area for what we do is awesome. I don't do what I do so I can get an award, but boy it feels good when you do."


  • If Urban wins entertainer of the year, he will be eligible for the triple crown award, the Academy's recognition of those who have taken the top new artist, top artist and entertainer of the year awards.
Kellie Pickler will appear on American Idol during next Wednesday's (April 8th) results show, starting at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox. She's set to perform her single, "Best Days of Your Life," which she co-wrote with her friend Taylor Swift. As with the other artist performances on Idol, Pickler's will be pre-taped. The season five finalist says, "Going back to American Idol is like going to a family reunion, well, it's more fun than going to my family reunions. Seriously, it's always great to see the gang and feel the excitement from the contestants. And I'm thrilled to be singing 'Best Days Of Your Life,' which is a blast to perform."


  • "Best Days Of Your Life" is the second single from Pickler's self-titled sophomore album.

Kenny Chesney apparently likes to pull pranks while on tour, and fellow country artist Pat Green, who has opened for him, has gotten the brunt of it. According to, Chesney is known for answering the door to his tour bus naked. In a recent radio interview, Green said Chesney just likes to mess with people, adding, "It's a frightening site, I'm not going to lie to you." Green even gave an example of Chesney's nude prank, explaining, "One time I saw him jump up on Uncle Kracker's back. He's a big man . . . and Kenny has mounted him naked. So there's Uncle Kracker doing spin moves, trying to get little Kenny off of him."

Despite Chesney's antics, Green is a huge fan, noting, "Kenny's the best live entertainer in country music. He connects with the audience, touching them and holding them and being one of them. He does everything he can to make sure that the guy in the last seat is on top of it."

  • Chesney is nominated for four Academy of Country Music Awards, including entertainer of the year, top male vocalist and as both an artist and producer for vocal event of the year for "Down The Road" with Mac McAnally.
  • If Chesney takes home entertainer of the year, it will be his fifth consecutive win, which will tie Alabama for the most consecutive wins in the category.


  • Green's new album is called What I'm For.
  • Chesney will release his second greatest hits album on May 19th.
  • Chesney kicks off a tour later this month.

Taylor Swift has no regrets about exposing her breakup with Joe Jonas on her latest album, Fearless. She opens up about the split and her music in the upcoming issue of Seventeen magazine, which hits newsstands April 7th. The 19-year-old singer says, "Writing songs about people is the only way I know how to do things." She adds, "I mean, I can't wish I hadn't written a song about someone, because if I hadn't, that song wouldn't exist. I just don't find any joy in writing about things I haven't been through." Taylor says that right now her favorite things to write about are love, breakups and boys.

Through tough times, Swift says she can always rely on friends, including her pal Abigail who's mentioned in the song "Fifteen." There's also singer Kellie Pickler, along with her one of her best pals Selena Gomez. Swift says she's also close with Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Emma Stone.

  • Swift will perform at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday (April 5th), which airs at 8 p.m. on CBS.
  • She's up for top female vocalist and video of the year for "Love Story."


  • Swift's song "Forever and Always" is about her 2008 split from Jonas.
  • She kicks off her Fearless tour on April 23rd in Evansville, Indiana.


Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, Trace Adkins & Kelly Pickler

Rascal Flatts: Behind the Video

Randy Owen, Troy Gentry, Gretchen Wilson

Jason Aldean & John Rich

Keith Urban, Rodney Atkins & Country Thunder

Celebrity Gossip

REESE WITHERSPOON TO BUY JOAQUIN PHOENIX ALBUM: Reese Witherspoon is supportive of her Walk the Line co-star Joaquin Phoenix's foray into the music industry. Witherspoon, who along with Phoenix showed her musical chops in the 2005 movie, told London's The Sun, "He's very musical obviously. He knows what he's doing. I'm not following his rap career but I'm sure his album, whenever it hits the stores, whenever it 'drops', I'm going to go pick it up."

CHARLIE SHEEN'S NEWBORN SON STILL HOSPITALIZED: One of Charlie Sheen's newborn twin sons is still in the hospital, but contrary to reports, baby Max is not being treated for a heart condition. Sheen's rep told Us Weekly magazine, "Charlie and Brooke's infant son remains in the hospital, not because of a heart condition as reported, but because he has not gained the weight necessary to leave hospital. Max is expected to reach the weight requirement shortly and will join his brother [Bob] at home. The Sheens appreciate the outpouring of concern but have assured everyone that both Bob and Max are fine." The twins were born on March 14th.

DANE COOK CONFESSES APRIL FOOL'S PRANK: Dane Cook has apologized to fans after tricking them into believing he had been cast in the upcoming Twilight sequel. A day after posting the fake news on his Twitter blog, he admitted the hoax on the same medium, writing, "I'm proud / sorry to admit I am not going be in the new Twilight film. To all the people that wrote and said 'WTF DANE TWILIGHT IS CRAP' -- I know you are thrilled. To all the people that said 'daaaaannneeee I'm so happy 4 uuuuuu and can't wait to experience the vampire LeCook' -- I know you feel duped."

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY STARRING IN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PSA: Keira Knightley is beaten by an abusive boyfriend in an upcoming PSA for the charity, Women's Aid, in an effort to raise awareness of rising trends in domestic violence. The two-minute ad features a dark turn after the actress comes home to an idealic apartment and beau, where she is subsequently beaten and kicked repeatedly. The camera zooms out to reveal the apartment is just a film set and a voice-over says, "Isn't it time someone called cut?" The spot will debut on April 6th in movie theaters.

ROSIE O'DONNELL AND STAR JONES TEAMING UP FOR CHARITY: Former View co-hosts Rosie O'Donnell and Star Jones are teaming up for charity. Us Weekly reports that the two are auctioning off a lunch date with themselves in New York City to benefit the Figure Skating in Harlem "Skating with the Stars" Gala, of which Jones is co-chair. O'Donnell famously called Jones "delusional" in 2006 for claiming she lost a great deal of weight through diet and exercise. Jones later admitted she had gastric bypass surgery.


Leading up to a game in which their NBA playoff hopes could hang in the balance, the Phoenix Suns go for a season-best seventh consecutive home win tonight as they try to avenge a recent loss to the lowly Sacramento Kings. The Suns are four games behind Dallas for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

In the NBA last night.....

Philadelphia 105, Milwaukee 95
Washington 109, Cleveland 101
Denver 114, Utah 104

The Arizona Diamondbacks have just two more games left before ending spring training. That might be a blessing considering they have an 11-21 record in the Cactus League after yesterday's 7-4 loss in Tucson to the Colorado Rockies. The D-backs host the Chicago White Sox tonight and tomorrow afternoon at Chase Field in Phoenix before opening the season Monday by hosting Colorado.

The Phoenix RoadRunners say they'll cease operations when their East Coast Hockey League season ends Saturday. The RoadRunners have played in the ECHL for the past four seasons and currently are in last place in the West Division with a 29-36-2-3 record heading into their final two games at Idaho.

In the NHL last night...

Boston 2, Ottawa 1
Carolina 4, N.Y. Rangers 2
Montreal 5, N.Y. Islanders 1
St. Louis 5, Detroit 4
Calgary 2, Dallas 1
San Jose 2, Edmonton 1
Phoenix 2, Los Angeles 1
Anaheim 6, Vancouver 5, SO

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mark Wills at the Riverside Resort thru April 5th!

Don't miss Mark Wills in concert thru April 5th at the Riverside Resort. Tickets are just $28.00. Locals get $5.00 off with ID. Keep listening to THE FLAG your country concert connection to win tickets this week on the Morning Jolt!

The top indestructible careers (from

Doctor - The median annual salary is $120,000.

  • Teacher - The median annual earnings of kindergarten, elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers ranged from $41,400 to $45,920.
  • Mortician - The median annual salary is $37,000.
  • Waste Disposal Manager - The median annual salary is $35,000.
  • Scientist - The median salary for a research scientist (biotechnology) is $70,000. The median annual salary for a environmental scientist is $42,000.
  • Tax Collector - The median annual salary is $38,000.
  • Barber - The median annual salary is $21,200.
  • Soldier - The basic pay for enlisted personnel is an annual income of $14,137. The position also includes paid housing, food allowances, healthcare at little to no cost for the soldier and their family, extended vacation/leave, education stipends and additional incentives.
  • Religious Leader - The median annual salary is $34,000.
  • Law Enforcement Officer - The median annual earnings at government state and local levels are $38,236. The median annual earnings for companies are $62,700.
  • Farmer - The average net cash farm business income is last reported at $15,603. Government subsidies and additional incomes or cost reductions are not included in this figure. Incomes for ranchers and farmers vary with the weather, price of farm equipment and factors that involve the quality and quantity of the product.
  • Construction Worker - The median annual salary is $35,000.


If you're flying out Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami or Albuquerque -- beware. These airports are testing a new full body scan that leaves nothing to the imagination. These machines show everything, but that's the whole purpose and the big problem. The American Civil Liberties Union likens the images produced by whole body imaging to a virtual strip search. Then again, the whole point is to spot any hidden weapons people may be trying to sneak onto a plane and this an effective way to do just that.


  • Simpsons creator Matt Groening has designed a limited-edition 44-cent first-class mail stamp. It'll be revealed next week.
  • CBS is ending the soap opera "Guiding Light" after a 72-year run that predates TV. The show will have its final episode in September. "The Guinness Book of World Records" lists it as the longest-running television drama. It began as a 15-minute serial on NBC Radio in January, 1937 and debuted on CBS television in 1952.
  • Nicole Richie is going to come out with her own line of shoes.
  • Taye Diggs and his wife will become parents later this year. First time for both.
  • The Fox affiliate in Panama City, Florida, is refusing to run that new Osbourne Family Show.
  • Andy Hallett, who played the green-skinned, good-guy demon Lorne on the TV series "Angel," has died of congestive heart disease. He was just 33.
  • Liam Neeson has completed work on "Chloe," the film he was shooting when wife Natasha Richardson died after falling on a beginners' slope at a Canadian ski resort.
  • David Cook appeared in a taped performance last night on American Idol. In reality, he canceled two shows this week, due to what he called "a family matter" on his web site. His brother Adam has been battling brain cancer for a decade now.
  • In England, Virgin Active is a gym that encourages members to bring their pets along with them when they work out.

Kflag Country Music Update

A star-studded list of entertainers will take the stage at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Monday (April 6th) to pay tribute to George Strait during the Academy of Country Music's Artist of the Decade television taping. Faith Hill, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Sugarland, Taylor Swift, Brooks & Dunn, Jack Ingram, Alan Jackson, Jamey Johnson, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry, John Rich, LeAnn Rimes, Blake Shelton, Lee Ann Womack, Jamie Foxx and Keith Urban are all scheduled to perform on the special, which is set to air on CBS on May 27th.

Many a country artist has covered Strait at one time or another, and Keith Urban is no exception, as he tells us: "I've played my share of George Strait songs comin' up in the clubs in Australia -- 'Amarillo By Morning' and 'You Look So Good In Love' -- I was playing that for the last several years spontaneously on the tour as an encore, and I find George just such and inspiration, to be still making records, still in there, and it's a testament to great music and a great artist."

While he's not scheduled to participate in the Artist of the Decade taping, Kenny Chesney has never made a secret of his admiration for "King George." "You know, George Strait has meant so much to me and my career and my life, and he and I have become really great friends throughout the years, and he's taught me a lot, directly and indirectly. He's just been somebody that I've looked up to a long time."

  • Chesney got Strait to record the duet "Shiftwork" with him for his 2007 album, Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates.


  • Only four other acts have received the Artist of the Decade honor -- Marty Robbins in 1969, Loretta Lynn in 1979, Alabama in 1988 and Garth Brooks in 1998.
  • This marks the first time the Artist of the Decade honor will be presented as a separate television special.
Montgomery Gentry are once again nominated for Top Vocal Duo at this year's Academy of Country Music Awards. Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry only took home the title one time -- in 1999 -- but the duo are happy just as long as their name keeps showing up in the category, as Gentry tells us:"The nominations I take as that we're continuing to make good music and great music and being recognized by the industry voters. I guess it's kind of a way that I gauge for us that we're still makin' good music and people are still accepting Montgomery Gentry and we're blessed to be able to keep playing and playing on the road in front of everybody."
  • Montgomery Gentry will play host to the annual ACM Motorcycle Charity Ride on Saturday (April 4th) in Las Vegas.
  • The 44th annual ACM Awards will be held on Sunday (April 5th) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The show will air live on CBS.
Martina McBride's brand new album, Shine, debuts at Number One this week on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Fans scooped up more than 41,000 copies of the CD since its release on March 24th. Shine also earns a Top 10 debut on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart.
  • Shine's debut single, "Ride," is a Top 15 hit and climbing.
  • McBride will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday (April 2nd). Check local listing for time.
  • On Sunday (April 5th), the A&E network will premiere Private Sessions featuring McBride at 9 a.m. ET.


  • Shine is McBride's 10th studio album.
  • She co-produced the project with Dann Huff, who has also worked with Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, and Faith Hill, to name a few.

LeAnn Rimes will be in Las Vegas on Sunday (April 5th) to accept her ACM/Home Depot Humanitarian Award. According to the Academy, the honor recognizes country music artists who "serve others, have a generous spirit and help build the dreams of those in need," something that Rimes tells us she was taught to do at an early age."The way I was raised in the south, my generation, I think it was instilled in us to always give back, and I find sometimes that's lost with younger generations. I guess it's just our world today. I kind of always believed you get back what you give out, so I feel like my life is much more rewarding and fuller because of the humanitarian work that I do."
  • The Humanitarian Award is a crystal trophy designed by Tiffany & Co. It will be given to Rimes during the 44th annual ACM Awards, which will be broadcast live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena on CBS at 8 p.m. ET.
  • In addition to the trophy, Rimes will be honored with a playground donated by The Home Depot and their national nonprofit partner KaBOOM!. The playground will be built by The Home Depot volunteers and community members in the city of Rimes' choice.
  • Past recipients of the Humanitarian Award include Brooks & Dunn, Vince Gill, Martina McBride, Neal McCoy, Reba McEntire, Lonestar and Rascal Flatts.
Jack Ingram ends his reign as the Academy of Country Music's Top New Male Vocalist on Sunday (April 5th) night. He will officially hand over the honor to Jake Owen, who has already won the fan-voted honor in advance of the show. Owen now goes on to compete against the Top New Female and New Vocal Duo or Group winners -- Julianne Hough and Zac Brown Band, respectively -- in the newly created category of Top New Artist.

Taking home the Top New Male trophy last year provided both a personal and professional boost, as Ingram reflects: "There's two things that that award could do -- it's like a pat on the back from your peers and from the industry. I'm grateful for it. It's like it would be humbling and an honor, and it was, and it felt fantastic for that night and for the rest of the year. You're walking around knowing that, 'Hey, man, some people think I'm doing a good job!' That's comforting, but on a business level, I'm a guy with a family that I'm running a business -- a small business of sorts, but it's a business. Anything that can help business is a good thing, and it did help business in a big way."

  • Ingram will appear on the ACM Awards on Sunday. The show will air live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.
  • He is currently in the midst of his very first USO tour in Cuba.
Actor and comedian Steve Martin will make his debut on the Grand Ole Opry on May 30th. The appearance is in support of his first music album, The Crow - New Songs For The Five-String Banjo. The CD was produced by Martin's longtime friend, John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Vince Gill and Amy Grant, the album's special guests, are slated to join Martin at the Opry and perform select songs from The Crow. Martin will sing a song called "Late For School," marking only the second time he will have sung in public since 1978 when playing the role of King Tut on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Martin first sang on SNL earlier this year while hosting the show for the 15th time in his career.
  • The Crow is currently available exclusively through but will be available at all music retailers later this year.


  • In 2001, Martin played banjo on Earl Scruggs' remake of "Foggy Mountain Breakdown." The recording won for Best Country Instrumental Performance at the Grammy Awards the following year


Randy Owen, Troy Gentry, Gretchen Wilson

Charlie Daniels, Craig Morgan, Dierks Bentley

Kenny Rogers, James Otto, Heidi Newfield

Julianne Hough, Jake Owen, Zac Brown Band


Taylor Swift

Celebrity Gossip

SCOTT WOLF IS A DAD: Scott Wolf and his wife Kelley welcomed a son named Jackson on March 22nd. The actor told People magazine, "Kelley and I are having the time of our lives. Words can't describe the love we have for our son Jackson. He is the most fun person we have ever met, and we feel so lucky he has joined our family." This is the first child for Wolf and Kelley, who appeared on MTV's Real World: New Orleans.

PICTURE OF KRISTEN STEWART'S BOYFRIEND FURTHER KILLS ROB PATTINSON ROMANCE RUMORS: Rumors of a romance between Twilight co-stars Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were further quashed after the latter was photographed holding hands with her boyfriend in Vancouver. Despite the fact that countless fans want the big screen love story to be a reality, Stewart told USA Today that her beau is "totally not a threatened guy."

CHELSEA CLINTON ENGAGED? Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton is reportedly engaged to her boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky. The National Enquirer reports that the couple is planning a $1 million wedding this summer and is considering Hilton Head, South Carolina as the destination. A source told the publication, "Chelsea hasn't even admitted that she's engaged to Marc, but that's not stopping her from planning a wedding. She's always dreamed of having a special wedding, and these days that could set her parents back a million dollars, but they'd give her anything her heart desires for the event."

NICHOLAS CAGE SOLD GERMAN CASTLE: Nicholas Cage recently sold the 28-room German castle that he purchased two years ago. People magazine reports that the 45-year-old actor renovated the castle's exterior shortly after buying it in 2006, but since then, "nothing has happened." Cage still has another castle, Midford Castle, which is located near Bath, England, that he purchased in 2007.

'HEROES' STAR HAPPY WITH RESULTS OF SON'S SURGERY: Heroes star Greg Grunberg is thrilled with the results of a recent surgery performed on his epileptic son. The actor told People magazine that they went through with the procedure after puberty caused 12-yer-old Jake to begin having "hundreds" of seizures a day. Grunberg said, "They removed the part of the brain that has the most epilepsy activity. Now Jake is only having a little tiny episode once every three weeks. To me, that's a home run. We never thought that was possible." In the wake of Jake's recovery, Grunberg has developed the website,, which raises awareness about epilepsy and has a social networking component for visitors.


Southern California coach Tim Floyd visited Tucson Wednesday to talk about the vacant Arizona coaching job, the Tucson Citizen reported on its Web site. Floyd has emerged as a potential permanent successor to Hall of Famer Lute Olson, who retired last October.

Steve Nash had 25 points and 17 assists to help Phoenix keep its flickering playoff hopes alive with a 114-109 win over Houston. The Suns remain four games back of Dallas for the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

More Scores from last night....

Toronto 99, Orlando 95
New Jersey 111, Detroit 98
Boston 111, Charlotte 109, 2OT
Memphis 112, Washington 107
L.A. Lakers 104, Milwaukee 98
Dallas 98, Miami 96
New Orleans 104, L.A. Clippers 98
Golden State 143, Sacramento 141, OT

Al Montoya made 23 saves to earn a shutout in his first NHL game as Phoenix blanked slumping Colorado 3-0. Montoya was recalled from the NHL on March 23 and guided the Coyotes to their third win in four games. Mikkel Boedker's first period goal is all the offense Montoya would need to make his debut memorable. The Avalanche have lost eight straight, tying a franchise record.

Elsewhere on the ice last night...

Atlanta 3, Buffalo 2, OT
Washington 5, N.Y. Islanders 3
Pittsburgh 6, New Jersey 1
Toronto 3, Philadelphia 2
Chicago 3, St. Louis 1

Dan Haren gave up two runs on three hits and struck out five in five innings in a losing bid for the Arizona Diamondbacks yesterday. Arizona's bullpen coughed up a four-run lead as the Milwaukee Brewers rallied for an 8-7 victory.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

You got to love Technology!!!!!

WOMAN CATCHES HUSBAND CHEATING ON GOOGLE EARTH: An angry wife has called in divorce lawyers after spotting her husband's car parked outside another woman's house -- on Google's Street View service. London's The Sun reports that the woman saw his car while spying on a female friend's home. The husband had claimed he was away on business, but his wife recognized the car immediately because of its "blinged-up" hubcaps.

TEXT TO GET NOISY STADIUM SEAT-MATE EJECTED: ESPN reported that 29 of 32 NFL franchises and an increasing number of teams in other spectator sports are now offering "text-narcing," in which spectators send an anonymous text to have disruptive fans ejected from the stadium. Ejections aren't based simply on the initial report -- the offending party is then observed on a closed-circuit surveillance camera before that decision is made.

TODAY IS ........April Fools Day!!!! How about some history?

Many of the ancient cultures such as Romans and Hindus and the medieval Europeans used to celebrate New Year's Day on sometime near the vernal equinox that could range from March 20th to April 5th. In the Julian calendar, April 1st was designated as the New Year's Day and was so celebrated till 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII ordered the adoption of the new Gregorian Calendar, which specified January 1st as the New Year's Day. However, due to slow communications and resistance of people to change their traditions, many people continued to celebrate New Year's Day as before on 1st of April. Scottish only adopted the new calendar in 1660, Germans, Danish and Norwegians in 1700 and English in 1752.

Many French resisted the change and neoiites dubbed them as fools and played pranks on them. They started sending them on 'fool's errands', sent them the fake invitations for parties and tricked them into believing something false. The victims were called 'Poisson d'Avril' or 'April Fish' as the naïve fish gets caught easily and children would often tag of a fish's picture on someone's back. Thus, April Fool's Day originated and was popularly celebrated in England and in the American colonies. It evolved and was caught on quickly throughout the world to trick each other and have fun. Even today, people play pranks on each other on this day in the memory of those tradition-obsessed 'fools'.

Perhaps the best illustration of the April Fool's Pranks of the 19th century is the Thomas Nast's illustration, originally published in the April 2, 1864 issue of Harper's Weekly. It highlights the various pranks that were popularly played at the time with its caption as 'All Fool's Day'. Some of the pranks shown here include women visiting an older man wearing beards and moustaches, Civil War Soldiers tricking each other such as a soldier barring the view by holding his hand on in front of the binoculars of a friend and a sailor doing the same by holding his hat over the telescope of a friend. The other tricks include a young boy tying a string on the dress of a little girl while a schoolteacher is shown with the sign of 'Old Fool' on his back.



  • Sure shot: All you need is a rubber band and a kitchen faucet with a spray hose. With the faucet off, wrap the rubber band around the handle to keep it in the on position. Wait for someone to turn the faucet on. Keep a towel handy.
  • Inactive mouse. Unplug the mouse from the computer. See how long it takes for the computer genius in your house to troubleshoot.
  • Ewwwthpaste. Stick a raisin (or other edible ugly object) into the toothpaste tube. When squeezed it looks like a bug . . . or something worse. Listen for the exclamations of pure gross-out. This one is especially effective on moms and big sisters.
  • Color enrichment. Add some food coloring to the milk jug. Explain to your kids that a recent scientific study found that colored milk contains more vitamins A(pril) and F(ool's) than white milk.
  • Big foot. Stuff crumpled newspaper into the toe of someone's shoes. A good one to play on dad. Apparently, it's not just his gut that's growing.
  • Wrap seat. Stretch plastic wrap over the toilet seat. Make it as smooth as possible so it's invisible. Word of warning: a mess is inevitable with this one.
  • Flipped out. Carefully turn the dresser drawers upside down and slide them back into place. This one takes teamwork.
  • Correction, please. Another one for the computer geek. Use the auto correct feature in Microsoft word to set up someone's computer to automatically replace a commonly typed word like 'the' with 'April Fool's!'
  • Sleeping fools. If you've got little ones try this: after they've fallen asleep carefully move them into each others' beds. They'll wake up to an April Fool's surprise.


THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW/SYN (check local listings)
Keith Urban

Jake Owen, Julianne Hough, Zac Brown Band


Heidi Newfield

Kflag Country Music Update

Brad Paisley has already won two Academy of Country Music Awards before even hitting the ground in Las Vegas. He will take home the awards for Video of the Year for "Waitin' on a Woman" and Vocal Event of the Year for his duet with Keith Urban, "Start A Band."

"Start A Band" recently topped the country singles chart. The collaboration with Urban turned out to be more complex than Paisley had originally planned, something he apologized to label head Joe Galante for after the fact, as he tells us: "I think I told Joe or somebody, I said, you know, 'I'm sorry to do this, but I can't do things halfway. I can't go in and finally get the chance to play with Keith and do just some obscure, artsy thing that no one's gonna appreciate.' It's like, let's do something really cool that people are gonna talk about and wanna hear!"

  • The winners in the remaining four categories in which Paisley is nominated, including Entertainer of the Year, will be announced on Sunday (April 5th) night during the 44th annual ACM Awards. The show airs live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena on CBS at 8 p.m. ET.
  • Paisley is the reigning ACM Top Male Vocalist. If he takes home the Entertainer of the Year award he will be eligible for the Triple Crown Award, the Academy's recognition of those who have won Top New Artist, Top Artist and Entertainer of the Year awards.
Miranda Lambert is headed to Las Vegas for the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards on Sunday (April 5th). She is nominated for Top Female Vocalist, an honor that Lambert describes as "huge." She's been getting her dues in the way of nominations from the ACM for the past few years, and each time her name turns up in a category, Lambert tells us she breathes a little sigh of relief. "Every nomination I get I'm just so thankful that I'm still getting a nomination. You know what I mean? Because you never know when it's kind of like, 'Okay, you're old, let's move on to the next,' and I've gotten nominations for, what, three years now and I really cherish it. I really, really do. I always respect everybody that's in the category. I mean, this year Lee Ann Womack's in it, Heidi Newfield, who's really been through a lot. She's got five nominations and I think that's great. It seems like the ACMs are really paying attention to the hard work people have put in."

Lambert manages to work in a little fun around the Award show madness while in Vegas, as she tells us: "My mom and her two best friends always come out for the ACMs so I usually meet up with them and try to find the cheap black jack table (laughs). That sort of like frees your mind, cause after the first day there it's usually like rehearsals and interviews and rush, rush, rush, rush until the show's actually over, so I try to like get a little bit of fun in before it all starts."

  • Lambert is also nominated for Single Record of the Year for "Gunpowder & Lead."
  • The ACM Awards airs on CBS at 8 p.m. ET.
The Zac Brown Band's debut single, "Chicken Fried," has officially received its RIAA platinum certification for surpassing sales of one million. The song is included on the group's debut album, The Foundation, which is quickly approaching gold status.
  • The Zac Brown Band is nominated for Top New Artist at Sunday's (April 5th) Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. Fans can vote for the band -- who are pitted against Julianne Hough and Jake Owen in the category -- by logging onto right up through showtime at 8 p.m. ET. The ACM Awards will air on CBS.


  • The Zac Brown Band is based in Atlanta.
  • Group lead singer Zac Brown is the 11th of 12 children.
  • "Chicken Fried" was also recorded by The Lost Trailers and released as a single until Brown decided to release it himself.

Craig Morgan is the official celebrity spokesperson for Bush's Grillin' Beans. He will appear in print and electronic media from April through July of this year. His first order of business to promote the brand will be an appearance on Fox & Friends on Thursday (April 2nd) to demonstrate one of his favorite grilling recipes, Sweet & Spicy Chicken Skewers. Fox & Friends airs on the FOX News network beginning at 6 a.m. ET.


  • For recipes, grilling ideas and footage from a series of television commercials featuring Morgan with Jay Bush and Duke the dog, log onto
The upcoming Hannah Montana film will likely be the last movie Miley Cyrus makes about the popular TV series. The Associated Press reports that at a press conference for Hannah Montana: The Movie on Monday, Cyrus said, "I feel like this is a TV show and we got really lucky with having the material to make one movie. To do another one, I feel like it takes away the reality of it all."

But Cyrus does expect to do more Hannah Montana TV shows, explaining, "We are continuing to do season three, and we all wish to do a season four, and I would love to do that if the time is right and if that's what everyone agrees on. I don't know if I would do another film, but I would love to do another season. I think that would be what we would all agree on."

Cyrus isn't abandoning film altogether. This summer, she'll start shooting a movie that Notebook author Nicholas Sparks wrote specifically with her in mind. Details about the flick are sketchy right now, but Cyrus says Sparks is actually writing the screenplay even before he tackles the novel. Cyrus added, "You never really hear that the movie was written before the book. It's kind of a weird way to do that. But he wrote the movie before he wrote the book, and he wrote it with me in mind."


  • Hannah Montana: The Movie hits theaters on April 10th. She filmed some of the movie in her hometown of Franklin, Tennessee and says it made her miss home. Cyrus, who now lives in Los Angeles, says, "That was the longest I had been back since I left. I am really hoping to move back there at some point. Filming really made me miss home."
  • The film comes on the heels of the pop star's Best Of Both Worlds Concert 3D movie.

Comedian Ron White's third solo comedy album, Behavioral Problems, will be released on April 21. The CD will coincide with the airing of his new Comedy Central one-hour television special, which debuts on April 19th, and the DVD release on April 21st.

Behavioral Problems was shot in Seattle last November. His previous two efforts, Drunk In Public and You Can't Fix Stupid have both been certified gold.


  • Ron "Tater Salad" White is best known as being part of the Blue Collar Comedy gang, along with Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy.
  • White's CD and DVD sales total more than 10 million units.


Connecticut is heading to the Final Four of the NCAA women's tournament. The Lady Huskies are now 37-and-0 after beating Arizona State 83-64 in the Trenton Regional final.

With time running out, the Phoenix Suns are looking to light it up tonight against the Houston Rockets. Phoenix lost its last game to Sacramento 126-118. The Rockets have already clinched a playoff spot.

In the NBA last night.....

Indiana 107, Chicago 105
Philadelphia 98, Atlanta 85
Cleveland 79, Detroit 73
Charlotte 94, L.A. Lakers 84
Dallas 108, Minnesota 88
Oklahoma City 96, San Antonio 95
Denver 111, New York 104
Portland 125, Utah 104
New Orleans 111, Sacramento 110

Los Angeles Dodgers' pitcher James McDonald gave up three runs and six hits, while striking out two over 4 1-3 innings in the Dodgers' 10-9 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks Tuesday. McDonald was taken out after giving up a solo homer to Mark Reynolds and a single to Josh Wilson in the fifth. Arizona's Eric Byrnes was 2-for-5 with two doubles and two RBIs.

The Coyotes skate into Denver tonight featuring a new goalie. Rookie Al Montoya is expected to make his NHL debut. Phoenix called up Montoya from San Antonio of the American Hockey League on March 23.

In the NHL last night...

Boston 3, Tampa Bay 1
Columbus 2, Nashville 1
Montreal 4, Chicago 1
Florida 5, Ottawa 2
Vancouver 2, Minnesota 1, OT
Anaheim 5, Edmonton 3
Dallas 3, Los Angeles 2

Celebrity Gossip

FIRE DESTROYS BRUCE WILLIS'S SKI LODGE: A fire destroyed the main lodge at a small ski operation co-owned by Bruce Willis. Idaho's Camas County Chief Deputy Brian Miller told the Associated Press that no one was injured in the blaze, which destroyed the Soldier Mountain Ski Resort lodge and an adjacent ski rental building. Willis, who has a home in nearby Hailey, Idaho, has reportedly been working with officials on a new master development plan for the resort. reported on Tuesday (March 31st) that the fire was determined to have been an accident.

'REAL HOUSEWIVES' STAR 'UNSETTLED' BY ASSAULT CASE: The Real Housewives of New York cast member Kelly Bensimon called the situation stemming from her alleged assault of an ex-boyfriend "unsettling," after a court hearing regarding her misdemeanor assault charge on Tuesday (March 31st). The 40-year-old told Extra, "I'm really upset by the entire process. My beautiful girls and I are being exposed to a horrible situation. I just think it just unsettling." Bensimon was arrested on March 5th for allegedly punching her boyfriend Nick Stefanov in the face. On Tuesday, prosecutors asked for an order of protection against Bensimon to be extended, but her lawyer claimed that Stefanov -- who wasn't present at court -- was sending his ex threatening e-mails that said, "I'm going to make your life misery."

'ANGEL' ACTOR DIES: Actor Andy Hallett, best know for his recurring role as Lorne on Angel, died on Sunday (March 29th) night at the age of 33. E! reports that the actor had been battling heart disease for the past five years and the Los Angeles Times added that he passed away after 911 was dialed earlier in the day due to his shortness of breath. Hattlett's longtime agent and friend, Pat Brady said that the actor spent his post-Angel years working on his music career but had been admitted to the hospital three or four times in the past few years for his heart condition.

TAYE DIGGS EXPECTING A CHILD: Taye Diggs is expecting a child with his wife, Idina Menzel. The Private Practice star confirmed to that he and Menzel will welcome their first baby later in 2009 after 13 years together. Menzel, a Tony-winning actress, recently hinted to Us that babies were in the plans for her and Diggs. She said, "He wouldn't talk about marriage, but he'd talk about me having his children. He's always wanted kids. He grew up with four younger brothers and sisters, so he's very comfortable around children."

NIKKI ZIERING GIVES BIRTH: Playboy model Nikki Ziering and her boyfriend Rick Reynolds welcomed their first child on March 27th. People magazine reported that the actress and ex-wife of Beverly Hills 90210 star Ian Ziering named her newborn daughter Tatum Ella Reynolds. Ziering's rep said, "Nikki and Rick are beyond thrilled. Tatum arrived healthy and absolutely beautiful." The Zierings divorced in 2002.

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